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  1. Hello.!

    I am a starting up CBD vendor and am trying to learn all I can. Specifically about nanowater CBD. Is the process of turning isolate into nanopoles able to be done at home?

    I need to learn more about CBD. All I have right now is CBD isolate with ~97% CBD inside. It is not soluble in water however when I use to for myself I put 1,000mg into a 30mL vial and sublingually take 1mL at night after a long day at work. It is wonderful, and I think I have a lot to learn from you. Anyways I hope you’re having an amazing day 💓

    1. Hi Ian, There are a number of articles I’ve written on the subjects you’ve shared. Please feel free to navigate my site via the CBD Info and CBD Product Reviews categories (Isolate, full spectrum, etc.) for specific articles on your subject of interest. You are on the right track with boosting the potency of your CBD oil with CBD Isolate. I recommend CBD Living Isolate as it is 99.5% pure CBD (the rest is water in the crystals). It will dissolve into oil – many add it to their favorite salad dressings.

      You’ll find this to be among the most pure, lab-tested, and certified by 3rd Party Lab test results available by scanning the QR code on the cox that the container comes in.

      And rest assured, these products on my site are not made at home. Far from it. CBD Living is a leader in nanotechnology and pharmaceutical quality manufacturing and proprietary processes.

      Thanks for your support!

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