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Everything You Need to Know about CBD Living

CBD Living has become one of the world's most trusted makers of cannabidiol (CBD) products, manufacturing more than 100 CBD products for both people and pets. These CBD products are renowned for their quality and effectiveness and are widely considered to be among the best on the market.

 It's no wonder: CBD Living is not your ordinary CBD business. It's a word-class company formed by global scientists, business minds, and thought leaders.

We're the CBD Experts

At Cannabis Animus, we are the foremost authority on CBD.

More than just a retailer of CBD Living products, Cannabis Animus is a platform for discussing the important discoveries that modern science, nanotechnology and medical research are showing us about the myriad uses of Cannabis, including its powerful healing properties.

Created by Ted Mortenson, Cannabis Animus is the longest-recorded branding mechanism for nano CBD and CBD Living. Nobody knows these products better than we do!

That being said, here's everything you need to know about CBD Living and its products.

What is CBD Living?

Let's start with the basics of CBD.

CBD Living is a global manufacturer of CBD (cannabidiol) products. Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in Corona, California, and sells its CBD products worldwide at more than 500 CBD store locations and online CBD shop, including right here at Cannabis Animus.

Highest quality CBD Oil

Popular CBD Nano Living products include:

  • CBD water
  • CBD oil
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD candies and edibles

Below, we break down some of these products of CBD in greater detail – but this is only a shortlist. CBD Living's product line has grown to include CBD energy drinks, coffee, tea, sparkling water, concentrates, immunity-boost supplements, CBD pet products, and more.

CBD Living: The Company

CBD Living Products

When purchasing any CBD product, it's critical that you know the company behind it. There is no shortage of CBD manufacturers out there, but not all are made equal. Whether you're consuming edibles, applying topicals, or using any kind of CBD (cannabidiol) products, you should stick to well-established manufacturers that have a track record for excellence.

Here's what makes CBD Living unique:

  • CBD Living uses its own, scientifically-developed formulas. It does sell white-labeled CBD products based on other manufacturers' formulas. It's all formulated by CBD Living.

  • It employs an in-house scientist specializing in CBD, and also leverages the expertise of PhD scientists and chemists.

  • The CBD products are rigorously tested! All CBD Living products go through independent, third-party testing, ensuring quality, accuracy and transparency.

  • CBD Living is known for its commitment to quality. It is based in the U.S., uses ONLY US-grown hemp and also manufactures all of its CBD products in the U.S.

  • CBD Living is one of the oldest companies in the industry, and that's a good thing. It means that it has been perfecting its formulas from the beginning and can leverage a much deeper breadth of knowledge and research than other companies can.

  • The company is also strict about who can sell its products. While the it does not explicitly offer a franchise opportunity, it works with reputable retailers, like Cannabis Animus, who are carefully selected to be independent dealers.

What are CBD Nano Living Products, anyway?

cbd nano living products

If you're new to CBD (cannabidiol) products, then you probably have lots of questions. Some of the most common enquiries we receive about CBD are: 

  • How is CBD (cannabidiol) different from cannabis?

  • Does CBD really do anything?

  • What does it do? How does CBD affect you?

No THC, Non-Narcotic

  • CBD is a non-narcotic, THC-FREE compound extracted from cannabis plants.

  • It delivers many of the positive health effects that are associated with marijuana, but without the narcotic side effects.

CBD Nano Living Company Uses Pharmaceutical-grade Hemp

  • CBD Living uses pharmaceutical-grade hemp as the source of CBD for its CBD oil and other CBD products.

  • There's no THC, which makes it ideal for people who don't want the effects of THC or can't because of legal or employment reasons.

5 Benefits of CBD

CBD offers numerous benefits. And since there are many different types of products from CBD Living, each one offers its own unique advantages. So in terms of determining if CBD is right for you, it really depends on your specific goals and needs.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Here are just a few of the fundamental benefits of the CBD used in CBD Living products:

1) Natural Treatment

CBD is commonly used as an alternative to traditional medicines, which are often heavily processed, harsh on the body and can have many negative side effects. In contrast, CBD is a natural treatment program that can help the human body harness its natural self-repair systems.

2) Stress & Anxiety Relief

Many people use CBD for its calming effects. This stress relief program is one of the key reasons why CBD Living products are so popular. For example, CBD suppositories and CBD oil can be used to calm nerves before entering a stressful situation or after: for example, at the end of a long day at work.

3) Workout Recovery

Many athletes use CBD as part of their post-workout recovery process. CBD anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties can be advantageous after physical activity, especially as an alternative to harsher medicinal products.

4) Pain Management Program

Of course, non-athletes can benefit from CBD anti-inflammatory properties too. As CBD Living writes, "The pain management potential of CBD can’t be overlooked. By reducing inflammation, CBD becomes an effective option to help people with arthritis and other conditions."

5) Health Goals

Research shows that CBD oil and other CBD product like CBD gummies, CBD capsules can have a positive effect on your personal health program in numerous ways. One study found that just one dose of CBD reduced blood pressure for those who took the oil of CBD. Studies have also looked at how CBD oil can help treat symptoms for those undergoing a cancer treatment program or other ailments.

Why CBD Living? Better CBD Absorption

One of the key reasons why CBD Living is superior to other CBD product is the proprietary manufacturing technology, which allows for better CBD Living absorption in the body.

The CBD Living Process:

  • The CBD Living is broken down into nanoparticles, which allows the CBD Living to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption.

  • This technique leads to up to 90% bioavailability, whereas traditional CBD oil or other nano CBD oil & capsules only offer 10-15% bioavailability.

  • This delivers CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Buy CBD Living Product at Cannabis Animus

Cannabis Animus offers an extensive assortment of nano CBD products from CBD Living. If you're new to CBD, here's a quick guide and program to some of the CBD Living product we offer in our online shop:

High Quality CBD Oil

CBD tincture is easy and convenient. CBD oil can be taken directly under the tongue or the oil can be mixed with food and beverages.

Nano CBD Water

CBD Living Water, CBD energy shots, and CBD sparkling water are just a few of the popular CBD drinks available.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are another popular edible CBD product. Gummies are available in yummy flavors like Lemon, Lime, Orange and Cherry.

CBD Freeze High Concentrate

Use CBD Living's various Topicals creams, CBD patches and CBD Living Freeze roll-on skin applicators to target specific areas and pain points.

CBD Gel Capsules For Dogs - 750 mg | Cannabis Animus

Pet owners use specialized CBD Living pets product for their pet dogs and cats that provide calming and other benefits.

Find Your Perfect CBD Product

Shop now to browse our wide selection of CBD Living products at Cannabis Animus. Read our CBD program and for any enquiries please contact us.

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