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What Is CBD Lotion – CBD Living Lotion Product Review

300 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD Skin/Body Lotion

16 fl. oz. Pump Bottle
Vegan – No THC
Available in:
Lavender - and - Unscented

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$36.95 each

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12-pack Discount 30% @ $310.95

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What is CBD Lotion? The answer seems pretty intuitive doesn’t it?  But not all topical CBD products are as effective as others. After personally using over a dozen topical CBD products for my own abnormal skin conditions including 25 years of basal and squamous cell carcinomas, and general actinic keratosis, I’m very impressed by the newest product from CBD Living.  I recommend it highly for our members and visitors at Cannabis Animus.

CBD Living Lotion is a full-spectrum CBD profile lotion that includes many of the Cannabis plant’s natural terpenes and flavonoids, but without any THC (the main psycho-active cannabinoid in all Cannabis plants).  One of the clear advantages this product offers is the use of nanotechnology that reduces the molecular size of their CBD (cannabidiol) to one-millionth of its original size.

Nano CBD molecule image

These extremely small, nano-sized CBD particles are absorbed by the skin and is small enough to subsequently enter the blood stream.  It’s been observed by bio-chemists and nano-scientists to penetrate the cell’s “Blood Brain Barrier”, and thus become 5 – 10X more bioactive compared to traditional forms of CBD.  The results speak for themselves and are evident in all CBD Living’s products.

CBD Living Lotion and Nanotechnology

CBD Living’s patent-pending technology has been leading the industry since its first products introduced in 2014 like CBD Living Water.  As opposed to internal ingestion, this new topical lotion is designed to be applied liberally over the entire body for a relaxing and calming CBD therapy.  Those of you with dry skin conditions and symptoms from same will find much welcomed relief and healing as I have.

I believe that the main difference between CBD Living Lotion and other quality CBD topical lotions and creams is their proprietary nanotechnology.  Product applications for current nanotechnology range from the most sophisticated and powerful silicon chip sets to state-of-the-art drugs and medications.  For a deeper dive into this subject, please consider taking a look at my article, “CBD and Nanotechnology

Why Use Nano CBD Topically?

Topical use of high-quality nano CBD that can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream via the skin’s smallest of your capillary veins.  This is the beginning of the pain relief - where you need it.  It's more about healing your skin with CBD therapy, and many patients with skin diseases like me with medical conditions can see improvement from this kind of delivery method.

Dr. Ranga Krishna, a neurologist in Brooklyn, New York, recently shared the following opinion, “Topicals are a fantastic option as they’re easily measured in terms of ingredient compositions, and are higher in bioavailability than orally ingested compounds; this being because they are able to skip liver metabolization.”

CBD Pain Cream

Another physician’s product choice recommendation for the same reasons is CBD Topical Patches.  These adhesive patches are transdermally-delivered nano CBD via a reservoir technology patch that delivers 60 mg of CBD over a 72 - 96 hour period per patch.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

Here's a list of benefits, medical conditions, and symptoms that topically administered CBD has been shown to be beneficial by patient's anecdotal evidence as well as clinically researched evidence.

CBD and Acne
Psoriasis and Eczema









Athletic recovery



Neurologic disease symptoms

Postherpetic Neuralgia

Pre & post chiropractic adjustments

Pre-actinic keratosis




Rashes and Skin Conditions
Athletes Foot Ant-fugal Treatment

How to Boost the Potency of CBD Living Lotion

If you’d like to experience it, it is really easy to increase the potency of your lotion. Actually, there are a number of ways.

But the most highly recommended, and easiest method, is to simply add a little CBD Living Tincture Oil at 1,000 mg of nano CBD to the lotion that you just squeezed out of the lotion bottle.

Add as much as you like of the oil to the palm of your hand in combination with the lotion.  Mix it with the lotion before you apply to your skin.

Remember, nano CBD has the ability to go through your skin and into the bloodstream via the capillaries directly within and underneath your skin’s layers.

CBD Living Tincture Oil 1000 mg

By doing so, you are amplifying the potency of the CBD tremendously.  You do the math! Imagine if you added a 1 fl. oz. bottle of nano CBD oil (1,000 mg) to a 300 mg bottle of CBD lotion.  You get the idea... it’s completely up to you if you want to increase the potency of your CBD skin lotion by adding some oil.


So, what is CBD Lotion?  Like most any other product, it is manufactured and sold under many brands.  But after testing this product personally, and sharing it with a number of friends, family, and VIP members at Cannabis Animus, I wanted to explain the difference between applying a typical hemp oil cream or traditional CBD topical.  It is the nano CBD products like CBD Living Lotion that will prove out to be the top performer.

You will find CBD Living Lotion to be a sumptuously smooth and luxuriant lotion that is guaranteed to be free of harsh chemicals, harmful contaminants, or THC.

All CBD Living products are available in a mild lavender scent or totally unscented for extremely sensitive skin that may be affected by added natural fragrances.

And make sure that you scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone to find out exactly what the 3rd Party Lab Test results from the exact batch you purchased.  It's the square, black & white image with intricate patterns - called the QR code that holds all this information for you.

CBD 3rd Party Testing Analysis

Given the level of CBD product evolution at this point in time, I recommend that our members and visitors only purchase products that provide instant test results like this before it was available for sale.  Non-GMO and Vegan.

CBD Living lotion is a great way to begin the day, and equally beneficial after a long day.

Please don’t leave without sharing your comments and questions below!  Our members and visitors want to hear from you.

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