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CBD Oil For Pets – CBD Living Pet Capsules Review

750 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil for Pets

25 mg Per Capsule

30 Gel Capsules per Bottle

Multi-chain Triglyceride (MCT) Base oil

No THC - Vegan

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In this Product Review, I’m going to provide pet owners (of all mammals) with a better understanding of why this miraculous CBD cannabinoid found in the Cannabis (and Hemp) plant species is so important for your suffering or aging pets by better managing their symptoms and often curing the condition outright. I’ll also be recommending what I have determined to be the best CBD oil for pets - and why.

The Best CBD Oil For Pets

This is one of the top 3 questions I get from our visitors and members at Cannabis Animus .  What is the best CBD oil for pets?

After reviewing over a dozen high-quality CBD pet products over the last 3 years, I can finally give you my most definitive answer without any hesitation.  You see, nano CBD is now available in a pre-dosed capsule form for our special pet companions - as well as us.

So, What Does “Nano CBD” Mean?

The Nano Sciences include a sub-set reference called “Nanotechnology” which is extremely broad itself.  It is this reference and influence that we 21st Centurians have all witnessed in almost everything we do and achieve today.

It’s arguably the biggest influencer on “nano-sizing” computer chips, processors, devices, biochemistry, medications and now CBD.

CBD Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the source of so much technological “surprise”, productivity, mankind’s growth and subsequently, quality of life advancement.

Nano CBD molecules are reduced in the laboratory to over one-millionth of their original size.  This makes the CBD particles so tiny that it is virtually 100% bioavailable as opposed to losing 70-80% of the nutritional and medical value to the animal’s digestive tract.  We humans have the same dilemma.

CBD Science and Pets

An associate professor at Cornell University recently headed a study on the effects of CBD oil on dogs with osteoarthritis in order to determine its efficacy.

The research team decided to test 2 different doses (2 mg/kg and 8 mg/kg).  A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled parallel study was also conducted concurrently with the main study.

Pet owners completed questionnaires before and after the studies as well as before and after pet physical exam, blood chemistry analysis – both at Week 2 and Week 4.  No ill side effects were observed.

The overall results were consistent with the anecdotal reports on the benefits of CBD oil on dogs for many years now.  According to Dr. Wakshlag, section chief of nutrition at Cornell, the team is currently completing their similar study on cats, and more to come on cancer treatment for all pets using CBD therapy.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD (cannabidiol) works primarily on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  This system of the body was discovered by Dr. Ralph Mechoulam and his associates at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem circa 1992-93 along with contributions by NIMH researchers William Devane and Dr. Lumir Hanusat.

The ECS system was later discovered to exist in all mammals and consists of a network of CB1 and CB2 receptor cells located throughout the body.  It is critically involved with many other systems of the body such as the central and peripheral nervous system, immune system, cardio-vascular systems, skin, and more.

The Endocannabinod system is magnificently designed to interact with naturally produced cannabinoids by our bodies (and pets) including those cannabinoids gleaned from ingesting the Cannabis plant and its cannabinoids (derived from “Cannabis”).

No other, known plant species exists with these cannabinoids like CBD and over 100 known counterpart cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant genus.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

When mammals become deficient in either internally produced cannabinoids, or supplemented by Cannabis (specifically cannabidiol) physicians and veterinarians have identified the resulting condition called "Endocannabinoid Deficiency".

Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets

CBD is Non-toxic, Non-psychoactive, and Non-addicting:  All studies show that CBD Living is safe and effective for humans and mammal pets of all ages. This product contains no THC which other CBD products do @ .3%... so pet owners do not want that! Ask any veterinarian about the adverse effects that THC produces in your pets. So, no THC – no adverse effects whatsoever. Some pets are extremely sensitive to any amount of THC.

CBD relieves pain:  CBD has been determined to be the best, natural, and safe treatment for neurological pain and is used to treat Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Alzheimer's/Dimentia, Autism, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and many other painful conditions.

CBD reduces anxiety:  PTSD and Anxiety patients are typically able to slowly relieve themselves of the need for prescription drug medications while eliminating all the unwanted and dangerous side effects that come with them.

CBD treats seizures and epilepsy:  The FDA has approved their own version of a natural CBD extract called Epidiolex. It is helping to transform the epileptic landscape in the process.

CBD helps return pet’s nervous system to homeostasis (balance):  Homeostasis is the natural balance point for our endocannabinoid systems and nervous systems by replenishing and feeding CB1 and CB2 receptor sites with what it needs.

CBD is a powerful and effective anti-inflammatory:  After using CBD as therapy for a month, you should be able to throw away your NSAID prescriptions and over-counter medications.  They have dangerous side effects and are easily replaced with a healthy alternative in CBD.  This will be followed by less need for prescription meds while under the supervision of your doctor or licensed medical professional.

CBD helps with bowel conditions/diseases:  IBS and Crohn’s patients will tell you how CBD is so much more effective than anything they’ve ever used to manage their symptoms.  Knowledgeable pet owners know that gastrointestinal irregularities are an immediate sign for concern and healthy treatment with CBD is always appropriate.

CBD supports improved heart health/blood chemistry:  Aging pets are especially susceptible to dietary and age-related heart conditions requiring medications. With your veterinarian, watch your pet’s blood chemistry analysis change after a few months of daily CBD therapy.

CBD prevents cancer:  Cannabis research at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain shows that CBD and its fellow cannabinoids in Cannabis can improve the results from traditional chemotherapy. And those pets already undergoing chemotherapy will find relief with CBD Therapy.

CBD controls vomiting:  Cannabis and cannabidiol has been an effective anti-emetic (nausea relief treatment) for thousands of years. And no bad side effects whatsoever.

CBD can increase appetite:  Clinical studies have shown that by stimulating 5-HT1A receptors (a sub-type of serotonin receptors) the same CBD therapy that works for anxiety and depression also works to reduce nausea and vomiting reflex while actually increasing appetite.  Now that’s good stuff!

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

Read any 10 articles on this subject of CBD dosage for pets, and I’ll make you a gentleman’s bet.  Not only are you confused about which product to buy, but you are still are not sure about how much of that product to actually give your pet.

And if you are like most of the other pet owners with whom I’ve consulted as members at Cannabis Animus, you’ve likely not seen the kind of improvement you were hoping for.

1)  Your pet’s endocannabinoid system is not able to receive enough CBD due to the product(s) you are using combined with the effects of your pet’s natural digestive process which may be in poor condition.

2)  Your pet is not ingesting a 100% Bioavailable nano CBD oil.  Therefore your pet is not processing enough CBD and/or ingesting enough to affect your pet’s condition and symptoms.

The answers to these 2 assumptions are inextricably correlated with answering your questions:

“What is the proper CBD dosage for my dog?  Or my cat?  Or my horse?

CBD oil for dogs

So after your eyes get crossed up from trying to decipher all the Pet CBD oil infographics out there... relax.  I can really simplify this, and my recommendations are backed by sound clinical science as well as my own anecdotal membership data and personal experience.

The fact is, that most patients with severe medical conditions and symptoms using CBD do not take enough of it AND the product they are using is not 100% Bioavailable so the effect they are hoping for never comes to bear fruit.  The CB1 and CB2 receptor cells are not finding the required amount of CBD to return the patient to homeostasis.

Why has CBD Living Chosen the Gel Cap form?

  • So that you get enough nano CBD to help your pet’s (and your) endocannabinoid system return to a healthy balance (homeostasis).

  • Because it’s more convenient and less messy than using an oil dropper, etc.

  • Because you can be sure you are giving your pet enough CBD (and in the best nano-form) to make more significant and measurable results.

How does cbd oil work

I recommend 1 gel capsule first thing in the morning in their food.  Or preferably, make them swallow it (if possible) on an empty stomach which will make it work much faster.

To the degree of severity and size (weight) of your pet(s), you ma need to give them another CBD Living Pet Capsule about 8 hours following their first daily dose.  Or, if your pet’s pain keeps them from a restful sleep, then wait to give them their second dose an hour before lights out.

Either way, you must realize that there’s no concern for toxicity or “overdose”.  To the contrary, it is under-dosing that is more common.  That's another reason why nano CBD pet products are recommended above traditional hemp oil for pets.

“1-2 drops for cats, 3 drops small-ish dogs, 5 drops for big dogs…” it’s all ridiculous.  Not very clear at all.  Right?  Counting drops- really??

And it rarely works as anticipated for a number of other reasons.

What about Cost and Economics?

That's The Big Question!  Please tell me if I’m wrong, but my research data shows that CBD pet oil products are almost universally packaged in 2 fl. oz. bottles with a dropper top… an oil-tincture delivery form.  Thereby, the “How many drops?” dilemma that literally every Pet owner has asked is created.

They are typically sold as a “1 Month Supply” in 100mg to 300mg CBD/btl by volume.  This is just plain marketing-pricing tactics designed to increase profit margins.  Nothing wrong with the bottle size, just the contents.

This would mean that in order for you to give your pet a convenient, daily 25mg/dose equivalent like CBD Living Pet Capsules, you’d only have only 4 – 8 doses per bottle of a traditional pet CBD per bottle of hemp oil in comparison.

best CBD oil for pets

You’d literally be pouring it out at that point, and you would exhaust your product’s container in 4 to 8 days!

So compare the real cost of any other pet CBD product by volume and CBD content.  Simple math will show you that CBD Living Pet Capsules deliver far more bang for your buck$ than any other quality product you choose to compare.

SUMMARY – What about CBD for Pets?

CBD Oil for Pets is one of those CBD subjects where the rubber really meets the road, and I'm glad to write more on the subject.  In my work with veterinarians, physicians, surgeons, and health professionals, I’ve been able to demonstrate that nano CBD products like CBD Living Pet Capsules work better than Hemp Oil or non-nano-form CBD isolates.

Important points to consider:

All CBD Living products contain their own, proprietary, patent-pending nano CBD included in this new CBD oil product for pets.

Nano CBD products are 5 to 10 times more effective than their non-nano counterparts like hemp oil which goes back thousands of years of recorded use.  Cannabis (hemp is just one species “Cannabis ruderalis”) has been fed to livestock and war horses for improved health, endurance, breeding, and lifespan.

However, it is the bioavailability of nano CBD… the ability for the cell to accept the CBD often requiring it to be small enough to break through the “blood-brain barrier” of the cell and become useful that ultimately matters.

What is CBD Living Water

If your pet suffers from pain and/or anxiety symptoms caused by surgery, aging, disease or temperament, try giving CBD Living Pet Capsules a try.  It’s exactly the same product our members have been using personally for years now, and they all will attest to nano CBD’s superiority for effectiveness as well as economics.

Please don’t go without leaving your comments below!  Our members and visitors want to hear from you.

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