CBD Oil Benefits For Women

CBD Oil Benefits For Women

After 4 years of serving our members at Cannabis Animus with quality information on CBD products, relevant news on Cannabis topics, and current research like nanotechnology, it’s become high time for me to more directly address the questions and correspondence I receive from our female members.  Let’s focus on some of the specific CBD oil benefits for women as well as the more unique medical conditions from which they are disproportionately affected.

There’s a number of reasons anyone would want to take a closer look at CBD (cannabidiol) from the female's perspective.  CannabisAnimus.com receives an increasing amount of questions and calls from females as opposed to males.  For example, in our first year 2016, we observed that about 51% of our visitors were female, and 49% male.  This has been trending upward to the current ratio of 55% female to 45% male.  May not seem lie it to you, but statistically, it's significant.

Correspondingly, CBD product orders from our members at Cannabis Animus are currently running at about 66% from females.  And I find that about the same ratio is reflected in the CBD therapy consultations that I provide our callers daily.

Is this a trend?  Come on guys, we're trending toward an 80/20 Rule?

Regardless, the data from our experience shows that more women are not only providing support and advocacy of CBD therapy for their family and friends, they are purchasing more products that are specifically designed for women.

A few of the most popular are CBD Suppositories, and CBD Lotions.

CBD for women

Women Leading CBD Wellness

In a recent interview with Leafly.com, two female medical professionals, Dr. Junella Chin and Dr. Aliza Sherman, shared some of their perspectives which also correlate with my daily experiences with our members' consultations.

Each of them have unique perspectives on CBD therapies for women and Cannabis as medicine in general.   They explain how they’ve each been introduced to CBD and “marijuana” in different ways yet have come to common conclusions on the benefits of CBD for women in particular.

For example, Dr. Junella Chin is a specialist in manipulative osteopathic medicine and integrative Cannabis physician.
She was diagnosed with a spinal disease as a teenager (ankylosis spondylitis) that has no known cure.  While in medical school, she became more interested in the therapeutic effects from Cannabis extracts.

When Medical Marijuana was made legal (1996) where she was studying in California, she began using it for her own pain management with amazing results.  She then decided to make it her life’s work and professional medical focus.

Jenella Chin, MD

'We don't learn about the endocannabinoid system in med school.  But I'm now teaching it to pharmacists.'

- Juanella Chin

As CEO of Elementa, Dr Aliza Sherman has created a network providing online resources that connect women at gatherings across the country.  She emphasizes the harmony and beauty within nature’s medicine.

She points out that "... once a discovery like this becomes a “pharmaceutical, it’s very different from the way nature intended.”  Note to the FDA

'I thought cannabis was dangerous and illegal and would ruin my brain.  It wasn’t until in my early fifties that I began to realize it was medicine.'  - Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman, MD

CBD Benefits for Women

Even though you hear more and more about CBD, maybe you are not very familiar with it.  And some of you are more well-read on the subject.  The scope of cbd oil benefits for women has been recorded for over 6,000 years.  And from the very beginning, it appears that it was women that unlocked the natural wisdom within the Cannabis plant.  It was the men that smoked it...go figure.

CBD oil benefits for women

Hormone (Endocrine System)

Although the effects of cannabinoids (over 100+ cannabinoids in Cannabis) on the Endocrine System is not fully mapped yet, evidence shows that the botanical chemistry of Cannabis has effects that affect our own body’s Endocannabinoid System.  It is now known that these two vital systems of our bodies are intrinsically inter-related.


Naturally and normally occurring hormonal changes in women have consequences that come with age.  Evidence also shows that many women who are otherwise quite physically active and in good health have an even higher indication of menopausal symptoms than other women less “healthy”.  So, what’s the deal?

The good news is that proper CBD therapy has been shown to significantly improve typical menopausal symptoms by many of our members.  The reason for this is the fact that CBD has a positive effect on the human Endocrine System.

Premenstrual Pain (PMS)

From excruciating cramps and pelvic pain from PMS, to headaches and irritability, women really need to learn about the more good news. Clinical research shows that quality CBD products dosed regularly can be an extremely effective treatment for menstrual pain relief just as it does for pain relief in general. And now there are vaginal CBD Suppositories that delivers relief very quickly and more effectively utilizing nanotechnology.

Autoimmune Diseases

Although Endometriosis has not yet been classified as an autoimmune disease per se, its immunological origin appears to trigger a sort of “false positive” reaction when a women’s immune systems are compromised and stressed beyond healthful return to homeostasis or healthy balance.

Endometriosis is a very serious condition that affects an estimated 1 in 10 women sometime within their reproductive years.  Without effective treatment, cysts and other malignancies develops and then becomes much worse whereby the inter lining of the uterus actually “migrates” to the outside which changes the entire, cellular tissue environment.  This is another reason why CBD has become a focal point of immuno-disease research.  So, please consider sharing this information.


OMG!  We we all have come to  loath it, and unfortunately come to know it?  Whether you are a young athlete pursuing  your destiny, or just feeling life's gravitational and nutritional challenges... We loath it (hate it) for ourselves and want to share solutions with our loved ones.  So, what are the causes and natural healing solutions for our BIG enemy called “inflammation”.

Anyone reading this should be aware of the most basic medical fact that inflammation is only a bad thing when it doesn’t return BACK to its natural, healthy, and homeostatic balance.

The most basic and fundamental result from high quality nano CBD products delivered in the proper doses during a 24 hour cycle ( every 6 – 8 hours) has been clinically demonstrated to dramatically reduce inflammation naturally.

Anxiety and Stress

Whether you want to admit it out loud – or not, the evidence of anxiety and stress on our friends and family has become something far beyond what was once swept under the proverbial rug.  Smart people are finding that CBD products that show QR Codes on their labels show 3rd party lab test results from each bottle they buy.  Given experienced and knowledgeable instruction, relief can come quickly without the side effects from prescription drugs.

Ask a public speaker how CBD works for them administered an hour prior to their presentation.  And BTW, many sleep disorders are stress-related. CBD is, in fact, a well-documented, natural sleep aid.

Menstrual Pain Relief

The Future for Women’s Health and CBD

I spend considerable time n a daily basis reading the research into scientific "miracles" discovered and described by patients and their physicians documenting the effects from a simple plant used throughout recorded history known and used as Cannabis (and all new hybrids). Some of us less ignorant can only wish that our brothers and sisters to read more about CBD and Disease, CBD Product Reviews, and general information on CBD and Hemp Oil extracts.

Although results are quickly experienced when the appropriate products are properly delivered for each individual patient, you should be encouraged by the fact that Big Pharma has already mass producing their version for prescription as a “drug”.  But for heaven's sake, don’t be distracted.  They are far behind us civilians when it comes to actually delivering results for millions of people all over the world.

Endometriosis and CBD

And since it appears from our research that women are leading the way out of ignorance, have you a thought on CBD oil benefits for women?

Questions are encouraged, so please consider it below. Our members and visitors what to hear from you too!

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4 thoughts on “CBD Oil Benefits For Women”

  1. Very informative post on CBD oil, Several studies have supported claims that CBD oil can reduce stress and anxiety. CBD oil for anxiety and depression helps with neurological-related disorders, It may assist with pain relief and inflammation.

  2. Hello Ted,
    The CBD Living tincture oil 1000 was very helpful during our vacation in Lisbon, where the streets are very steep and the old buildings are beautiful and tempting! Thank you for the quick delivery.
    Now we’re back and after a) a total hip replacement (4 months ago), b) two transcontinental +transatlantic flights, c) three European flights and d) 6 weeks of walking city streets, I can’t seem to get active again. I am listless and lethargic and really don’t feel like doing anything. I thought it was anemia after the operation, but my blood is back up to normal. The problem is, that I recognize the symptoms from when I suffered from Adrenal Burnout in 2003… and fear it may be back from too much stress on the body from my trip. Would CBD help with this and in what doses?
    Best regards, Barbro

    1. So glad your first order turned out to benefit you during your trip to Lisbon! And thanks for letting me know about your post-vacation regression. After 4 years of working with patients personally monitoring/advising their dosages and the frequency of dosing, etc., I can only remind you that you are not taking enough nano CBD each time, and would benefit by 3 doses per day. First thing in morning on empty stomach (always) and another after 8 hours, and another dose at night before bed if at all possible. You need to keep the CBD active in your body, and it only lasts for 6 to 8 hours before the body uses it all.
      This is the reality. And if you d0 this for a few weeks, you will see results that will amaze you. You simply need more CBD – more often during a 24 hour cycle.

  3. Thank you for your informative article! I’m going to tell all women I know that currently take pharmaceuticals for their various pain. I have been using your products for quite awhile now & couldn’t be happier with the results! Amazing! Thank you for all the research you do & pass on !

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