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CBD Living Water Product Review – The Ultimate In CBD Delivery

The Ultimate in CBD Delivery

10,000,000 nanograms CBD per bottle

10 mg of 99.9% Pure Nano CBD

9.0+ pH - High Alkaline Water


16.9 fluid ounces/bottle

2-3 Day Priority Shipping!!

12-Pack @ $65.95

My Rating:  10 out of 10

Long before you read as much on CBD (cannabidiol) as I have, you’ll come to the conclusion on your own that including CBD in your diet pays quick dividends by optimizing the user’s health and most likely alleviating some health problems along the way.  But the main problem here is that it can be very hard to find a very high quality product that offers the best way to control and regulate your CBD intake.

Smoking Cannabis (marijuana flowers) to obtain your CBD is not adequate to get enough of it.  The THC in the plant also acts as an antagonist to the CBD which when present together can diminish the overall effect of each other.  Better that CBD be isolated.

Vaping is similar, although much less harmful to lung tissues.  And edibles may be good & tasty, but you lose nutrients including CBD if not prepared properly or nano-sized prior to packaging…  and then there is between 80 to 90% of the total CBD value that is blocked by the digestive system itself that becomes problematic in delivering cannabidiol to all of your body's cells.

So, with all this in mind, getting the right amount of CBD in your system is really tricky.  This is referred to as a substances “bioavailability” and "bioactivity" which begs the question, How much of the CBD reaches the cell level where it can be of benefit versus that which is eliminated via digestive processes?

So... what is CBD water?

CBD Living Water is the answer.  It is the original CBD water and since 2014 has been continuously improved.  Today, each bottle contains twice as much as the original version @10 milligrams of CBD in nano-form (10,000,000 nanograms).  And no increase in your price at Cannabis Animus!

What is CBD Water?

Just like the name suggests, this is a type of water that is infused with cannabidiol (CBD) molecules and often called nano CBD water or CBD nano water.

Basically, you can access the desired dosage of non-psychoactive, non-addicting, and non-toxic CBD without losing any of it to your digestive process.

This is because the molecules are reduced in the laboratory to a size almost as small as DNA.  Nano CBD molecules are one-millionth the size of typical CBD molecules.

Nano water delivery also resolves lung health issues related to the inhalation of Cannabis or marijuana smoke.  Vaporized CBD oil, cannabis oil or hemp oil is recommended over combustion (smoking) of the female flower tops.

CBD Living Water for athletes to the eldery

To the contrary, nanomaterials are so small in size that they are measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter).  This product uses a nano water technology which connects nano-sized CBD molecules to the H20 molecules (water) and blends them in order to create a very high-quality, high-alkaline water at 9.0+pH which is fo the highest obtainable in stable form.

This allows the cannabidiol (CBD) to pass through the blood-brain barrier which is described as a filtering mechanism of the body’s capillaries that carry blood to the brain and spinal cord tissue thus blocking the passage of certain substances.

This ability to pass through “the blood brain barrier” of every cell in our bodies is CBD Living Water’s unique solution for achieving more effective results that any of the other CBD product delivery systems.

It's also contains twice as much CBD as other alternatives which clearly has allot to do with the fact that it just plain works better!

CBD Living Gel Caps are nano-sized

For those of you who are either bio-chemists, medical professionals, or just us patients like our Members at Cannabis Animus who are seeking the only existing, deep-dive into the subject… I humbly recommend that you consider reviewing my 4,000+ word, super-post onCBD and Nanotechnology“.  


After first tasting CBD Living Water,I was quite impressed with the pleasant flavor and noticed how soft it is on the tongue and palate. It resembles the taste of a premium bottled water, but still its characteristic ‘softness’ stands out as opposed to a hard mineral water.

CBD Living, the company, does a very good job when it comes to keeping their product distinct in its packaging with great attention to detail.  It’s important to note that the product comes in small enough bottles so you can easily carry it around with you.

However, I have it straight from the source that it needs to be kept no higher than room temperature in order to maintain intended dosage.  Excessive heat is not a friend of nano CBD water, however, the clear bottle and light do not affect the water’s quality or potency.

Health Benefits From CBD Living Water

After testing this nano CBD Water for my first month, I did experience some more health benefits.  Actually, rather dramatic results in the form of pain relief.  I have osteoarthritis and have had 2 hip replacements over the last 9 years, and I can confidently tell that I notice a measurable level of pain relief.

Another thing I’m noticing is that my super-extra-dry skin is not flaking as much as it normally does.  My most troublesome areas in that regard are my arms and legs where I am regularly treated for basal and squamous cell carcinomas in the form of skin excisions.

My skin has been sun damaged over the years since my youth due to a combination of my fair complexion and too much sun exposure from surfing and fishing.  So results like these from nano water technology are nothing less than a Godsend for me.

nano CBD water

As an avid saltwater angler, I was also able to witness more random applications where I would share nano CBD water with fellow anglers and crewmembers. It not only increases our endurance, it treats nausea and seasickness like a charm.  I also use it for its extremely powerful and obvious inflammatory effects as I suffer from genetic osteoarthritis which is quite painful at times.  Cannabidiol is world re-known and well-documented to be a miracle treatment for neurodegenerative disorders as well.

One of our first members, Wendy, has a mother who is undergoing aggressive chemo and radiation treatments for cancer.  Wendy is constantly on the hunt for CBD Living Water because her local dispensaries often are back ordered.  She tells how CBD Living Water is a “Godsend” by reducing her severe pain more than any drug she has ever taken.

Physical Endurance and Recovery

It works great if you are a serious athlete often in need of re-hydrating.  I’ve grown a bit long of tooth, but I can still easily compare my workout regimen before and after my CBD Living Water use.  I’m very impressed by much faster recovery times as well as less lactic acid residual effects in my muscles post-workout, or long and hot track days on my motorcycle… or long days fishing at sea.

The reason for this is also due to another terrific feature of CBD Living Water.  Our bodies hydrate faster with a very high alkaline, 9.0+ pH water which is intentionally designed into CBD Living Water product for increased anti-oxidant effects and far more efficient hydration.

Another benefit is the vitamins and nutrients added to this nano CBD water:  D-Ribose, Methyl B-12, and CoQ10.  These are all beneficial, arguably essential, to fight off the effects of aging, optimizing physical performance, recovery, general health and well-being.

And I’m telling ya, it works!  The company is currently monitoring a number of top level athletes on this very subject of muscle and fatigue recovery by measuring physical improvement metrics.  I’ll add these in my next article on CBD Living Water when it becomes available.

CBD Living Water for athletes

I’m telling ya, it works!  The company (CBD Living) is currently monitoring a number of top level athletes on this very subject of muscle and fatigue recovery by measuring physical improvement metrics.  I’ll add these in my next article on CBD Living Water when it becomes available.

How Fast Can You Feel The Effects?

Most of us want to see the effects of CBD water as fast as possible, and that’s characteristic of this product.  So many folks are learning about this new science and delivery method and they express similar satisfaction.  Most of the time, CBD nano water is used by people who do not get relief from traditional prescription drugs for physical and psychological pain, cell repair, neuro degenerative disease, cancer and more.

Others prefer natural, organic solutions for more common ailments. Like my girlfriend’s migraine headaches, they disappear in less than 1 to 2 minutes after drinking down only half a bottle of CBD Living Water.  It really depends on your specific situation.

It’s been my observation and those of most others knowledgeable on the subject of CBD realize that different people have different experiences.  But most all folks who have acute or even chronic symptoms report a noticeable benefit., and it appears that the longer it is used, the more satisfied the patient.


Don’t we all have friends and family who suffer from symptoms that I can only encourage you to consider?  If you want to experience any benefits in treating cancer as I have, or anything serious like Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or other serious diseases, you just need to be committed to your own discovery.

Although miraculously quick results and testimonials are flooding into the awareness and consciousness of more people every day, you need to be willing to take your time and experiment with dosage until you see the effects.  I recommend drinking a minimum of 1 bottle per day first thing in the AM for 1 to 2 months. And let us know about your experience!

Should You use CBD Living Water?

Yes, of course, my opinion is biased.  This product review is based on my own trial experience with CBD Living Water.  If money was not a consideration, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  And most all of us drink bottled water of some brand these days.  Logically, some of you spend more than others for desirable brand characteristics or associations to the water you buy.

I submit that if you take into consideration the $5.83 per bottle (@ 12-Pack price) of CBD Living Water and subtract the per bottle cost of your favorite bottled water… you are looking at a more fair ‘cost’ of this incredibly efficient CBD delivery method.

Since we all would benefit greatly from a bottle a day regimen, and/or before and after any extended physical exertion, I humbly recommend you make a closer cost analysis based on CBD water benefits.

Cases of CBD Living Water

And if receiving a controlled amount of Nano CBD delivered in a reliable manner is what you seek, then CBD Living Water might be the best possible option for you.  Not only does it contain pharmaceutical-grade CBD, but it also has 99.9% purity which is very important for this type of product.  These nano CBD molecules are encapsulated in 9.0+ pH water molecules.  Currently, this is the most efficient and simple delivery method available.


  • 100% Bio-available nano CBD

  • Optimize the endocannabinoid system of the body.

  • Helps restore inhibited neurological functions

  • Reduces inflammation & pain

  • Demonstrably rapid hydration

  • Improves muscle recovery time

  • The highest 9.0+ pH raises the alkaline level in the body (conversely, an acid-weighted balance contributes to oxidation, illness and premature aging)

  • Added nano nutrients: d-Ribose, Electrolytes K+, MG+2, Methylcobalamin B-12, and Coenzyme Q10

  • No THC



  • High distribution cost due to weight/transit from manufacturer

Please leave your comments below!  Our members and visitors want to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “CBD Living Water Product Review – The Ultimate In CBD Delivery”

  1. Hello. I’m mostly interested in the nano CBD products for pain relief. I’ve tried many CBD products with little to no relief, & gave up, but I’ve never tried the nano CBD products. I also have anxiety, much of which I believe is due to the chronic pain. I have osteoarthritis, abnormal curvature of cervical spine, & bone spurs pressing on the C spine nerve roots, which causes severe pain, not just in neck, but multiple areas, & muscle spasms. So, after reading much of your information, I figure I should get the roll on freeze, and either the water or oil, but not sure which would be better. I currently drink mostly water, which I filter with an exceptional, tested filter that actually works, unlike the more well known brands. Would appreciate your thoughts & advice. Thank you for posting all the information & free e-book.

    1. You are most welcome Tanya. I’ll be as straightforward as I possibly can be regarding your questions. As far as the products I recommend, you will find that the tincture oil is the most economical per dose. It’s also one of the fastest acting forms. The rest is all about the economics and one’s financial capacity or tolerance. Ideally the first thing in the AM, a minimum of 50 mgs per day/dose will be a starting point. And if you can afford it, dose 3X per day IF necessary (always on an empty stomach). Either of the Freeze roll-ons will amaze you – I promise. I’m so glad to hear that you are open to using this topical product, but the oil is the most vital to your overall objectives. Please let me know how it goes for you. Call me at 888-302-3600 to let me know how things are coming!

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  3. CBD Living Water is amazing and has helped me with a number of issues including IBS and muscle recovery. The taste is amazing and has the same “soft” qualities as the finest tasting waters I’ve ever tried. The company itself is very responsive and makes themselves available to answer questions like Ted does at Cannabis Animus. Great customer service is key! 🙂

    1. It is insightful of you to ask because CBD is not sensitive to heat below 200 degrees conservatively. However, not all CBD is at all the same. According to Dr. Richard Staack, PdD, and Chief Science Officer at CBD Living, his advice is to not leave your gel caps in car parked in the desert because the gelatin capsules will melt. Other than that, it’s nothing to be concerned about at all.

      Now, I will tell you that most CBD products are not worth the money… at any temperature. ;^>

    1. Hi Jannell, No. I have personal friends, family, and numerous members at Cannabis Animus who are in Government and Union positions/jobs who undergo random testing, and none have ever failed a test. There has never been a failed test according to any web search. The main reason for that is because CBD is not tested for. Please consult a physician who is knowledgeable (and well read) regarding CBD therapy while breastfeeding.

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