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CBD and Hemp FAQs



3 thoughts on “CBD and Hemp FAQs”

  1. Margie M.
    This has really been helpful. I was always wondering about the source of CBD being hemp or Cannabis. Now I realize it can be either, but it’s up to me to understand the difference especially when it comes to nano CBD versus regular CBD isolate. Very interesting. Thanks!

  2. Lon G. says:
    I love your information on nano CBD and how nanotechnology has now entered the Cannabis space instead of just traditional drug manufacturing of synthetics with dangerous and unhealthy side effects. I hope you write more on that soon! Thanks, your the best source for CBD info anywhere. And the products that you recommend too.

    1. Thanks for you support Lon! I’ll gladly take your advice, and I promise to be writing more on how nanoscience has found CBD. “That I can tell you!”

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