CBD and Nanotechnology

CBD and Nanotechnology

As our earliest members at Cannabis Animus can attest, I’ve been researching, personally testing, and writing much about CBD and nano CBD Products over the last 4 years.  And if there was one single thing that has fascinated me most, it would be the subject of CBD and nanotechnology.

The main reason being that I’ve learned so much more about the biological and chemical challenges of optimizing the bioavailability of cannabidiol (CBD).  In other words, I’ve realized that the story isn’t about the efficacy and well-documented Cannabis science, or the rackets run by Big Pharma and the Justice Department that resonates so clearly to my fellow Americans.  It’s obviously not about how cannabinoids deliver relief and healing to so many in ill health.  That’s old news.

Currently, it’s all about what nano CBD technology is bringing to Federal agencies and State Taxing Authorities.  CBD and Cannabis science?

Unfortunately for us consumers, what it is so tantalizing to Big Pharma and their lobbyists is not so popular or agreeable with us tax paying Americans.  So don't look to physicians or pharmacists for any truth or value.

Trillions have been invested into nano science over the last three decades, and curiously latent with delivery systems for their non-drug medications like all-natural, non-addictive, non-toxic, nutritional supplements like CBD.

CBD and Big Pharma

Add to that trillions of dollars invested and generated by nano-electronic and nano-robotic products that are revolutionizing manufacturing, and we are essentially redefining the future of our lives in the process.  You probably just aren’t aware of it, yet.  But when your physician friend finds a sand-grain-sized nano device in your colonoscopy biopsy… well, you’ll get charge out of that.

I have made considerable efforts in creating this article, and I  believe you will find that I’ve been more thorough on this subject compared to other articles I’ve found on Page 1 search results.  Following is a list of what I will be covering:

  • Definition of Nanotechnology

  • Intro to Nanotechnology and CBD

  • Implications of Nanotechnology and CBD

  • Nano CBD Industry Leader: CBD Living, LLC

  • Manufacturing Standards, the FDA, and CGMP

  • Interview: Dr. Richard Staack, CSO,CBD Living

  • Recommended Products from CBD Living

  • What is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil?

  • Nanotechnology and Nootropics

  • Summary & Addendum

Definition of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology achieves the objective of manipulating atoms, molecules, and supramolecular formations and reducing their scale to between 1 and 100 nanometers (nm) according to the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

You can say that this means that our scientists are reducing particles and materials to one-millionth of their original size and even further.

For example:

  • 1 inch equals 25,400,000 nanometers (nm)

  • 1 sheet of copy paper is approximately 100,000 nanometers

  • Comparatively speaking in scale, a child’s marble would equal the size of the Earth

Current examples of nanotechnology are now widespread including nano medicine, biomaterials, microscopic devices, robots, computer chips, and essential organic compounds like CBD.

It was during one of his scientific presentations to his peers at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) in 1959, that physicist, Dr. Richard Feynmann, delivered his ideas and first using the term “nanotechnology”.

In this presentation, he further described the reality of “controlling individual atoms and molecules”.

And thereby, the paradigm for nanoscience was established.

Nanotechnology and CBD

It wasn’t until the 80’s and the invention of scanning tunneling microscopes before we could actually see the nano particles we were forming!

Today, scientists, physicians, and engineers are becoming very familiar with reducing the size of atoms, molecules… and yes, even physical devices to nanoscale.  This is how they are realizing the enhanced properties of these particles and devices to achieve 100% bioavailability of organic phytonutrients like CBD, lighter weight of physical devices, full control of the light spectrum, and greater chemical interactivity, stability, and control compared to their original size counterparts.

Introduction to Nanotechnology and CBD

No doubt about it.  The primary trend in CBD manufacturing is nano-enhanced (nano-sized) cannabidiol (CBD).  If you been a user of CBD hemp oil, you are probably well aware of this due to the number of new products increasing each month that claim to be incorporating nano technology into their products and manufacturing.

The attractiveness and possibilities of nanotechnology and CBD began to take off after 2010.  The reason for this is as follows:

  • Creation of a 100% bioavailable delivery system for optimum effect

  • Effective distribution throughout the body per dose

  • Speed of delivery is significantly increased – almost immediate with CBD Living Water & CBD Vape Oil

  • Better economies of scale in manufacturing – profit potential

CBD and Nano Science

Implications of Nanotechnology and CBD

Consider the fact that THC was first discovered in 1964 by Professor Ralph Mechoulam at the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel.  Subsequent studies by his colleague at The Hebrew University, Dr. Ruth Gallily, studied the other main cannabinoid in Cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD).  It was soon thereafter discovered that CBD was non-psychoactive as opposed to its protagonist THC while being determined to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety agent.

Subsequently, in 1992, our own bodies’ endocannabinoid system was discovered by Dr. Mechoulam after identifying the “bliss molecule” anandamide.

In fact, the endocannabinoid system is present in all mammals… including humans.

Inntroduction to nanotechnology

This is significant because anandamide was the first naturally occurring ‘endogenous’ cannabinoid ever discovered – meaning it was produced by our own bodies as well as an exogenous molecule found only in the Cannabis plant.

So, while the Feds and their bedfellows in the FDA, AMA, DEA, U.S. Justice Department, and BIG Pharma have ALL been busy demonizing the single most healthful plant on Earth, they chose their own, select pharmaceutical companies to patent Cannabis in synthetic forms.

And now, many patents of synthesized cannabinoids are owned by… guess who?  The Federal Government of course.  But, before I get off into the ‘weeds’, let me show you what I’ve learned about why nanotechnology and CBD are natural partners.

Nano CBD Industry Leader

CBD Living, LLC

No other company participating in the nano CBD space even comes close to the investment, growth, and patient success stories that CBD Living has achieved.  I can attest to hundreds of patients with whom I have spoken that validate this fact.

And, over the last few years, I’ve personally witnessed the company’s transformation from being the first to offer nano CBD water (which is what attracted me to them as a patient) to now having submitted the first patents pending for their proprietary CBD nano-sizing technologies.

CBD Living Water's nano CBD products

No other company has been able to accomplish this level of both customer acceptance, sales, proprietary technologies and conferring scientists that have changed the direction of CBD research in nano CBD manufacturing processes.

Never before has nano-sized cannabidiol clusters been so stable in solution (water for example).  And it is their own scientists’ discoveries that has attracted the attention of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) who is currently evaluating the efficacy of CBD Living’s patented technologies.

In short, all CBD Living products are not only “nano”, they hopefully will be the first FDA approved CBD products.  And if that doesn’t excite you, then absolutely nothing will.

*If you’re new to CBD, I highly recommend that you read my article of CBD and the Endocannabinoid System, and then return to this article.

Nano CBD vs. Traditional CBD Oil Comparison

Take a look for yourself in the video below.  You'll see for yourself what happens when a drop of nano CBD is added to water... then a drop of typical CBD oil is added.  Compare for yourself!

Federal Manufacturing Standards

… and the FDA and CGMP

Creating pharmaceutical quality CBD products is about as high a bar that CBD Living can set for itself. And that is their clear objective with respect to a number of patents pending current review by the FDA.  CBD Living’s laboratory facility is also applying for FDA Authorized Lab approvals and licenses which would also be a CBD industry first.

At this level, consumers expect product homogeneity, high quality, safe, and effective products.  Contract manufacturers also require nano CBD ingredients from companies like CBD

Living that are stabilized and duplicable.  Otherwise, their products will not the meet strict homogeneity criteria required by the FDA and consumers alike.

nano sized particles

Strict manufacturing standards and guidance for the human pharmaceutical industry is provided by the “Current Good Manufacturing Practice” regulations (CGMP).  Further guidance for the industry includes “Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements”.

Since most people are not aware of CGMPs, and how the FDA’s mandate to assure drug manufacturing standards, practices, and processes, I thought it would be important to at least touch on it so that you could do more investigation if interested.  There are some indications that an increase in regulatory actions taken against drug manufacturers is based on failure to meet CGMP standards.

Interview with Dr. Richard Staack

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Richard Staack, Chief Science Officer at CBD Living, LLC. After years of research into CBD, I consider this interview to be the most high-content discussion I’ve ever had the pleasure of having on the subject of CBD and nanotechnology… and with the man responsible for leading CBD Living’s nano product development no less.  Dr. Staack holds a Ph.d in Nutritional and Biochemical Toxicology, a Master of Science in Food Science, and M.B.A. for good measure.

More specifically, I was allowed a confidential conversation for about 90 minutes with Dr. Staack where he kindly showed me the elaborate equipment utilized, some of which is proprietary and custom-designed by himself.

Dr. Staack explained the entire process of stabilizing nano-sized CBD molecules without the addition of emulsifiers and/or dependence on typical colloidal systems.

Richard Staack, Ph.D

He shared with me the differences between other nano CBD products and CBD Living’s.  In other words, his patent pending nano CBD technology that he and his associate Dr. Keith Cadwallader have been perfecting over the past few years at CBD Living is about to make history.

Due to the confidential nature of the patents pending and intended submission to the FDA based on the results of the Patent Office’s approvals, I am not able to share much more detail at this point in time due to confidentiality agreements that I signed before my meeting.  However, it is my intention to update this post with actual quotes approved by Dr. Staack and CBD Living.

I’m looking forward to more communications with him and his fellow scientists who have worked on the project like Dr. Cadwallander with whom I have been more familiar due to his long association and work with CBD Living.

I’ll be updating our Members at Cannabis Animus via my “Weekly Update” email, so please dooo become a Member at Cannabis Animus.  It’s free, and you will receive additional product Discount Coupons as well as updates on my posts like this one.

What is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil?

What I can discern from all my research and testing is that the term “nano-enhanced hemp oil” can only be taken at face value.  Since I am not an organic chemist, I find it challenging to find substantial proof online from most manufacturers.  And from what I read in the highest ranked bog posts on the subject, I am amazed at the in-your-face inaccuracies and misinformation contained in them.

One of the reasons why I feel this way is because I am familiar with most of these products from personal use and basic due diligence and discovery.  I’ve found that most manufacturers are simply replicating well-established lyposomal, colloidal and/or micelle technologies and using standardized equipment.  Nothing really new here, although each will, of course, argue that “theirs” is better than another due to their chemical and procedural approaches.

That’s all well and good, but the elephant in the room is well-known by most of these same manufacturers and scientists.

The problem with nano CBD product manufacturing is that CBD is very difficult to work with.  Quite different than adding CBD isolate to MCT oil, and placing an attractive label on it.  That is not the better product even though it is extremely simple to manufacture.


One of these difficulties lies with stability (or instability) of the nano CBD molecules which naturally wants to aggregate, meaning they attract to each other just like oil in water… not what we’re looking for.

This leads to relative instability in the manufacturing process where the products are not the same from batch to batch.  It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as “water soluble CBD” whether at the organic level or nano level.

I find that many of these product websites make the most ignorant statements and claims from a biochemistry standpoint and thereby reveal their shortcomings and lack of scientific value.

CBD Living’s patents pending review by the FDA addresses these scientific challenges to the manufacturing process and delivers a homogeneous and stable product worthy of FDA review.

CBD and the FDA

One of these difficulties lies with stability (or instability) of the nano CBD molecules which naturally wants to aggregate, meaning they attract to each other just like oil in water… not what we’re looking for.

This leads to relative instability in the manufacturing process where the products are not the same from batch to batch.  It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as “water soluble CBD” whether at the organic level or nano level.

I find that many of these product websites make the most ignorant statements and claims from a biochemistry standpoint and thereby reveal their shortcomings and lack of scientific value.

Nano Technology and Nootropics

To serve as a further peek into the direction of nanotechnology, I’d like to share a bit about something you’ll be hearing more about, but may not realize it involves nano science.  It’s all the rage now.  Corporate executives and professionals in all specialties, teachers, and students alike are taking to “smart drugs” that claim to increase their cognitive thinking, increased focus, and mental endurance in general.

 Nootropics are nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, vitamin complexes combined to enhance cognitive thought processes especially as it relates more specifically to creativity, motivation, mental endurance, memory, and other high-level thought processes.  In other words, they really work.

Scientists are now combining complex systems science with psycho-neuropharmacology in a multi-pathway, nootropic approach.

In plain english, that means that nootropics require a different methodology to better examine what is ‘simply’ put in prescription medications or proprietary herbal complexes.


According to the scientists spearheading this research and the model building it requires, they explain that they’ve just begun to appreciate the potential that lies under the surface fundamentals.  As more data is correlated and better tools are created, scientists are now able to look past biochemistry to the epigenome.

The Future of CBD Nanotechnology?

One main take-away from my research and personal experience with almost 100 CBD products over the last few years is the undeniable conclusion that not all CBD products are created equally.

Speaking more to the nanotechnology to which this article is dedicated, I can now confidently conclude that not all Nano CBD products are created equal either.

CBD Living and its leadership team has not only lead the way in CBD science in the U.S., they are about to make history as the first CBD company to patent their proprietary technologies and manufacturing processes.

Quite exciting from where our Members at Cannabis Animus have been positioned since virtually the beginning of my team’s project.

CBD Living, LLC


It is my sincerest hope that you will go forward from here with a more educated and balanced perspective of the nature of CBD product development, best manufacturing practices, CBD and nanotechnology in general.  Have you noticed that it’s almost impossible to find an up-front, visible, or otherwise “real person” behind the website touting their CBD products?

  • Do you know who the person is that is responsible for your purchases?  The owner(s) of these websites rarely identify themselves, and no personal, or even social media or validation is made available to visitors.

  • Are you buying products from advertisements where an unknown “Affiliate Marketer” is automatically receiving a commission on your purchase and has no apparent interest in a long term relationship with you.

  • Do you know that most of the products you see are called “White Label” products that are the same as the other brand – just different label and branding.  I’ve found that most of these products are virtually ‘generic’ in composition as well.  They typically use low quality ingredients at the lowest cost for highest profit to cover the high advertising costs they incur that is in their business model.  Results are less effective as you would expect.

  • Did you know that most all CBD products that sell at the highest volumes (Brand Sales Leaders) are not considered by myself or any other knowledgeable and experienced patient or physician to be very effective compared to nano CBD alternatives like CBD Living products.

Well, that’s the point.  This is why I’ve been wanting to write this piece on CBD and Nanotechnology for so long.  You see, it’s what got me really motivated to create Cannabis Animus in the first place.

CBD Living products and CBD nanotechnology is what got me fired up because it took me to a higher level of chronic pain management as well as more effective stress and anxiety relief… all without the side effects from prescription medications that I learned to hate.

A completely non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive solution… What else could I reasonably ask for?

Cannabidiol Micelle

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about blogging is that it will surely amount to little if no readers feel it is worthy of sharing.  Nevertheless, I feel confident that I’ve provided you the most thorough article and information on nanotechnology and CBD anywhere on the Internet at this point in time.

Until we all can go to the local produce store and purchase fresh-cut Cannabis flower tops (not cooked or heated in any way) for our morning smoothie or added to a bowl of cereal, we will have to count on nanotechnology to help deliver the CBD we all so desperately need.


I’ll leave you with this interesting factoid you can take to your health & wellness bank.  Seldom understood by people who consider themselves knowledgeable about Cannabis and CBD is an observable fact of chemistry that a person of any age cannot get high from eating raw (unheated) Cannabis.

It is becoming more evident that the whole plant form that is not heated, not burned or vaporized provides more synergistic health benefits from the claimed “entourage effect”.

According to Dr. Staack, Chief Science Officer at CBD living, LLC, the term “entourage effect” was created out of a casual conversation among his peers discussing general biochemistry concepts not pertaining to Cannabis.

eat raw cannabis

When he told me this, I of course, LOL’d so hard that it took awhile for me to get back on track with the interview.  Nevertheless, it is now a part of our social nomenclature – specifically related to Cannabis science and the 100+ cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the raw plant.

And I do believe, along with other experienced patients, that the raw form of Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica (including all of their hybrid strains) provides the most optimal healing benefit and calming effects without any psychoactive or psychotropic effects whatsoever.

This is due to fundamental Cannabis science which proves that the psychoactive “high” from smoking or otherwise heating marijuana is not present when consumed in its raw form.
So, until we are ‘allowed’ to purchase raw Cannabis flower tops at our local produce isle, we look to nanotechnology (and the FDA) to acknowledge the fact that nanotechnology applies to Cannabis science just like other sciences.

In the meantime, please consider sharing my Post on your social media if you have friends and followers that might find this subject interesting too.  Perhaps you are a humble messenger too.

And don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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  1. You did touch on the subject of CBD isolate but did not mention it in nano form. Am I correct to assume Living Water is using nano hemp CBD oil? Is there an advantage to use one form over the other?

    1. Hi Mike, think of it this way. The CBD Living Isolate product is not nano-sized CBD. However, it is exactly the same CBD product from which CBD Living nano Water is made… and the rest of the CBD Living product line. To your question, the difference is that the CBD in the water product has been nano-sized and further encapsulated in water clusters in order to remain in solution. The advantages with nano CBD products are many, among which is that the CBD is absorbed quicker for quicker relief, as well as being 100% bioavailable where nothing is lost to the digestive and filtering organ systems of the body. And yes, CBD Living uses nano enhanced CBD oil in their water product.

  2. In your Addendeum you say “According to Dr. Staack, Chief Science Officer at CBD living, LLC, the term “entourage effect” was created out of a casual conversation among his peers discussing general biochemistry concepts not pertaining to Cannabis.”

    This is incorrect. The term Entourage Effect was coined by Dr. Raphael Mouchulem, Father of Cannabinoid Research. As proof, the term is mentioned in the title of this paper in the Europen Journal of Pharmacology in 1998. “An entourage effect: inactive endogenous fatty acid glycerol esters enhance 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol cannabinoid activity” https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0014299998003926?via%3Dihub

    1. His name is Ralph “Mechoulam” and you are correct. I am so grateful to our “founding father”. Thank you for the correction. Please see the changes I’ve made accordingly. Much appreciated JP!

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  6. Breaking CBD into nano particles is not a secret, and you trying to making it sound like living water is the only company who knows how to do it. This post is nothing more than an infomercial for them. Further if you were to ingest enough raw cannabis I am SURE it will get you high. It is not as efficient for sure, but would work. Living water does not seem to add the fact to get their water clear that they also used emulsifiers and surfactants to get it so. You are able to emulsify oil into water with a process and you will get a full spectrum milky colored solution. The fact that you even mention CBD Isolate as way to consume CBD concerns me, It may be the highest concentration of CBD but also the most processed and least bio available, making the least desirable among producers and consumers. To get the best RESULTS you want, patients should be consuming full spectrum oil, with terpenes, THC, and CBD, because as mentioned above they work synergestically to help heal you. Is this site owned by Living Water, or you just on his ……

    1. Thank you for your criticism sir/madam. I’m happy to address all of your comments as it is a perfect learning opportunity for yourself and visitors or Members who are interested.

      First, I do not receive any compensation from CBD Living for anything I’ve written or any other activity for that matter. And yes, nano-sizing CBD is not new by any means. However, the current process used by CBD Living has been developed through many different iterations of the process, and they feel that their current process is worthy of patents pending as we speak, and concurrently seeking a nod from the FDA based on non-U.S. clinical trials if I’m not mistaken.

      As an authority on CBD, I have personally tested over 100 CBD products including the various upgrades to CBD Living Water. I’ve met with a number of companies and their CEO’s that also make their versions of nano CBD. To date, there simply isn’t any CBD product that I feel is superior to CBD Living Water or any of their other product variations for that matter. They are all the very best of nano CBD products.

      As far as “full spectrum” products go, I agree with you that it is preferable in some cases, but not all. For example, patients who, for any number of reasons, do not want THC in their products… then clearly, that rules out that alternative.

  7. Amazing article!This should be an eye-opener for other CBD bloggers… please do more on nootropics you teaser!

    1. You got it Padre! You know me!! ;^> I will very soon though. Working on finishing up another pet CBD project first. It will help round out the current pet CBD info and make all available here at CA. M And more thoroughly than even pet only sites. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Thanks for your support Padre.

  8. I bought some isolate from a marijuana co…that has not opened yet. I was overcharged big time, my fault for 2 isolates and two fixtures one for day, one for night. I don’t even see that product on you pages…I called this soon to be a medical pot shop and told them the stuff was garbage 160.00 she said sorry no return. Its the worse tasting and overpriced crap I ever bought. If I could get money back or a newer.product..I would appreciate it. Thank you

  9. Great article & very interesting! I’m excited to try a couple if your products! Could you please confirm my membership ? I signed up but I’m not sure I’m actually a member. Thank you for answering all my questions!

  10. I read your entire blog and learned a great deal more about my journey with CBD. Thank you for all the research and the references. I am using the CBD Living Water and start my day with a refreshing bottle before breakfast for chronic pain from arthritis and age-related stiffness in joints and muscles. I often take a CBD Living Gel Cap in the afternoon if I feel low energy and stress. I’m 82 years old, and feel better than I did 5 years ago! Ted will help you dial in your therapy. He’s very thoughtful.

  11. This is an incredible read. I’m so glad I read this. And your references where great! Thank you for taking the time to research this so thoroughly. Please confirm my new membership.

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