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CBD Patches – CBD Living Topical Patch Review

CBD Topical Patch

60 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

Up to 3 Days Extended Relief
Vegan, Non-GMO, and Latex Free
Hypoallergenic with 3M Medical Grade Adhesive
12 patches in Each Box

(Time-released for 3 to 4-day relief)

$44.95 (3-Pack )

Free Shipping

6-Pack Discount 20% @ $72.95

12-Pack Discount 30% @ $126.95

* Bulk Orders payable by check - Credit card orders add 5%*

As far back as 2015, the National Institutes of Health has been publishing evidence that transdermal cannabidiol in the form of CBD topical patches reduce inflammation and pain-related behaviors in lab animals with wide-ranging health conditions from arthritis to behavioral dysfunctions.  Any of our members at Cannabis Animus who use CBD Living Freeze topical roll-on ointment (also nano CBD) will already attest to that fact.

On the subject of CBD transdermal patches, the NIH further states that “CBD attenuates inflammation and pain without side-effects...

... but, (non-nano-sized) CBD is hydrophobic and has poor oral bioavailability.

Topical drug applications like CBD Living Topical Patches avoids gastrointestinal administration, first pass metabolism, providing more constant plasma levels.”

Approved by U.S. National Institutes of Health

This is important for those of you who may currently be prescribed medications by your doctor.  The effectiveness of certain medications can be compromised when influenced by CBD in the liver.  The transdermal patch delivery method alleviates this potential by avoiding the digestive system completely.

What is a CBD Patch?

CBD patches are transdermal patches that contain measured amounts of CBD that is released consistently over longer periods of time (12 -96 hours) than other CBD products like CBD water, edibles, and vaporized CBD. Typically, all these earlier product variations deliver CBD that is fully utilized within 6 – 8 hours.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is immediately recognized by our Endocannabinoid System and is collected by CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body’s cellular matrix resulting in significant reduction of inflammation, pain, and providing anxiety/stress relief… even elevating mood.

How Do Transdermal Patches Work?

Transdermal patches work by utilizing a bit of elementary physics called a “drug concentration gradient”.  This works in a similar fashion to the physics of heat transfer that carries the active ingredient(s) like CBD from a relatively warmer object to a cooler one… like when you leave a cold glass of ice water on a glass table, or a hot cup of tea.

The warmer skin pulls the CBD from the ‘cooler’ CBD patch which is simple thermodynamic heat transfer.

The difference in temperature (“the gradient”) causes the transfer of heat and CBD along with it.

And again, transdermal delivery systems from a CBD transdermal patch avoids the loss of CBD and nutrients to the digestive system.

CBD Topical Patch Image when package is opened

Furthermore, transdermal patches can be manufactured to yield specific results – like that from CBD specifically for pain and anxiety/stress relief.  CBD patches can deliver the specific cannabinoid, CBD, as opposed to smoking Cannabis which contains 116 known cannabinoids – some of which you may not want like THC which will get you high and/or cause failure in drug tests.

Benefits of CBD Living Topical Patches

All CBD Living products are created using their proprietary and patent-pending nano CBD process.  These CBD molecules are reduced to over one millionth of their original size which allows virtually 100% bioavailability to all the cells of the body.  Nano CBD in accurate ratios like this result in higher absorption rates into the layers of the skin, bloodstream, and throughout the body.

Delivered uniformly and steadily over a period of 12 to 96 hours at higher levels than other transdermal patches, CBD Living Topical Patches work directly from the skin to the bloodstream while bypassing the liver. This is the preferred method by many physicians because in this manner CBD will not interact with prescription medications which are metabolized in the liver.

Long Term Relief – One patch lasts up to 3 to 4 days (12-24hrs. for best results)

Discreet – Can be worn under clothing

Convenient – No messy oils or accessories required

Targeting – Immediate pain relief when CBD patches are placed directly over an affected area

Bypasses Digestive System – Will not counteract or otherwise affect current medications

Hypoallergenic – Vegan, non GMO, pure, and additive-free

Lidocaine & Menthol – Cooling and warming contributes higher absorption & pain killing effects

Medical Grade Adhesive – Water-resistant provides better adhesion for athletes

*Latex free

Transdermal CBD patches should never be applied over broken skin, rashes or wounds.  Patients need to be mindful to not apply near sensitive skin areas such as eyes, nose, or mouth. Some people have more sensitive skin than others, so if you are one, place the patch accordingly.  If contact with sensitive areas cause irritation, remove the patch and rinse with a salt & water solution.

How To Use A CBD Patch

You use a CBD patch in the same peel & stick method as an adhesive bandage.  Simple.  For those of you who have used nicotine patches to help quit smoking tobacco, you can attest to the fact that some areas of the skin are more sensitive to irritation than other areas.

My experience with CBD patches are similar in the sense that I find that there’s relatively no sensation or feeling from the patch if I place it on my upper back, outside upper arm or shoulder area, legs, or chest.

These areas of skin are typically the least sensitive, but if you are targeting a specific area, please consider placing in that area if flat and not subject to stretching of the skin like elbows or fingers.

CBD Patch Directions for use

Since adhesion is best on smooth skin, I recommend us hairier folks shave the spot if needed for localized pain relief as in injury or post-surgery areas.

For those of you with more sensitive skin, you may need to avoid the inside of arms and upper legs.  But don’t worry, CBD is completely non-toxic and often found to be actually “relieving” as opposed to nicotine which is literally poisonous.

CBD Side Effects

Other than the potential for CBD to reduce the effectiveness of certain prescription medications when ingested and processed in the liver, there are no significant side effects of CBD to speak of.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is completely non-toxic at virtually any dose.  CBD is also non-psychoactive and non-addictive.

Other than some who report a dry mouth after taking CBD, the fact that CBD patches have no ill side effects is one of the biggest driving forces behind its rapid adoption as a superior pain and anxiety reliever.

CBD Patches For Pain

For thousands of years the essential oils from the Cannabis plant species have been used to effectively treat common symptoms from the female menstrual cycle.  Today, many types of vaginal suppositories are prescribed to women for a full range of vaginal pain symptoms including the treatment of endometriosis.

Biochemists and nano-scientists have concluded that by reducing the CBD molecules to more than one-millionth the organic size, bioavailability becomes virtually 100% or close to it.

Traditional CBD products and Hemp Oil simply do not compare with this level of effectiveness per dose.

As previously mentioned, suppositories have been proven to provide higher uptake of the medication(s) compare to when taken orally or inhaled as a vapor.

CBD Living Topical Patches cure Vaginal Pain Symptoms

And that’s important, but of even greater significance is the bioavailability of CBD in nano-form which makes this product so much more effective.

What is Endometriosis?

My personal experience testing this product for over 40 days has proven to be as effective as CBD Living Water or any of CBD living’s edibles or vape products.  Arguably better in the sense that I don’t have to re-dose during the day.

Endometriosis is described as a condition where tissue that is similar to that found inside the uterus (endometrium) forms on the outside of the uterus.

Full disclosure, our members at Cannabis Animus know that I am among the biggest advocates of nano CBD products who publishes his work openly on the Internet.

Using transdermal pain patches utilizing CBD instead of addictive and toxic prescription drug concoctions with severe side effects – even death – are the future.

Topical CBD Oil works well on knees, hands, and joints

All you have to do is try them for yourself.  Your physician will confirm what I’ve shared about transdermal delivery of CBD not conflicting with prescribed medications.  Ask them if you are not convinced.

CBD Patches for Anxiety

One of the areas of intense focus today for biochemists, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists is CBD and its effect on mental disorders and more effective corrective therapies.  One of the areas of intense focus today for biochemists, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists is CBD and its effect on mental disorders and corrective therapies.

All PTSD patients with whom I have consulted report significant improvements in their symptoms and quality of life beginning with CBD therapy.

cbd living patches for anxiety

The reason for this is that CBD has been proven to improve hormone imbalances (and Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome) which are largely the cause of their conditions, traumatic experiences notwithstanding.

Understanding that one can’t change what’s happened in the past, one’s biochemistry CAN be brought back more into balance which only helps heal from exposure to mental trauma.


Revealing and positive data is coming in droves regarding CBD patches.  And, this new method of delivering CBD has every possibility of becoming the most often preferred method of administration and delivery of CBD for all the reasons mentioned above.

Non-Toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addicting, CBD Living Topical Patches target pain and inflammation in the body caused by our high carbohydrate diets, injuries, aging, environmental toxins and too many serious medical conditions to mention here.

CBD Living Topical Patches are lab-tested undergoing high levels of quality control with all CBD Living nano CBD products.

Longer than any company in America, CBD Living guarantees uniform quality and dosing with 100% bioavailable nano CBD.

CBD Living Topical Patch for sale - 60mg

For over 4 years now, our members and patients worldwide have been reporting 5 – 10X better results due to all these absorption and biochemical advantages that this company has spearheaded.  Finally, a convenient and effective, transdermal, nano CBD patch is available for our collective benefit.

When patients are seeking ways to improve their health and better manage symptoms, they are logically more open to the advice from health professionals.  Other times patients do it begrudgingly, only to soon realize why this age-old method was recommended by their physician.

If you’ve used these patches, or have any questions about them, please don’t leave without leaving your comments below!

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