Nano CBD Gummies

CBD Living Gummies Review

 300 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

10 mg Each Gummie

Vitamin D3: 400IU  |  Vitamin B-12: 44 mg

Servings: 30 Gummies/Btl.

Flavors: Regular and Sour Tangy

$29.95 per bottle

3-Pack: 10% Discount @ $79.95
6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $149.95
12-Pack: 30% Discount @ $249.95

750 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

25 mg Each Gummie

Regular Flavor Only - Vegan - No THC

$39.95 per bottle

3-Pack: 10% Discount @ $107.95
6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $191.95
12-Pack: 30% Discount @ $335.95

Free Shipping

* Bulk Orders payable by check – Bulk credit card orders add 5%*

My Rating: 10 out of 10

As a product technology leader in the Cannabis industry, CBD Living has created another delicious, handmade edible product now available in 2 flavor versions designed for adults and children alike in the form of CBD Gummies in either Regular and/or Tangy Sour.

CD Living Gummie Bears now come in two different strengths.  The original version is designed for young children with 10 mg of nano CBD (cannabidiol) in each gummie.

Their newest version with 25 mg is designed for adults who happen to like chewing on these tastie gummies instead of nano CBD oil or other forms.

Within the family of edible CBD products, CBD Gummy Bears are arguably one of the most popular product forms and types.

Throughout my experience testing over one hundred different CBD products, I can confidently say that not all gummies are created equal by any means.

You'll find much more information in this updated Product Review of CBD Living Gummies.

Understanding that CBD is essential to human health and well-being, the Company wisely decided to include a broad-spectrum complex of 99.5% pure CBD in nano form.

CBD Gummy Bears

This means that it includes all of the non-THC cannabinoids, terpenes (terpenoids), phytonutrients and essential fatty acids from the plant.

In a study published out of the Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem, full-spectrum CBD extract was recognized as more effective at treatment than standalone CBD purified under laboratory conditions (called “CBD Isolate”).

These formulation considerations and inclusions combine together to create a superior product that addresses “the Entourage Effect”.

This synergistic response to CBD as been shown to increase effectiveness both in in potency and speed of relief by reducing the CBD molecules to one-millionth of their original size.

This product's CBD molecules have been nano-sized for increased bioavailability.

Nano CBD Gummies

Please consider my recent article on “CBD and Nanotechnology” for a more in-depth look at why nano CBD is the direction CBD science is moving.

CBD Infusions

CBD Living Gummies utilize the same nanotechnology that has made their CBD infused water famous.  Their proprietary process reduces each CBD particle down to one-millionth of their original size.  This allows these nutrients to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and be absorbed directly into the cells of the body (human and all mammals).

Compared to typical, ingestible CBD products that only offer 10 – 15% absorption or uptake at the cell level, nano CBD particles offer virtually 100% absorption because they have been reduced in size to a mere 15 – 20 nanometers.  This size can enter any cell in the body.

To give you some context, regular CBD molecules are about 2000 nanometers in size, and the blood-barrier of our cells’ membranes typically accept only molecules in the range of 60 – 80 nanometers.

This immediate bio-availability delivers what the company describes as an “amplified effect” of up to 10X of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins ingested.

Each CBD Living Gummy also includes 400UI of Vitamin D3 to assist in calcium absorption and promote bone growth for people of all ages.  A lack of Vitamin D can result in soft bones in children, more commonly known as Rickets.

High Potency CBD Gummies

Vitamin D strengthens fragile and misshapen bones in adults known as Osteomalacia.  Vitamin D deficiency has been correlated with breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain and other conditions.

Recognizing that Vitamin B12 is considered deficient in many people throughout the world including the U.S., CBD Living infuses 44 mg of Vitamin B12 onto each of their Gummies.  Vitamin B12 is crucial for addressing adrenal fatigue and a number of metabolic functions such as enzyme production, DNA synthesis, and hormone balance.

Vitamin B12 has also shown to help maintain a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system.  By increasing Vitamin B12 intake you may notice improvements in chronic fatigue, mood disorders like depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

Lab Tested by a nano testing facility

Manufactured in a GMA Certified Facility

Nano Amplified

THC Free


No yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, or peanuts

No artificial flavors or preservatives

How Does CBD Work?

It was only after the discovery of CBD (cannabidiol) that scientists and medical researchers then identified a previously unrecognized system within the bodies of all mammals called the Endocannabinoid System.  This innate system of our bodies is at the center of understanding how CBD works.

The term “endocannabinoid” means that it is a cannabinoid receptor system within the body that includes CBD1 and CBD2 receptor cells.  These receptor cells are located throughout our bodies’ tissues, organs and nervous systems.  They are the locations where CBD is “received” by the body… actually “welcomed” to be more accurate.

It has been determined that this endocannabinoid system interacts with other systems of the body such as the hormone system (endocrine), peripheral and central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and more.

It has further been discovered that CBD promotes and even restores balance within and among these interrelated systems.

CBD and Nervous System

This is referred to as “homeostasis” which simply stated is when you are feeling healthy because all systems are in balance.  It is when these systems become out of balance that we experience symptoms, develop conditions and diseases.

It was only after the discovery of CBD (cannabidiol) that scientists and medical researchers then identified a previously unrecognized system within the bodies of all mammals called the Endocannabinoid System.  This innate system of our bodies is at the center of understanding how CBD works.

Why Is Nanotechnology Involved With CBD?

Until the last few years, nanotechnology wasn’t involved with CBD products.  And all of the CBD Living products incorporate nanotechnology today.  Of these are CBD Living Water, CBD Living Gel Caps, and both CBD Living Gummies' varieties.

Nanotechnology allows the company to reduce the size of the CBD molecule to one-millionth its original size.  This nano-sized particle is thereby small enough to affect 100% absorption and utilization by our bodies (and our pets too) by being small enough to “break through” the “Blood-Brain Barrier” and enter the cells throughout our bodies.

Please refer to my article on “CBD and Nanotechnology” for more detail on all these new, nano CBD products.

CBD and Nanotechnology

Benefits of CBD

Following is just a short list of the more commonly known conditions and diseases that more and more physicians consider candidates for CBD Therapies:

  • Reduces Acute and Chronic Pain – peripheral nerves, neck, back, joints, strong anti-inflammatory effects

  • Anxiety and Depression – Reduces generalized social disorder symptoms (SAD), reduces nervousness, improves cognitive acuity, and increases production of serotonin and the “bliss molecule” (link) anandamide. Do you have public speaking anxiety?

  • PTSD/ADD/ADHD – Alternative to anti-depressant medications and all the side effects that go with them

  • Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders – Stops seizures in seconds or minutes without dangerous drugs

  • Neuralgia/Fibromyalgia – One of the first and most common applications for CBD treatment

  • Parkinson’s/MLS/ALS/Guillain-Barré Syndrome/Alzhemer’s – These are among the most common neurologic diseases that are currently being successfully treated with CBD therapy which drastically reduces seizures. Just watch what happens to a Parkinson’s patient before your eyes! (link)

  • Autism – Calms the hyper-activity and confusion symptoms while promoting cognitive acuity

  • Diabetes and Heart Disease – Lowers fasting insulin levels and blood sugar while preventing onset

  • Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Addiction – Widely used to calm the patient’s nerves, relax muscles and help create a more natural and wholesome healing process by calming the patient thereby improving communication and cognition. Provides anti-psychotic effects on patients.

  • Sleep Disorders – Arguably the only non-addictive and non-toxic sleep aid other than melatonin. The combination of CBD with relaxing, organic herbs and supplements like melatonin are common and very effective. No drowsiness in the AM.

  • Immune System Stimulant – The endocannabinoid system has been shown to interact with our immune system almost in concert with one another. This is key to why healthy people need to take cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Digestive and G.I. Health – Successful in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and can improve other ‘regularity’ issues.

  • Anti-emetic – Reduces and often eliminates nausea and vomiting

  • Improves Skin Health – CBD helps regulate the amount of sebum your body produces which will helps prevent blackheads, pimples and treats skin disorders extremely effectively such as psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis. Also effective at treating pre-actinic keratosis (pre-skin cancer cells) on my own body.

  • Our Pets (all mammals) – Since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system just like we humans, they too benefit to some degree in all the same areas mentioned above.

CBD Gummies benefit many medical patients who seek relief for their symptoms, conditions, and diseases without the side effects and risk of addiction to prescription medication.

What Are CBD "Sour" Gummies?

CBD Sour Gummies have been developed to address the taste preferences and demand from our Members and consumers countrywide who prefer a more tangy-flavored CBD gummy, as an alternative to the more traditional variety of CBD Living Gummies which are the sweeter variety.  You have a choice - and that's nice.

Each of these varieties incorporate nanotechnology and therefore have a quicker effect.  Conventional edible products can take up to 2 full hours to reach its full effect.

As an overt advocate for “nano CBD technology” made famous by CBD Living Water and a supplier of all of their products, I can personally attest to the superiority of this company and their products.

Personally, I like sour foods like citrus and vinegars, so I actually prefer these new sour-flavored Gummies.  To each our own – and now we all have more choice of nano-CBD Gummies!

CBD Gummies

Are CBD Gummies For Kids?

Traditionally, a favorite candy treat for children, CBD Gummies have already become an adult favorite too.  Although this product is definitely designed with a children’s dose in mind, many adults who are sensitive to CBD find that 1 or 2 Gummies will do the trick for them as well.

Higher doses are available in CBD Living High Potency Vegan Gummies that contain an adult dose of 25 mg CBD per Gummy.

So very important for your children's nervous system balance!!  Start at 10 mg per day for a few days to evaluate results.  Then increase the frequency to 2X per day... first thing in the AM on and empty stomach and again in the afternoon before dinner.

From speaking with our members at Cannabis Animus, I’ve concluded that adults are buying them because these contain nano CBD which is so much more effective due to its 100% bioavailability and subsequent bioactivity.  And their children get quick results too - especially if experiencing Autistic/ADHD symptoms.

Sour CBD Gummies

Parents also find CBD Living Gummies a very convenient sweet-tooth supplement that actually calms their child's nervous system at the same time they enjoy a sweet snack... and nop concern for sugar spike with only 10 gr. of sugar per gummy.

Remember, this is nano CBD, so if you place your gummies under your tongue or in your child's cheeks... and let dissolve, the absorption rate will be even quicker, and therefore relief comes even more quickly… more quickly that chewing and swallowing!

You might consider playing a game with your children to see how long they can keep it in their cheeks before they swallow.  Good luck with that.

Regardless of how quickly children eat them, you will see a difference in behavior, not to mention correct digestive problems.

Frankly, parents should take one along with them too to prove its importance... and great taste.  Smart... Yumm!  ;^>

CBD Gummies For Adults

Realizing that I had a planned surgery that would involve a significant amount of pain during recovery, I planned to use CBD Gummies in addition to my daily dose of CBD infused water as my sole source of pain relief.  On my 7th day of recovery, I published my original 2016 product review.

Using no prescription medication after leaving the hospital, I relied completely on a daily bottle of CBD Living Water and CBD Living Gummies equally spaced as needed for pain.

Following are details of my experiment.  I made a decision each day and recorded as follows:

Day One (post-surgery):  3 Gummies per dose (30 mg) every 4 hours – total of 15 Gummies

Day Two:  2 Gummies per dose every 4 hours – total of 10 Gummies

Day Three:  2 Gummies per dose every 4-5 hours – total of 6 Gummies

Day Four:  1 Gummy every 4-5 hours – total of 5 Gummies

Day Five:  1 Gummy every 6 hours – total of 3 Gummies

Day Six:  Stopped Gummies (continued for a 2 more weeks at 50mg/day CBD)

CBD and Doctors

On Day 7:  Sincerely, I had hardly any pain to speak of.  And at no time during my product test of CBD Living Gummies was the pain unacceptable to me.  Most of the pain I experienced could be me more accurately described as ‘discomfort’ after Day 4.  Needless to say, I was surprised to be able to stop the Gummies completely by Day 6 was beyond my expectation.  I did continue with  a couple bottles of CBD Living Water for the next few weeks before returning to a daily, adult maintenance dose of 25 mg CBD (in each bottle).

My surgeon commented that he was very surprised that I managed the pain without having to use any of the meds that he prescribed other than the antibiotic and stool softener (constipation from pre-surgery meds and anesthesia).  Not even acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) was taken at any time during my experiment.

This meant everything to me as I am one of those people who is extremely sensitive to opiates and similar pain medications like I was prescribed.  The resulting constipation is actually worse for me than the post-surgery pain.  So, I was able to completely avoid the prescription medications I was given as well as avoiding all the unwanted and unnecessary side-effects of these opiates/synthetics.

  • Oxycodone 10mg – Pain

  • Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 5/25mg – Breakthrough Pain

  • Ondansetron 8mg – Nausea & Vomiting (from anesthesia)

  • DOK 100mg – Constipation (from opioid meds above)

How Many Gummies Should I take?

I recommend starting children (ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, hyper-activity, etc.) with 1 Gummie and adults with 2 at a time/dose.  I also ask you consider resisting the temptation to chew it up and swallow it too quickly.  Best is to let it absorb through the tissues of the cheeks and tongue area.

Remember, this is nano CBD, so if you place your gummies under your tongue or in your cheek and let dissolve, the absorption rate will be even quicker, and therefore relief comes even more quickly… more quickly that chewing and swallowing.

You might consider playing a game with your children to see how long they can keep it in their cheeks before they swallow.  Good luck with that.

Regardless of how quickly children eat them, you will see a difference in behavior, not to mention correct digestive problems.

CBD Sour Gummies


For me, the experiment I conducted for my product review of CBD Gummies was a home run hit!  Far exceeding my expectations, I got the pain relief I needed - but without the fog of narcotics and constipation that you know and expect to come with it.

Cannabis plants and the CBD within is also well known as a powerful antiemetic that suppresses nausea from anesthesia, motion sickness (ever been sea sick?)... or opioid medication nasia.  I used none of the prescribed pain meds, nor needed the antiemetic.

The result from my test/experiment was pretty revealing.  I mean, who would think that the aforementioned prescription narcotics and drugs could be easily be replaced with a much more healthy and natural solution of nano CBD water combined with nano CBD Gummies?  Learning the benefits of CBD infusion technology for yourself is the ticket.

And remember, CBD affects people differently, so it’s a process of determining what dosage works for you and your children's situation.  No so "unique"- right?

Like many others, I find that 25 mg of nano CBD is an excellent daily dosage which is what you get with 2 and 1/2 gummies.

For a guy like me with osteoarthritis in my neck, lower back, and two hip replacements, I’ve learned no better way to start my day than with a bottle of nano CBD water.

And now I know that higher dosages of nano CBD in any form can substitute for powerful prescription pain medication.

This latest product version of CBD Living Sour Gummies is formulated essentially the same as the traditional version.  And since I am one of those people that like sour fruits for example, so I love these new sour CBD gummies.  But that’s just personal taste.

CBD Gummies for pain

For those with more of a sweet tooth, I would steer you toward the sweet flavored CBD gummies, but either way it’s important to remember, CBD is not only for adults.  It’s essential for kids’ and your pets’ health and quality of life.

Hope you find this review helpful, and please consider leaving your comments below.  All your fellow members would love to hear your experiences and/or questions!

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