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CBD Living Freeze Product Review – CBD Pain Relief


Nano CBD Topical Emulsion

"Best Selling CBD Topical for over 4 years and counting."

Apply as needed to pain area, wait to dry & re-apply until relieved

Contents: 3 fl. oz. (80 ml)

$29.95 each

3-Pack: 10% Discount @ $79.95
6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $149.95
12-Pack: 25% Off Retail @ $249.95

PRICE LEADER = Best Value: 750 mg/btl @ only $49.95 each **

3-Pack: 10% Discount @ $107.95
6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $191.95
12-Pack: 25% Off Retail @ $335.95

* Bulk Orders payable by check – Credit card orders add 5% *

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Don't be surprised to see all those old pain cream brands continue to disappear.  Have you noticed the typical brand name pain creams, sprays, and rubs that remain on the market have been diminishing.

Sure, they are sometimes less expensive, but also much less effective compared to high-quality, topical CBD applications like CBD Living Freeze available for years in a convenient roll-on applicator bottle.

No mess, roll-on applicator using light pressure on your skin’s surface where your pain is centered.  Re-apply after it dries... Based on my experience and patient observations, I recommend at least 2-3 applications - or more if necessary to optimize the pain relief.

It’s the nano CBD that makes the difference!  It’s 100% Bioavailable even through your skin layers!

Rub the first application into the skin using one or two fingers to conserve, and apply another surface application without rubbing in.  The alcohol in the emulsion will help draw the second application of CBD into the skin so no need to waste more on your fingers.

And as of early this year 2020, we are pleased to offer 3X as much CBD in the same 3 fl oz roll-on bottle at 750 mg for less that twice the price of the regular 250 mg version... but only $49.95!

Given my experience with hundreds of our members and customers who re-order regularly, I highly recommend you try this more concentrated nano CBD option at 750 mg.  If you are a current user, you simply must try it!

Just let CBD Freeze do it’s work and re-apply after it dries each time (give it 5 minutes) and re-apply until pain is relieved.

For those of you who seek out every alternative to prescription pain medications, synthesized chemicals, and drugs before submitting to their use, this product review on CBD pain relief is definitely for you.

CBD Living Freeze For Pain Relief

It’s obviously a common thread that runs throughout Cannabis Animus content and member comments.  Dancer, athlete, amateur or professional, we feel that over-the-counter athletic rubs and pain relief rubs for joint muscle pain relief should be evaluated on the basis of the efficacy and quality of its organic ingredients.  In this regard, I’m going to share my evaluation of a topical CBD pain killer called CBD Living Freeze.

For more a in-depth examination of why nano CBD products are far more effective, please consider my recent article on CBD and Nanotechnology.

Common Organic Topical Pain Relievers

Following is a rundown of the natural pain relievers that I have used in comparison for this review of CBD Living Freeze.


This family of organic pain relievers create a sensation of heat or cooling on the skin which, technically speaking, inflames the skin near the pain point(s) where applied.  The nerves signal the brain of this newer, yet more mild heat or cooling sensation and inflammation which acts to distract the mind from the original pain while increasing blood circulation to the area at the same time.

  • Capsaicin from chili pepper varieties, aka: Capsicum

  • Peppermint from botanical species: Mentha piperita

  • Wintergreen from botanical extract: methyl salicylate

  • Camphor terpenoid: Cinnamomum camphora

Herbs & Botanicals

  • Numeric (ingredient in Curry)

  • White Willow Bark (Salix alba)

  • Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

  • Birch Leaf (Betula Lenta)

  • Arnica (Arnica montana)

  • Boswellia (Boswellia serrata)

Essential Fatty Acids & Enzymes

  • Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) – GLA is sourced from numerous seed oils including hemp seed oil

  • Emu Oil – From the fat of the flightless Emu bird

  • Bromelain – From pineapple stems


CBD Pain Relief with CBD Living Freeze

Highest Quality Topical Nano CBD Product

Cold Therapy CBD pain relief for arthritis, back pain, strains, sprains, sore muscles, and joints.

CBD Living Freeze contains 99.5% pure CBD (cannabidiol) derived from hemp, common name for one of the species of Cannabis plants.  As opposed to other species, this one contains no THC and has no psychoactive effects. This all natural CBD rub reacts immediately within our endocannabinoid system to lower pain and reduce inflammation in the area where applied.

CBD Living Freeze roll-on (also available in recommended, hi-concentrate 750 mg) is intended as a compliment for use in cold therapy which can help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. The roll-on applicator is designed to easily apply the somewhat viscous (not oily) liquid to any area of pain or discomfort.  External application makes it easy to reach most all areas of the body without assistance except for the middle and center of the back (for most people that is).

A relatively small amount of isopropyl alcohol is included in the solution allowing the CBD and nutrients to be absorbed quickly.  After taking about a minute to absorb completely there is no residue whatsoever.  99.5% pure CBD pain relief begins almost immediately.

CBD Living Freeze in a 3 Pack

As one of the longest-selling, original nano CBD topical roll-on emulsions, CBD Living Freeze is the most highly-demand topical CBD products for the last 5 years.  It has been time-tested to be a superior topical solution for both acute and chronic pain, muscle cramps, and joint problems.

Your choice of either 300 mg or 750 mg in a handy, 3 fl oz roll-on is combined with the following ingredients listed below for additional, natural and long-lasting pain relief.

CBD may also provide comfort and calm to your irritated or itchy skin. But be careful if your skin is broken or cracked as the isopropyl alcohol and natural menthol can sting a little. Nevertheless, the relief that come as afterward is often well worth it. Just use common sense, and see for yourself.

Our customers use this product for sports injuries, joint pain, muscle spasms & cramps, neck pain, and lower back pain including sciatic pain.

CBD Testimonial - Truly Amazing... A Must See Video!

Kelsey Darragh of Buzzfeed fame tells how CBD Living Freeze roll-on lotion (and other Cannabis products tested) is described as more effective than ANY prescription painkiller even in the ‘face’ of the most severe pain possible from her rare condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)… “The Suicide Disease”.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

CBD for Back Pain

Unfortunately, I suffer from genetic osteoarthritis which translates to chronic pain in certain parts of my body.  Some areas are worse than others, and it changes by the hour.  I’ve had two hip replacements, so I’ve had to go to the extent of prosthetic implants.

Yay! Two down, two more areas to go. And so, I’ve been seeking better chronic lower back pain relief.  Yeah, me and millions of other people.  I know.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

My experience has been that CBD Living Freeze bears no similarity to the whole class of counter-irritants and natural pain relievers currently on the market.  Sure, I haven’t tried everything that’s out there.  But given the breadth of products and ingredients I’ve tried over the years, I feel hard-pressed to find any non-narcotic solution that takes the pain away as opposed to merely masking it, or distracting it as is more the case with other topicals.

This product relieves pain at the nerve level.  Others like arnica, emu oil, and various botanicals I’ve tried do not remove pain – even temporarily - just soothes my muscles a little if lucky.

I'm sure you will agree, they just diminish the pain to some small degree.  As previously mentioned, CBD in suppository form is highly recommended by physicians because it delivers more of the medication compared to when taken orally.  Same goes for CBD's effects on the skin.  There's no potential conflict with liver metabolism and no loss of potency to the digestive system.

And that’s important, but of even greater significance is the bioavailability of CBD in nano-form which makes this product so much more effective than anything else I've ever tried.

Man with Back Pain

CBD for Neck Pain

The other area of my chronic pain comes from my neck.  Over time, some of the neck vertebrae have become misshaped and calcification has further squeezed and irritated the nerves emitting from that area of my spinal chord.

Much like my lower back, my neck pain is noticeably reduced after applying the roll-on solution.  I now keep it within arms’ reach! I also find that the cold therapy aspect more effective. CBD Living Freeze utilizes camphor and menthol as opposed to heat therapy liquids containing capsaicin and other chemicals.  I find these not as effective nor as soothing.

For me, the excessive heat is more irritating and more uncomfortable compared to the organic substances that produce a cooling effect.  Perhaps it’s a personal preference, but I’m not interested in the “no pain – no gain” b-s anymore.  CBD Living Freeze gets my vote for the best in athletic rubs ever imagined.


Rub a thin film on affected areas not exceeding 4 times per day per area of skin.  Massaging into the skin is not necessary.  Rub it in a little and let the alcohol deliver the CBD and nutrients into the skin and area of pain.  As I mentioned above, I recommend a second application a few minutes after the first.  No need to touch it at all this time.  Just let the alcohol draw the send application into the skin.  Extremely neat and clean.

Other Ingredients:

Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera Powder, Camphor, Organic Ilex (Holm Oak), Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E.

CBD Freeze Lab Result Image

In Case of Injury:

Consider following the RICE formula.  Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Ice the area 4 times per day for 15 minutes. Continue for 2 or 3 days and wrap the area if possible to compress the area to prevent more swelling.  Elevate the area of pain above the heart for a few hours a day to further lessen swelling.

3rd Party Lab Test Results

For those of you who want to know what is actually inside the product you are purchasing/purchased, you can almost instantly find out by snapping a photo of the QR Code Image on he label.  This will reveal the exact 3rd Party Lab Test results for you to examine.

I highly recommend that you do not purchase any product that does not make this essentially import information available to you in this manner.

CBD Freeze QR Code Image

CBD and Massage

Last but not least... The main reason why more massage therapists are now offering CBD therapy added to the massage for an additional charge (typically $20), is that it is the most effective inflammation-reducing agent that they know of.  And more of their clients are asking about it with increasing frequency.  I’m told it works great for client retention because it works so well for so many of their clients.

Inflammation is the precursor to pain and a byproduct of muscle strain, athletic training, and many serious medical conditions.  The natural aging process can also cause systems of the body to break down prematurely.  With more and more people realizing that they may be endocannabinoid deficient (ECS), the experience of having CBD applied to your own skin during massage has become an experience that you may well deserve.

CBD and Massage

As with orally ingested CBD, not everyone has the same experience, and the specific CBD product chosen for massage will also vary.  This is another reason why a 3rd party laboratory-tested nano CBD product like CBD Living Freeze, CBD Living Lotion, and the new high-concentrate CBD Living Salve are recommended for best results.


Best Topical Analgesic

Without any hesitation, I enthusiastically recommend CBD Living Freeze!  It is by far the best topical analgesic that I’ve ever used.  I use it in combination with other forms of CBD depending on the situation.  Sometimes just by itself.

For instance, when I experience acute pain from a strain or sprain that happens with increasing frequency as the years pass, I recommend using CBD Living Freeze immediately to begin relief as soon as possible followed by a bottle of CBD Living Water for addition pain relief and 7.4pH hydration by triggering my endocannabinoid system from within.

For my more chronic pain in my neck and lower back, I often roll-on CBD Living Freeze just prior to combining with other CBD Living products like nano CBD Tincture oil, nano CBD Gummies, and nano CBD Living Gel Caps and many others like CBD topicals and CBD vape products.

When convenient, I also combine with vaping or dabbing concentrates like CBD Living Shatter or CBD Vape pens.  These CBD vape products can deliver measurably larger doses of CBD instantly and contain no Vitamin E Acetate, VG, or PG.

What is CBD Living Water

If you are one of the many who is seriously seeking more effective joint muscle pain relief, I highly recommend a CBD painkiller as the best topical analgesic for immediate and localized pain relief.  CBD, in general, has no equal when it comes to 100% natural, 100% Safe, and 100% Non-Habit Forming, CBD pain relief.

I am confident that you will find CBD Living Freeze to be significantly more effective than any of the more popular brands of topical pain relief products or athletic rubs.  In fact, we have a Member in Luxembourg that suffers from trigeminal neuralgia and pays 2.5 times our US Members pay, but it’s the only product or medication of any kind that relieves her pain.

Have questions or similar experiences with other CBD products?  Would you use a roll-on pain killer like this?  

Please don’t go without leaving a comment below! (BOTTOM)

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38 thoughts on “CBD Living Freeze Product Review – CBD Pain Relief”

  1. I had a hip replacement about one year ago. As a result of the surgery a nerve on the outside of my thigh was damaged. This resulted in numbness and considerable discomfort, especially following any physical exercise. I was told to take an OTC pain killer. My son purchased a CBD living Freeze roll on for me and the relief is amazing. Great stuff and not near enough people know about it.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jim. CBD Living Freeze IS amazing, but it is far for effective when used with an internally ingested dose of 25 to 50 mg per dose (every 8 hours for best results.) That would be the Gel Caps, Tincture Oil, Water, patches, suppositories, gummies….

    1. Hi Jan, The Roll-On applicator bottle contains 120mg equivalent nano CBD. The bottle’s content is 3 fl. oz. (80 ml). It’s the nano-sized CBD that makes the difference! And yes, we have sold products to our Members in all 50 states for 3 years now. We also have international Members.

  2. I would like to try the freeze roll on but I would like to know how much camphor is in it because I can not
    Tolerate camphor. Makes me sick. I would appreciate knowing about this. I am using your gummies

    1. Hi Clara, Given your position on camphor, I recommend you use it carefully. There’s very little camphor in it, but camphor is a powerful compound. It is included as a carrier along with a little isopropyl alcohol to “carry” the CBD into the layers of your skin. That’s why it’s re-applied with a few minutes in-between until you get maximum relief. But it may be too much for you and your reaction(s) to it before. Remember, Adults need 2 – 3 Gummies per dosing for a recommended daily maintenance of CBD. 1 for children. Gummies are not economical for most adults other than being a tasty treat! I recommend you consider switching to CBD Living Tincture 1000mg, or CBD Living Gel Caps, or the CBD Living Water.

      Please call if you want to talk about it (888) 302-3600

  3. I have a condition that has never been diagnosed, but all the disks in my lower back and neck have compressed to the point that there is virtually no room between vertebrae. Needless to say, the result is that bones are constantly pressing on nerves and causing both muscular spasming pain and shooting pains if I move the wrong way.
    I first tried the CBD Living Freeze product from my local medical marijuana store. It’s the only thing that helps soothe my low back pain. I have one roller that is virtually out of product but I keep using it just for the tiny bit of product I can get. The roller product is great because it’s easy to put in exactly where I need it. Last night, I woke up at 2:00 am with muscle spasms. I didn’t think there was anything left in the roller, but figured what can it hurt? I was able to get back to sleep in just a few minutes and woke up with almost no pain.
    Unfortunately, I can’t get this product in my local store any longer so I’m really happy that I found this site. I’m just getting ready to place my first order and after reading your Q&A, I think I’ll also buy some of the CBD pills too.

    1. That’s an excellent combination Shawn! The key is to use the CBD Living Freeze along with either the Gel Caps as you chose, or the Nano CBD water or nano CBD Tincture oil. Thanks for joining us a a Member and please let us know how it works out! I want to encourage all our Freeze roll-on users that they haven’t felt anything close to proper CBD therapy is the topical is all they are using. Even nano CBD Gummies would offer more effective pain relief. Take 2 or 3!

  4. I have osteo arthritis particularly in my neck. At midnight, I wake up with sharp pain that runs from neck to my arm and wrist, I just apply the CBD freeze roll on and in minutes I fall asleep, Next day, I wake up with no pain at all. I have stopped taking pain relievers and my prescription meds for arthritis. I’m so amazed with this product, and I highly recommend it.

    1. Hi Isabel, thank you for your comments. You’ve been a Freeze fan and member for about a year now – I know! But you may not know that I have the same condition (also lower back and both hips replaced). CBD Living Freeze is a wonderful product designed for millions of people who share our pain.

      The essential thing I want you to realize is that your the CBD Living Freeze topical roll-on only has a small amount of nano CBD that is being absorbed. It works so well because it is nano-sized molecules that can actually get to your sub-dermal nerve cells, but just imagine for a minute here – how your life would change for the better the very first 24 hour period after ingesting at least a daily, adult, maintenance dose (25 -30mg) of nano CBD? This applies to Emma too!

      You must understand that optimal CBD therapy is largely that which is ingested (Gel Caps, Water, or Tincture Oil 1000 mg) and the Freeze roll-on is to be used locally on the skin in trouble areas. Trust me, you haven’t experienced anything even close to what proper CBD therapy can do for you! You know you can call me anytime! (888) 302-3600

  5. Pingback: What is Hemp Essential Oil? | Is it the same as CBD oil?

    1. As far as shelf-life, CBD Living Freeze contains nano CBD which is found to be even more stable than some straight CBD isolate + MCT oil mixtures. The roll-on bottle is 3 fl. oz. and contains 120 mg of proprietary, full spectrum, nano CBD. Recommended use is up to 4 times daily. Can’t wait to hear from you here again after you’ve tried it! It is truly the best topical CBD anywhere, but an internal dose of at least 25 mg from CBD Water, Gel Caps, or Tincture Oil is to be taken daily for best results.

  6. Tamara Webster

    I would love to try the CBD Living Freeze when they stop using isopropyl alcohol which is toxic to your skin and is a central nervous system depressant, and use a more natural ingredient that is actually good for your skin like witch hazel. Even Vodka would be a better choice!

    1. Although I appreciate your feedback very much, we’ve determined that a small amount of alcohol facilitates the absorption of the nano CBD. Witch Hazel will not do that although it is a wonderful, natural astringent. However, no other topical CBD product works this well for our members. Alcohol toxicity only occurs at much higher levels… like washing your body with it. I’ve been a skin cancer patient for over 30 years, and no dermatologist has ever denied my own results. There is nothing “toxic” about this product. If it was, I would not use it either.

  7. The doctor told me I just had to live with the pain. A friend of mine recommended to try CBD Living Freeze, and I have been better since. I rub it at night and day and the shooting pain stops immediately.

    1. If you think nano CBD in topical form works well, consider what it would be like if you ingested it? It changed my life AND my life’s direction in measurably positive ways. Be well Alex and thank you for your comment.

  8. I am a reseller of this product in my store. I have to say that all of CBD Living products sell really well for first timers and for repeat customers. 1) the price isn’t going to bankrupt you. 2) the quality of the product is well above it’s price. 3) it really works! So many customers come back buying gummies and water and freeze. I see more and more athletic people turning to CBD products because they’re tired of the OTC meds and the side effects. You can’t go wrong with CBD Living products. You must try it.

  9. It’s really a nice and a helpful piece of information. I’m so glad that you shared all this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Great post. I was looking for a better topical pain reliever, and this one actually takes most all of the arthritis pain away in my hands and wrists. Better results than other botanical creams and ointments. Thank you!

  11. Chiropractic Denver CO

    This is really a nice piece of helpful info on this product. I’m
    thankful I found this product through Cannabis Animus. It’s been very useful info that trusted to order CBD Freeze. It’s a terrific product and better than any local and topical pain reliever according to our customers. Keep the info and product reviews coming! Thank you!!

  12. Quite an effectively written story. It is going to be beneficial to every person especially those who utilize this product. I can now testify to its amazing properties – incredible and fast pain relief for myself and my family. I will surely read far more posts now as they come in.

  13. Shoulder Pain Treatment

    I check out blog sites like yours a lot. As a very long
    time sufferer of neck pain from a motorcyle collission I have
    a lot of free time. LOL. However, I’ve never been obliged
    to post a comment, until now. Fantastic post. I enjoyed reading it.
    I have actually bookmarked your website and shared this post on my Facebook wall.

    Thanks again for your quality work!

    1. Thanks Dustin, We are fellow neck pain sufferers! And I too have been riding all my life including my fair share of racing go-downs. I’ve also had my neck and back thrashed on at The Wedge where I grew up (almost my back yard).
      The Freeze is something you just gotta try to believe it. And hey, for the benefit of our members in your area, do you recommend the medical pros at Ceda Heath? You included their website – which is done nicely by the way.?

    1. Hi Kim, Thanks for asking. I looked at their site at https://freezeitgel.com/ and It appears to have many of the same ingredients as CBD Living Freeze except for the most important ingredient…. there’s no CBD in the product. Without CBD, all you have is another version of a hundred other similar products. High quality CBD in suspension with all these are terrific, and that is what CBD Living Freeze is. It’s so powerful that we have members all over the world who have Trigeminal Neuralgia (aka: The Suicide Disease) and find that our recommendation is the only product in the world including prescription medication that will relieve the pain. And it does it in minutes!

  14. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little research on this. And he actually ordered me breakfast because I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your blog.

  15. Back & Neck Pain Helped Allot

    It’s like you read my mind! You seem to grasp a lot about this Cannabis and CBD stuff, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. You have a wonderful blog, and I’ll signed up as member already. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

    1. Thanks Zack, I’m truly inspired by the products. I’ve tried all but one now, and life is soooo much better now. Let me know if I can be of help getting you on board the CBD train.

  16. Greatest Athletic Rub -EVER!

    Hello there, simply became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for the New CBD Living Vape Pen!!. I’ll be grateful in case you proceed this in future. A lot of folks shall be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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