CBD Living Shatter Product Review – What is Shatter?

CBD Shatter

Product: CBD Living Shatter

  • CBD: 500 mg, 98% Pure (0.5  gr)

2% Natural Cannabis Terpenes (No THC)

Delivery/Use: Dabbing and Vaping

Retail Price: $50 (Member Discount 10% @ $44.95)

Free Shipping

My Rating: 10 out of 10

In the Cannabis and medical marijuana industry’s verbal lexicon, the term “shatter” is used to describe a solid and more concentrated form of cannabis extract compared to an essential oil form of extract.

It has a consistency similar to that of a dry soap bar and is not sticky or messy like oils or waxes.

Another characteristic of shatter is that it contains higher concentration levels of desirable cannabinoids, such as CBD (aka cannabidiol), than many other essential oil forms containing CBD such as hemp oil, Cannabis oil, or Cannabis flower, etc.

This solid (and non-soluble) form is considered by many to be preferable to oil forms because it is less messy to use (unless you use a vape pen with disposable cartridges), more concentrated, more potent dose, and generally easier to dose more effectively.


Easy to Use:

Regardless of preferences, shatter offers an easy-to-use form of Cannabis or “marijuana” concentrate that is easy to dose using a battery-powered vaporizer, dab rig, or pipe of your preferred type.  I’ve used many types and I’ve purchased many types of vaporizers and dab rigs.  I enjoy the ritual.  It can be quite meditative for those of you that are so inclined.

New and creative methods of delivering the vapor from heating, melting and breathing the vapor (aka “dabbing”) is reflected in the variety of pipes and vaporizers available. The choices are many and as constantly evolving as the industry itself.


Quickest Pain & Anxiety Relief:

CBD vapor delivered directly to your lung tissue by way of electronic vaporizer or manual dab rig is absorbed immediately into the blood stream.  This method referred to as “vaping” results in the quickest delivery method (outside of injection which is unnecessary).   For those who want to literally “feel” the effects of CBD, this product is highly recommended.

CBD Concentrates

As the name suggests, CBD concentrates are forms of cannabidiol products containing a natural ingredient in cannabis (or hemp) and is one of 85 different cannabinoids found in all three Cannabis plant species.

medical marijuana concentratesCannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the plant’s flower tops and leaves typically using a “CO2 Process” (carbon dioxide) which eliminates the use of solvents and offering higher levels of purity.

Cannabidiol or CBD concentrates are one of the most healing and desired forms of medical marijuana concentrates, and demand for this form is growing rapidly in popularity largely due to it’s 100% bioavailability.

I think it’s fair to say that part of anyone’s CBD discovery will involve experiencing many of these methods of delivery, and you will find that you prefer certain methods of delivery over others.

Vaping concentrates is recommended for administering higher doses of CBD quickly as opposed to the time required for the digestive process to deliver an edible CBD product.

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is a specific type of shatter that contains only cannabidiol.  CBD shatter does not contain the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, and therefore it will not get you high.  This form of cannabinoid is used by people who seek the medical benefits from CBD such as powerful pain relief and neurodegenerative healing, but without the “high” that is typically associated with Cannabis or marijuana.

Many diseases and medical conditions are improved dramatically from CBD.  While THC can cause anxiety, CBD is an antagonist.  In other words CBD counteracts THC which is a reason why it is used to effectively and naturally reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

CBD shatter is currently legal in 44 States and is 100% natural, 100% safe, and 100% non-addictive.  No other serious form of pain relief exists on Earth that can claim all three of these attributes.

CBD Living Shatter

CBD Living Shatter is one of my favorites in the family of products from CBD Living and certainly, one of the best CBD concentrates available anywhere.

As is typical for this company, CBD Living Shatter is extremely high quality and due to its terpene component profile has a wonderfully unique flavor and aroma.

CBD Living’s formulation has a 90% cannabidiol purity level with 10% terpenes.  This product is positioned in between two other medical cannabis concentrates from CBD Living: CBD Living Crumble (50% cannabinoid purity) and CBD Living Isolate at 99% purity.


  • Instant delivery of medication in measurable doses

  • Healthy social activity

  • Attractive price per milligram ratio

  • Superior flavor profile


  • Dabbing “rigs” can get pretty pricey

  • Physical coordination and technique involved in “dabbing”


CBD rich hemp oil products are becoming available everywhere, and CBD concentrates are among the fastest growing types of medical marijuana concentrates.  Legal CBD products are in demand as a more effective and safe pain reliever, anticonvulsant, and neuroprotectant for daily use.

I hope this CBD Living Shatter product review has been helpful. It’s one thing to be able to answer the question, “What is Shatter?”  But it’s entirely another thing to experience its benefits.  I highly recommend this form of cannabidiol concentrate (not to be confused with Shatters containing THC).

When it comes to CBD for sale, I give CBD Living Shatter a perfect 10 because of its effectiveness in medication delivery and product quality.  Shatter is one of my most favorite methods of delivering my daily CBD requirements, and this particular product is the best I have ever tried – and the quality and flavor is consistent always.

Let me know about your experiences, and please leave a question or comment below before you go!


  1. Slant33 Reviews on July 20, 2017 at 12:39 am

    I’m a vaper so I already owned quite a few “mods” or devices. A company called HERBTRONIX makes a wax atomizer for concentrates called the ROKKAKU.

    It’s AMAZING! It uses quartz or ceramic disposable coils and works on any of my vape mods. It’s made in the USA too and has a lifetime warranty. I think they can be found in most high end stores or vape shops that stock high end equipment. It’s definitely not your average dab pen or rig. it has adjustable airflow, a coil lock, and it’s made of stainless and has custom sleeves.

    • Ted Mortenson on July 22, 2017 at 7:49 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience with our Members. With so many vape devices available today, it’s important we note the opinions of other qualified patients presumably like yourself.

      Please consider the CBD Living Vape that I promote in my Review: It is all stainless steel and aluminum construction including the replaceable CBD oil cartridge! It is the best quality, 3-way variable power setting, pen vape that I use every day.

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