CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD Living Isolate Product Review

1,000 mg Crystalline CBD Isolate | 1.0 gram

  99.5% Pure CBD 

No THC  

Applications:  Edibles, Vaping, Cooking, and Liquid Formation

$29.95 each

3-Pack : 10% Discount @ $79.95
6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $144.95
12-Pack: 30% Discount @ $249.95

* Bulk Orders payable by Check  |  Credit Card payments add 5% *

My Rating:  10 out of 10

What is CBD Isolate?  When it comes to pain relief I’ve learned from personal experience that nano CBD has no equal for relieving pain (both physiological and psychological) that is also 100% Natural, 100% Non-psychoactive, and 100% Non-Addictive.

Think about it… try and name another effective pain reliever that fits all these categories.  I bet you can’t.  And nano-sized CBD is the only form of CBD that offers 100% bioavailability (it’s all used – no elimination).  However, this form of "CBD Isolate" is NOT in nano-form.

You’ll begin to understand why CBD and cannabidiol concentrate users are so grateful for their discoveries as you too begin to experiment yourself.  These are patients who suffer severe pain from fibromyalgia to epilepsy, from PTSD to dementia, diabetic nerve pain to chemotherapy recovery... the list of diseases and symptomologies is so long it is gobsmacking, and we all have CBD Living as an ally in these battles..

“The Thing About CBD”

The thing about CBD (cannabidiol) is that sooner or later you will learn that “everybody responds differently”.  The more you read, the more you try different CBD products, the more you will come to understand that it’s absolutely true.  But there’s one thing all have in common is that CDB isolate crystals and all other forms of CBD signal our endocannabinoid system and all of its receptors throughout our body.  And CBD is arguably the most versatile.

It is believed that this system is also correlated somehow with triggering or otherwise synergizing with another vital system of our body called the endocrine system.  This system keeps our hormones in balance – one of which performs as the body’s natural painkiller called “enkephalin”.

We’ve learned that our body’s Endocannabinoid System is interrelated with our endocrine system which regulates the production of enkephalin too which is our body’s internally produced, hormonal painkiller.  This is largely why CBD works for everyone – both children and adults.  It works for everyone I know that has tried it.  I’m talking 100%.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD Living Isolate is 99.5% pure anhydrous cannabidiol concentrate (crystalline, waterless CBD) created in a laboratory from imported hemp oil.  CBD or cannabidiol is only one of over 100+ kinds of cannabinoids found in Cannabis (aka hemp).

CBD Isolate is non-psychoactive and non-psychotropic (will not get you high).

The process of extracting CBD from the Cannabis plant is typically achieved through either a low-pressure steam process or the critical CO2 extraction process as with isolate.

In the case of crystalline CBD isolate, all plant materials are removed followed by an evaporation process.

Nano CBD Isolate

The CBD isolation process is accomplished from methods, materials, and ingredients available to your kitchen, however the finest process as used by CBD Living’s lab creates arguably the purest available.  Finally, the crystallization process forming the “isolate” means that it has been completely isolated from all the other organic and inorganic materials leaving an almost tasteless and pure CBD isolate.

Another thing about CBD is that we all can find our optimum dose(s) and preferred delivery method(s) by experimenting with the various forms of CBD.  Having this understanding up front is actually encouraging because regardless of the depth or breadth of delivery methods and product variety you try,  simply getting CBD into your body is one of the healthiest and most powerful things you can do to optimize your health at any dose and in any form.  We’ll go into some of those methods of delivery in this product review as it pertains to a very high-quality, crystalline CBD isolate.

CBD IsolateSome forms of CBD facilitate more intense dosages which may be desired for severe physical pain applications or those that have psychological pain symptoms.  You will find that others will have a more or less beneficial effect while your preference will surface as you try the various methods.  They’re all healthy!  One of the benefits of CBD isolate is how versatile it is and used to easily increase dosage whenever needed.

I’ve learned that part of the satisfaction that comes with CBD is the discovery process itself.  It requires you to tune into your body in a way that many have never experienced.  And the result can range from acute and chronic pain relief to a more natural solution for anxiety and depression.

What Is CBD Isolate Used For?

There are many ways to deliver your recommended daily CBD allowance at 50 mg, as well as higher doses for more acute and/or chronic conditions and symptoms.  CBD Isolate is just one of a number of forms of CBD – and product variation constantly innovating.  However, Isolate is currently the most versatile product variation of CBD and can be used in many ways.

CBD Isolate crystals are used as an additive in liquids, foods, supplements, topical ointments and cosmetics. Vaping CBD isolate is also very popular for an immediate and measured effect.  I recommend that it be melted into another organic, essential oil like coconut oil, olive oil or MCT if your skill sets are more sophisticated and are creating products.

There are many ways to deliver a daily maintenance dose of CBD. Higher dosages for acute and chronic conditions are easily facilitated as well.  The delivery methods and uses of CBD isolate include the following:

  • Smoking, dabbing, and vaping CBD isolate (as additive for increasing potency)

  • Blending isolate with CBD or Hemp tincture for sublingual application using eyedropper.

  • Infusion into virtually anything edible because so little is volume is required and there is virtually no taste.

  • Topical products for skin care and cosmetic applications including recovery from plastic surgery or reconstruction

How to use CBD Isolate

Following are the most common uses of CBD isolate.  Having no discernable taste or smell, isolate is used in combination or in solution with other oils.  It is also used to increase the dosage of CBD in various products.

Following are the most common uses of CBD Isolate in EdiblesCBD isolate.  Having no discernable taste or smell, isolate is used in combination or in solution with other oils.  It is also used to increase the dosage of CBD in various products.  And remember, CBD isolate is over 99% pure CBD, so know that each milligram of CBD isolate is also 1 mg of active CBD.

And if a nano CBD isolate, virtually none will be lost to your digestive tract like many non-nano-sized, traditional CBD product or full spectrum hemp oil.  Much of the latter is lost to the digestive process if ingested through stomach and intestinal tract.

Also keep in mind that CBD isolate is oil-based and therefore will not dissolve in water or juices.  However, that may not be objectionable to some people like suspending in honey.  Here’s some other ways to use CBD isolate:

Subligual – One of the quickest ways to get CBD into your system (or your pet’s) is placing it under your tongue and allowing it to absorb through the highly receptive tissue under your tongue (buccal mucosa).  There’s hardly any taste at all, but extremely effective and 1 to 1 uptake as mentioned earlier.  This offers excellent control over exact dosages even when combined with other CBD products.

Combining CBD Isolate with Essential Organic Oils – The boiling point for CBD isolate is between 320 – 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is important to keep temperatures as low as possible to accomplish your task without sacrificing potency.  Easily dissolved in olive oil, coconut oil, or any essential plant oils you choose.  Use this in baking, salads, and recommended for foods that do not require lots of heat.

Vaping CBD Isolate – An even quicker way to get CBD into your system is to inhale it’s vapor.  However, I’ve found from testing various brands of isolate that the more pure the isolate, the more sensitive it is to using exact temperatures which do not lend themselves to dabbing.  I highly recommend CBD Living Shatter for use in dab rigs because it is so dang full of natural flavors from its original, organic terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD isolate is also used to increase the potency of CBD vape oils used in CBD pen vape cartridges.

What makes CBD Living Isolate Different?

This is the only CBD isolate than has been nano-sized which provides 100% bioavailability – translating to up to 10X effectiveness.

• CBD Living Isolate is 99.9% pure.

• Cannabis Animus Member discounts provide the lowest CBD isolate prices either individually packaged or by volume for both retail and wholesale customers.

• Extracted from certified organic hemp from non-GMO harvests and contains no heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or solvents.



Over the last year, I’ve come to know the company’s President and CEO and quite a few of CBD Living’s wonderful employees.  I’ve observed world-class, nanotechnology combined with true person-to-person relationships.  Caregiving developed over a decade at the heart of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

As a natural result, I’ve decided to personally test and subsequently use CBD Living products such as CBD Living Water I drink almost on a daily basis.  After personally testing a number of CBD Living’s products, I can recommend them with my highest level of confidence.

And for those of you that use CBD Isolate to prepare your own Edibles, increase potency of your Vape oils or e-Liquids, please know that many bulk isolate products won’t even pass muster from a clinical purity perspective.  I’ve seen isolates tested that are full of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals and really bad stuff.  Consider yourself warned.

For me, CBD Living Isolate is perfect for use in cooking.  I like to cook, and I find that due to the isolate’s relatively tasteless characteristic, it never interferes with my preparations.  Next, I plan to melt it into the different oils that I use prodigiously such as sesame oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

This transforms a standard cooking ingredient into a powerful painkiller and neuro-therapeutic agent that has proven to calm me and help manage my stress noticeably better.  Ask my ‘better half’!  ;^>   For Adult doses I recommend starting at 25 mg.  Children starting at 8-10mg.  Dogs and cats (depending on size/weight) at 3 – 6mg.  Increase dosage as you see fit.  CBD isolate is completely non-toxic to humans and other mammals.


I will update this Summary section accordingly with my results from new delivery methods and doses as soon as they conclude.

In the meantime, I felt it was a good idea to start the discussion at here at Cannabis Animus and share firsthand how to use pure CBD isolate and address increasing interest and a common question from our members, "What is CBD Isolate?"

Hope you enjoyed my product review for CBD Living Isolate.  For a deeper dive into nanoscience, and how it is improving your isolates, please consider reviewing my 4,000+ word article/post called “CBD and Nanotechnology“. 

And come back for more updates when you can, and please don’t go without leaving a comment below!

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  1. lenacoconuthut

    Mahalo Ted! Just looking to save money and yes I’m very creative. I love cooking & making my own recipes. I am eyeing the CBD Living Vape Cartridges. They look amazing!

    1. I think CBD Living Vape Oil cartridges are the benchmark of nano CBD vaping. Although I highly doubt that you’ll be trying to nano-size your recipes, you can use it as a ‘taste’ comparison, because there is no finer CBD Vape oil than these. Let me know what you think of any of the flavor variations. Happy cooking!

  2. Hello,

    I absolutely love all of your detailed information. I could read for hours…lol. So my question is if I buy the pure CBD isolate and then make a “tincture” by putting MCT in a warm bath and infusing say 1 gram of Isolate. It is dissolved in the MCT. Then I can take that oil Sublingual? Is that considered a CBD Oil? Can I put it in my vape pen to vape? I read your order above many times, but I want to make sure I understand before I purchase and use it. Can I also add flavoring to it to vape? Obviously I will stay away from PG and VG just like you stated. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge

    1. Sounds like you are asking how to make CBD products? That’s a bit beyond my area of experience, but the general answer to your questions is – yes. But, perhaps the better question is, can you make more effective and economical products than the top level products I recommend? Perhaps you can! I encourage you to keep exploring possibilities.

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