Bhang Stick, Product Review – What is a Bhang Stick?

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CBD Vape Pen

Product: Bhang Stick

Types of Concentrates:  60 Variations of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strainsTank Sizes:  275mg, 550mg, and 1100mg

Vape Pen Battery:  280mAh

Vape Pen Price:  $29.95 + Shipping  (Alum. Case, Stylus Battery, and USB Charger)

*Oil Cartridge Not Included

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My Rating:  6.5 out of 10

Vaping can be a fun experience, but it can also be a troublesome one if you don’t find the right vaporizer to do it with… which is exactly why this Bhang Stick review was created.  Prior to writing this review, I was looking to buy my first dedicated cannabis oil pen intended for vaping both THC and CBD oils (aka concentrates).

I didn’t want to jump into the deep end of the vaping pool right away.  I didn’t even need the best vape pen.  I was oriented toward a convenient and relatively economical solution in order to get started.

And frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed at first by all the variety and choices.  I decided that I wanted a vape pen that was well-tested and also offered high-quality oils.  I ended up researching over a dozen CBD vape pens and the Bhang Stick became an easy one to include in the process.  Let me explain.

What Is A Bhang Stick?

Basically, this is a personal vaporizer designed as a “Vape Pen” style vaporizer.  The term “pen” referring to the smaller size and shape of this type of vaporizer.

It all comes in a quality aluminum case, so it’s a self-contained vaping solution.  It has both oil concentrate cartridge and battery components… plus a USB charger.  The Oil Cartridges are sold separately.

As opposed to some types of vape “tanks”, it does not require pre-loading like other types of vaporizers on the market.  This is designed to be a more convenient and is certainly becoming extremely popular for the same reason.

 Unfortunately, the cartridges are cheaply made.  For instance the mouthpiece will not stay on well and will crack before you finish the tank which reders you taping or gluing… poor design and materials.

The device “stylus” and atomizer cartridge delivers your choice of oil concentrates, but I found it lacking in quality of the mouthpiece which cracks easily.  Another observation is that is is relatively low on power.  I prefer and easier draw and smooth smoking device with more amperage (power).  Variable amperage would be a good feature for Bhang Stick to consider adding.  Other than that, they are good for on-the-go vaping, completely discrete and innocuous.

Another convenient feature is the visible barrel that allows you to see how much cannabis oil (THC) or hemp oil (CBD) is left before you need to replace the oil cartridge.  The tip of the pen’s battery stylus lights up at the tip when you take a hit showing full charge.  And, it also lets you know when to re-charge.

Quality & Sourcing

It is interesting to note that Bhang Stick’s oil is processed by Bhang people themselves, all the way from the Cannabis plants which are grown in-house.  Job two for me is the quality level of the product, and I found it to be very high as well as nice appearance.

Oil purity is a characteristic of this company. The Bhang Stick is one of the first vape pens that also provides proprietary, high-quality oil concentrates from privately-owned production facilities that employ the CO2 extraction method.

This allows them to extract the THC and CBD oils while preserving characteristics from the cannabis plant varietal’s terpenes (think aroma and taste) and cannabinoids.  It also provides a far healthier method of delivery that leaves no chemical residues nor includes any glycols or glycerides.  The only ingredient added is coconut oil to regulate flash point and dosage.

Dosage Control

When it comes to dosage, I opted for the Natural Oil cartridges in Sativa as these contain 25% THC. Bhang’s Pure Oil cartridges have 65% THC, and the Black Private Reserve can deliver more than 70% THC.

They also have CBD oil for those of us who don’t always want to get stoned in the process of medicating.  This kind of range covers virtually every therapeutic application and covers all types of users.  It’s clear that their goal is to offer something for everybody.

They come in 3 different sizes as well: the smaller cartridge has 275mg, the medium size is 550mg, and the large one contains 1100mg.  These combinations offer a nicely segmented array of choices.  I really like that so I can fit my cartridge to the occasion.  That’s a description of the best vape pen right there!  I was looking for convenience and quality, and their wide selection of oil choices became a bonus.

Bhang Sticks are supported by over 60 different types of Cannabis and hemp including strains of Sativa, India, and relative Hybrid strains.  Who doesn’t like selection, right?  There are plenty of interesting options and varieties from which to choose.  Some of them include Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Alien OG.  Sativa for daytime, Hybrid for relaxation and Indica before bed… if Elvis only knew!

Vape Oil Types and Flavors

Bhang Sticks are supported by over 60 different types of cannabis and hemp including strains of Sativa, India, and relative Hybrid strains.  Who doesn’t like selection, right?

There are plenty of interesting options and varieties from which to choose.  Some of my favorites include Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Alien OG.  Sativa for daytime, Hybrid for relaxation and Indica before bed… if Elvis only knew!

The Battery Kit and Cartridges

The kit includes a nice looking and useful carrying case that includes ‘fitted‘ placement for one cartridge, a battery stylus/pen, and a USB charger makes it easy to carry around.

And to my knowledge, there are no particular restrictions regarding where you can use them – the state law pertaining to any particular type of oil notwithstanding.

The cartridges for this product are created with standardized 510 threading, and they will fit just about any vape pen battery.

It’s nice to have a universal cartridge interface, as many manufacturers create proprietary models to make you spend more on their products only.

Unfortunately, the Bhang Stick is not very durable.  It does deliver a reasonable amount of vapor which is why it might be the best tool for those that are first time users or who may have a low THC tolerance if that is the type of meds that you’re looking for.  Otherwise I recommend the CBD oil for a non-psychoactive alternative.

Should You Get A CBD or Cannabis Oil Pen?

As a whole, I can’t recommend Bhang Sticks because there are many others out there that are superior in quality and power for the same price.

I think it’s best feature is the variety of THC vape oils to try.  Their vape pen battery itself is very low quality.  Edible products are also available from the folks at Bhang.

However, their CBD vape oil is rather mediocre and low potency.  In general, it appears that their are many other vape pens that would be preferable.


• Proprietary oil concentrates
• CO2 extraction involves no chemicals
• More than 60 flavors
• Complete battery kit for portability


  • Mouthpiece cracks easily – not from biting, but where the black PLASTIC mouthpiece connects to the atomizer cartridge – just be careful.  Before using, I cut a small piece of scotch tape and apply it 300° around – leaving 60° open for additional air draft.  Otherwise it’s guaranteed to crack.  I’ve used 4 cartridges and they have all cracked… They really do need to address this design flaw.

  • The draw from the mouthpiece and cartridge is problematic too.  It seems restricted somehow – doesn’t allow a good hit.

  • Low battery power likely cause of light draw capability.

The Best CBD Vape Pen & CBD Vape Oil Cartridges

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After personally testing and reviewing over 100 CBD products, I recommend the CBD Living Vape Kit and/or the CBD Living Vape Cartridges in 3 flavors: Tangie, Sour Diesel, and Bubble Gum.

Other than the fact that the CBD Living Pen Battery is far superior offering 3 power levels and all aluminum, stainless steel, and surgical glass construction, the CBD is nano-sized and reduced to one-millionth of it’s original molecule size.  This provides 100% bioavailability for 5 to 10 X the effectiveness per dose.


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  1. Lucas on July 20, 2017 at 4:53 am

    What other US-based company offers a controller that has a design as unique as a fingerprint, allows you to choose your design, and offers a decent warranty on the controller?
    These other guys simply pay the manufacturer to print their half-baked logo on their units, claim
    authority, and call it a day…kinda sad.

    • Ted Mortenson on July 22, 2017 at 7:30 pm

      I totally agree! Love your site btw, and I recommend our Members check your rigs out. I use CBD Living Vape Product Review

      It’s 3-way variable power battery stylus pen is the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve tested more than I can remember. Their CBD oil and cartridge is better flavor than anything you’ve tried and is a nano CBD, which is far superior. Works for me!

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