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CBD Oil For Sale – What Is Best For Me?

Virtually everyone in the world has access to information about CBD oil for sale on the Internet.  Search engines, social media, and directories alike are awash with articles and posts including the myriad social subjects surrounding the new medical awareness of cannabidiol (CBD).   A couple of years ago when I started Cannabis Animus, much less of course was available.   All the above was dispelled by the medical community and political establishment as merely “anecdotal”.  But my question today is, are you finding the right CBD oil that is best for you?

What I see today as I look out upon the general Cannabis and CBD landscape is much ado about legislative developments which indicate that the established market players like Big Pharma, AMA, Big Agra, WallStreet & Big Banking are close, if not finished, carving out their respective ‘turfs’.  Alas, not much being published regarding high-quality CBD products, and what is best for me.

For example, our former Speaker of The House, John Boehner (R-MT retired), has been quite visual and lucid this year about his new position on the Advisory Board of one of the most vertically integrated Cannabis enterprises in America.

It's called Acreage Holdings, and processes and dispenses Cannabis products in 11 States.


Jcbd for sale online

By leveraging The Farm Bill to its maximum conceivable limit, the all-powerful McConnell and his Kentucky bourbon blue bloods already have 57 hemp processors well under way.

The Farm Bill was finally passed in December 2018.


essential oils for sale from Mitch McConnell

As usual, these “about-face” positions are mounting weekly because it’s now less about weak politicians as it is now more about profits.  Capitol Hill establishment, Big Pharma making and pushing Cannabis medications that are now FDA approved, and capturing market share of the fastest emerging, 100% sustainable crop that also detoxifies and nourishes the soil in which it grows worldwide.

It is said that over 25,000 products are currently made from hemp and sold in the U.S. Regardless of the true number, I guarantee you that it will multiply exponentially, as CBD will be included in virtually any product you choose in the future, and hemp fiber clothing will replace much of the nasty, synthetic blends because of its low cost, positive environmental impact and superior physical characteristics.

Is CBD Oil and Hemp Essential Oil The Same Thing?

“I Want My C B D”

I wish I could say that the information that consumers seek about CBD therapy and nano CBD technology was keeping pace with the profiteers and racketeers on Capitol Hill, but I don’t see it showing up in top search results much.  But more will surely come.

In the meantime, I decided it was high time for me to provide the kind of information that answers one of the smartest questions you can ask yourself… “What is the best CBD products for me?”

As the author and publisher of CannabisAnimus.com, I have personally tested over 100 products and written CBD Product Reviews on over 20, safe and high-quality CBD products all of which are available in our own Shop.

CBD Oil For Sale

So, what I want to achieve in this article is to give our Members and visitors a bit of a summary of these product experiences in a way that you can walk away with a better idea of what to shop for and what is most effective for you.

All CBD Products Are Not Created Equal

Big surprise?

Of course they aren’t.  And that’s the main reason that I feel it is time to provide some more clarity on the direction CBD has taken from a product development standpoint. Following are areas where CBD Science is has been moving.  Please consider checking out some of my articles in my "CBD and Disease Seriesunder the "CBD Info" tab. 

  • CBD and Nanotechnology Science

  • CBD and Endocannabinoid System

  • CBD Product Varieties

  • CBD Oil Dosage

CBD and Nanotechnology

Although hemp oil containing CBD has been used for thousands of years for everything from pain relief of menstrual cramps, nausea & vomiting to anti-anxiety, seasickness and inner ear induced vertigo… the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) has naturally evolved into better products that address even more medical conditions and neuropathic diseases.

So what does “better” mean to you?  In order for any modern CBD product to be considered “better” than traditional hemp oil, one might consider the following characteristics/questions in your determination.

  • Bioavailability. How much CBD that you take is actually being utilized by your body?

  • Potency. Is your product potent enough for your condition?

  • Organic, plant-based impurities can create problems for many patients. Do you know everything that is in it?

  • Is your product considered pharmaceutical grade?

CBD Hemp Oil for Sale

Instead of a deeper dive into CBD and Nanotechnology here, it’s rather simple to summarize.  In regard to CBD, nanotechnology is about reducing the size of the CBD molecule to one millionth the size of its organic size.

Why?  Because at that size CBD can penetrate “the blood-brain barrier” on the surface of each cell in our bodies.  These cells are similar to universes, solar systems, and planets in the same sense that individual cells in our bodies, all these examples, are ‘encapsulated’ by a protective system that allows the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Nanoscience has now evolved to the point where medical delivery systems are optimized and medicines themselves have thus become significantly more effective as it proves out with CBD and our members.  Nano-sized CBD products provide 100% bioavailability which means that your body will accept the full dose rather than eliminating most of it due to molecular size, digestive processes, and physical condition.  Kind of important – right?

The Endocannabinoid System

The U.S. National Library of Medicine provides a much improved update to their position on Cannabis and how “The Endocannabinoid System as an Emerging Target of Pharmacotherapy is relevant to the general health and well-being of humans, and all mammals for that matter.

The entirety of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) consists of endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters inside your body) that want to bind with cannabinoid receptors located throughout the central nervous system of all mammals.

And there are 2 primary receptors for these endocannabinoids as well as Cannabis-based cannabinoids like CBD.

The natural endocannabinoid anandamide (aka: “The Bliss Molecule”) and 2-AG (2-arachidonoylglycerol) are our friends that help to regulate our immune systems, appetite, and manage pain.

CBD Dosage in Nanometers

Before you can understand CBD, I feel that it is essential that you take the time to get a better understanding of why CBD and our Endocannabinoid System are co-dependent.  This is at the core of why we mammals respond so positively with CBD therapy as opposed to synthetic drugs and their unwanted side-effects.

CBD Oil Dosage

After years of learning first-hand from biochemists, physicians, medical professionals, and CBD product manufacturers, I can tell you that one of the most frequent questions that patients ask is on the subject of dosage.  Well, that’s logical enough.  And that’s rather easy to answer.  But a better question to ask yourself is: “Is your CBD product potent enough for your condition?"

A starting adult dose of CBD is generally between 20 – 30 mg.  Child doses can be effective as low as 10 mg, but generally more is required for adults and children alike who have more serious conditions.

Keep in mind that CBD stays in the body only for 6 to 8 hours, so re-dosing may be necessary although the lingering benefit of CBD therapy may last for you until the next day’s dose… everyone is different.

CBD Dosages for Adults and Children

The point I want to drive home is that in order to get 100% of the benefit and effectiveness of your CBD product of choice, you will either choose a nano CBD product, or find it necessary to use more quantities of traditional hemp oil or CBD isolate tincture blends in order to achieve similar results.  You decide.

Product Varieties

Lastly, I think it would be helpful to emphasize how many choices are available in the form of nano CBD products.

Ironically, one of the newest nano CBD products from CBD Living is in the form of the old-style, CBD Oil Tincture in a small dropper-top bottle.

Place a full squeeze from the syringe under your tongue, and let it absorb for 5 minutes or so without swallowing the oil.  This is the preferred method of traditionalists.

Nano CBD oil

The most convenient form is the CBD Gel Caps which can be perfect for dosing at work in the afternoon or on the run, traveling, etc.

And remember to take all CBD products on an empty stomach.

This form is my biggest seller largely due to its convenience and ease of use.

Nano CBD

My personal favorite is CBD Living Water because it’s absolutely the best of all worlds.  What better way to deliver nano CBD at less than 100 nanometers in size to all the cells in your body?

WATER…. and this water is slightly alkaline at 7.4 pH which mirrors a healthy human body’s average alkalinity (pH).  And it will not upset your stomach like verifiably high-alkaline, 9.0+ pH water can and does to me.

It also contains Co-enzyme Q10, a natural substance found in every cell of our bodies, to boost energy, promote cell growth, and support anti-oxidant maintenance.  

The best nano CBD water by CBD Living Water

Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin) helps maintain healthy and balanced blood and nerve cells.  And d-Ribose is added as well to optimize muscle energy, athletic recovery, and has been used to improve chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and coronary artery disease.

Vaping CBD has become increasingly popular as a more healthy method of delivering CBD to the lungs.

It’s extremely effective because it goes quickly into the blood stream and lung tissue providing calming relief from anxiety conditions, PTSD, ADD/ADHA, detox, and addiction recovery.
Reminder: CBD is not only completely non-toxic, it helps to heal.

CBD Living Vape Pen Kit

And my #2 Seller of all time is CBD Living Freeze which is a topical roll-on that has no equal – period!

THINK:  Nano CBD right into and... and through your skin’s layers.  Try it for sore joints, arthritis pain, sore muscles and cramp relief in minutes.

This product is intended for use in conjunction with one of the adult dose, nano CBD products from CBD Living.

CBD Living Freeze Topical CBD roll-on

CBD Gummies are designed for our kids in mind at a lower dosage of 10 mg per Gummie.  Doesn’t seem to stop the adults from buying it though!

Adults, just remember to take 2 - 3 for a recommended daily minimum dose.  More may be required after 6 -8 hours.

CBD Gummies


It’s really “all about you isn’t it”?  Hee!  Well, at least maybe when it comes to your own health it should?  I’m sure you agree, or you wouldn’t be reading this far.  I just have been getting the feeling lately that not enough emphasis is being applied to the new directions in CBD therapy, CBD product technology, and yes… capitalism and freedom too.

Lots of websites including mine offer CBD oil for sale.  But before you make your next purchase, consider asking yourself if you’ve answered the question at hand.. do you know “what CBD is best for me?”

Let me know if this helps move the conversation forward about what CBD product is best for you.  And if you reeeeallly want to spend a few more minutes watching a fascinating and concise explanation of how nanotechnology is not only affecting our CBD therapies, it is this convergence of technology and biology that is “becoming” as much as it is already here.  So, what’s the “Fredo” in your problem? 

Please leave a comment below!

Know more than anybody you know about Nanotechnology... in 9 minutes.

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  1. Thanks a million Ted for the most informative article on nano CBD. It’s clear that much research has gone into your writing. I hope more people get your message that quantities and quality are major components of a happy CBD experience. My favorite product so far is the CBD Freeze topical roll-on. Can’t wait to see your next high quality delivery systems.

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