CBD e-Liquid

CBD e-Liquid Vape Review

Broad Spectrum CBD e-Liquid

250 mg CBD/30 ml bottle

2 Flavors:  Strawberry Cream & Tropical Blend

No VG, PG, or Vitamin E Acetate

No Nicotine  –  No THC


$29.95 each

3 Pack – 10% discount @ $79.95

6 Pack – 20% discount @ $145.95

12 Pack - 30% discount @ $249.95

* Bulk Orders payable by Check  –  Bulk Credit card orders add 5%*

What is CBD e-Liquid?

CBD e-Liquid is a type of CBD product used specifically for electronic vaporizers, vape pens, and e-cigs.  You will need to purchase a vaporizer beforehand and subsequently add the CBD e-Liquid according to the device's instructions.  Only these types of electronic or battery-powered vaporizers are recommended for vaping CBD e-Liquids.

These e-Liquids are commonly called “CBD vape juice” or “CBD Vape Oil”, but it is not the same as CBD oil or "CBD Hemp Oil”.

CBD oil and Hemp oil are typically designed for oral consumption in the form of a tincture oil absorbed under the tongue, sprinkled in your food, or swallowed in a Gel Cap.  These forms are higher in CBD content and are not intended to be vaped or vaporized.  However, the more experienced vape users will add pure CBD to their e-Liquids to increase the potency and benefits.

CBD e-Liquid Vape Juice

There are other "CBD concentrates" like CBD Dabz (aka: Shatter) which is even higher CBD content and is used in vaporizers such as "dab rigs" or refillable e-vape “tanks” designed for CBD concentrates.  It is a solid substance – not a liquid.  It is the perfect CBD product for treating more acute types of anxiety and physical pain.

The popularity of e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco (delivering nicotine) has led to an explosion in the popularity of vape pens and various styled vaporizers for delivering the healing benefits of CBD as much as the calming/relaxation effects and social effects/enjoyment.

CBD E-Liquid vs. CBD Vape Oil – What’s the Difference?

Theoretically, these two forms can be essentially the same.  Currently, it’s up to product manufacturers to decide how much CBD (potency) is in which type of base oil.  So, it’s important that you understand how much actual CBD content (milligrams) is in the e-Juice or e-Liquid you are considering.

So, the most significant difference is that CBD e-Liquid is designed for use in refillable vaporizers with “oil tanks” that are refilled when empty.  Conversely, CBD Vape oil is generally referring to pre-filled, CBD Vape Cartridge.  These cartridges are disposable when empty, and a new cartridge is screwed back on to the “Vape Pen” battery stylus or other type of electronic vaporizer.

How is CBD e-Liquid Made?

CBD e-Liquids are essentially the same as other e-Liquids except a concentrated amount of 99+% crystalline CBD isolate is added to the base oil(s).  A number of different odorless oils are used as a ‘base’ to which fruit & food flavorings, or even Cannabis terpenes are added for a more natural Cannabis flavor.

For example, there are 3 base oils that are typically used, sometimes in combination: VG, PG, and MCT.

  • PG – Propylene Glycol – PG is a by-product of petroleum manufacturing and has no color or odor.

  • VG – Vegetable Glycerin – VG is used to give the product a similar sensation in the throat as when smoking tobacco.  Although it is FDA approved for consumption, the jury is still out whether it should be inhaled.

Hemp Oil Extraction

Choosing Your Vape Device

There are so many product types and choices that range in ease of use and maintenance.  Although cartridges are virtually extinct, disposables and pods seem to be taking the lead in purchase volume.

Devices that are re-fillable tend to be the product of choice for more advanced vapers who don't mind a bit more maintenance.

Disposable CBD vape pens – they are the easiest way of vaping and are relatively inexpensive. They are the same size as a cigarette, and you can just throw them away after use.  The battery and built-in as well as the CBD eLiquid and the heating element. Generally, you can get between 75 - 100 puffs before disposal.

CBD Cartridge Pens – they are a 2-part system that incorporates a cylindrical-shaped "tank" that is screwed into the pen stylus. It requires you to pre-fill (or dispose) your CBD vape liquid. E-cigarette battery powers this kind of cartridge and can hold about 0.5 – 1 ml of CBD distillate.

CBD pods – are similar to the 2-piece CBD vape oil cartridge and pen stylus but use more modern technology.  They use a JUUL-type battery. Fortunately, JUUL batteries are amongst the most common vape accessories you can find on the market.

Refillable CBD vaporizers – they are vape pens that you can recharge, and fill with your CBD juice. They usually have a simple battery that is fixed to the vape tank using an internal coil. This type of vaporizer produces more flavor and vapor than disposables.  Over time, this type is the most economical, however, they do require more maintenance for cleaning the coils and tanks... and changing out the coils regularly.

Benefits of Vaping CBD e-Liquid

Immediate delivery to the blood stream via lungs

No prescription or recommendation required

Non-psychoactive (passes drug tests)

Legal in all 50 States

Vaping is the process where the CBD e-Liquid is introduced to just the right amount of heat, generally through a series of wire coils or heating elements.  This produces a vapor consisting of very fine CBD particles. These vaporizers are similar to using a nebulizer by asthma sufferers.

This ultra-fine vapor is absorbed by the lung tissue immediately and then quickly into the blood stream providing almost immediate CBD delivery.  The vapor is completely non-toxic and non-addictive.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

Much research originally conducted (and currently) by Dr. Ralph Mecheloum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem continues to reveal the myriad physical and medical benefits derived from the inclusion of CBD in your diet or even vaping CBD for example.

  • General Health: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anti-psychotic and anxiolytic agent

  • Medical Treatments: Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Crohn’s, Diabetes, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, schizophrenia and so many more.

CBD and Health

Is Vaping CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD e-Liquid is legal in all 50 States as it is made from ECU Certified Hemp oil and imported legally into the U.S. along with more commercial grades of hemp oil.  The oil is a by-product of the hemp fiber industry worldwide and is now being grown in certain states where it is determined to be legal.

Only U.S.-grown GMP hemp is used in CBD Living e-Liquids.  The product does not contain any THC so safe for use where drug testing is a concern.  This product is also 50-state legal.

Why CBD Living Brand?

CBD Living products are a favorite of mine.  I have come to know the company's founder and owner for over 7 years now.  CBD Living is a well-respected leader and innovator in the CBD industry.  That is the first criteria I use for our membership reviews on CBD Living products.

CBD Living Products

The second is that they are well-established and well-staffed enough to provide me personal customer service from a brick and mortar production facility and offices nearby.

Third is the fact that they only use choice or otherwise premium ingredients and they control all of their own product manufacturing.  Most companies today operate as “private label” where contract manufacturing is involved in the product’s manufacture and can easily change from month to month – no consistency.

Dosage: How Much Should I Take?

Vaping e-Liquid CBD is the lowest dose form of vaping cannabidiol (CBD).  So, there really is no standard dosage.  Nevertheless, it's important to vape properly and not to excess.  Generally used as a way of weaning off smoking tobacco products or used as a form of socializing with friends.  I recommend a few puffs to start with, see how you feel, and proceed accordingly. It’s completely non-toxic, so it’s just a common-sense approach to discover how much you really like.

Although it is common for me to read recommendations for Daily CBD at 10 – 25 mg to start, my empirical data from my own use as well as our members clearly indicate that 25mg is a proper adult dose to start unless you are utilizing a nano-CBD product.

Nano-CBD has 10X the effective potency due to increased bio-availability (2.5 mg nano CBD). With these levels in mind, there are more efficient products for more dramatic medical results than vaping CBD e-Liquid. However, the decision to use e-Liquids that contain CBD as opposed to most that don’t is clearly a wise one.

CBD e-Liquid

The more you read up on CBD, the more you will hear people like me tell you that “everyone’s different” when it comes to how much is right for you. This is because we all metabolize CBD differently, yet we all benefit positively… even at lower doses found in CBD e-Liquids.

Consider various factors when determining the right dosage such as body weight, and how severe your condition has become.

You might want to consider beginning your therapy with a low dosage and slowly increasing in about 5 mg intervals per your needs.



As an alternative to smoking tobacco products, CBD Living e-liquid presents everyone (especially smokers) a truly healthy alternative that is arguably even more enjoyable than tobacco. And if you just gotta have that nicotine effect, then just add it to your CBD e-Liquid to taste and preference. Your local vape show will offer you a variety of nicotine oils to fit your palate.

The thing I want to impress upon our visitors and members is that there is an all-natural and healthier solution to quitting cigarettes. Enjoy sharing your CBD e-Liquids with your friends instead of lighting up.

VBD Living has done a great job with their flavors. I truly enjoy both flavors. And this is also an easy way to introduce someone else to the life-changing health benefits of CBD.

CBD vape juice is relatively inexpensive and low dosage, so I hope our younger members can now realize that an enjoyable and healthy product is now available to those who enjoy vaping like me.

Please don’t leave without sharing your comments or experience. Our members want to hear from you below!

9 thoughts on “CBD e-Liquid Vape Review”

  1. I have been on psych meds for years and they took their toll. I decided to try cbd as an alternative and Hemp Bombs was the brand I chose to vape. I immediately felt the effects after two or three inhales. I was relaxed and my anxiety faded away. I have began to ween myself off half of my psych meds and already feel better. I would highly recommend trying this brand. It has made a huge improvement in my life.

  2. Hemp Bombs is the brand I started with, and currently use. My sister Kathy is their Main Customer Service leader. She started me with the gummie bears, but I have found the capsules to last longer and improve my arthritis complaints. CBD is new to me, but I have stopped my anxiety meds as well as decreased anti-depresants. Thanks for your honesty!! Donna Rose

    1. I have personally tested the Hemp Bombs products, but they are not nano CBD and therefore nowhere near as effective as CBD Living Gel Caps, CBD Water, or CBD Living Daily Tincture at 1000 mg in 1 fl oz. You really need to discover the significance of nano CBD compared to typical CBD isolate oil (like Hemp Bombs) or hemp oil. No offense intended, but these products are not even comparable in my experience. a non-nano CBD product of equivalent dosage cannot compare to 100% bioavailability.

      However, you’ll notice I do carry their ‘recreational’ Vape Oil with CBD for our younger Members who don’t yet require adult doses for pain and anxiety. I see these recreational vale oils as perfect for additing CBD. Turns ‘vaping’ from a questionable activity to a truly, healthy one!

      This is not to be confused with adult-use, medicinal grade CBD vape oil like CBD Living Vape Pen & Cartridges. Hemp Bombs are very low dose CBD products by design.

      1. Donna R. Kaufman

        Thanks for the Information Ted. I didn’t know the difference of adult dosage and “recreational”. I truly DO want the dosage best for me. I am 59 yrs Young, and just now getting my health back after Traumatic personal loss. CBD is the route I’m after! I’ll be trying the nano-products on your site! Thanks again, for real. Donna

  3. You should offer a “bundle” price for the 16.5 ml bottles…. Like, any combo of four or more 16.5 flavors and get additional 10% off? Do the Bundle chief!

    1. LOL, you know Buster, that’s a great idea. I’ll do it. Just give me some time to make the necessary changes to the Product page in the shop. I have other improvements to the store, sop, and checkout very soon. And for God’s sake Buster, don’t be so shy in the future. Keep ’em coming my new best friend.

  4. I am really glad you all added this product. I love both flavors, and love the fact that I can get a great price & free shipping for a higher potency eLiquid like the 60 ml bottle with a full 300 mg of CBD. Awesome CBD vape dude.

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