CBD Pain Cream

CBD Pain Cream – CBD Living Salve | Product Review

500 mg Broad Spectrum, Nano CBD Salve Cream

Patented Nano Skin Delivery System

Plant-based Hydration

GMO Free – Vegan – Soy Free

2 oz. Bottle

Free Shipping

$39.95 each

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Rating: 10 out of 10

I’m really excited about this new CBD pain cream from CBD Living.  Over the last 4 years, I’ve consulted with so many of our members and visitors while providing more articles on CBD related topics and providing product reviews for recommended products at Cannabis Animus.  Along the way, many of our members have embraced topical CBD products as well as the ingestible forms.  It’s our fastest growing segment.

My personal experience with nano CBD products applied to my own sun-damaged skin is rather thorough, although I wish I was using it 30 years ago.  Over the years, I’ve had over 40 basal cell or squamous cell clusters excised (cut out) from my skin.  So CBD oil and skin care are both, very personal subjects for me.  It has helped my skin tremendously, and I feel it can help yours too.

In the past, I’ve instructed patients how to increase the amount of CBD per application with many techniques like adding CBD Living Isolate to their oils, and combining CBD Living Tincture oil with their CBD Living Freeze on their problem areas…

Or, CBD Living Lotion for pain relief and superior skincare for more liberal applications over larger areas of your skin... And these methods of increasing CBD dosage to the skin works well.

Nano CBD Products Arrangement

But now, there’s a more simple and easy way to apply a more potent and effective CBD formula to your skin.

CBD Salve For Pain… and More

CBD Living Salve is the newest (Oct. 2019) topical CBD salve for pain from CBD Living.  It is with our loyal members in mind that I want to share some of the differences with the company’s other excellent topical skin products that you’ve already been using.  You may find this worthy of trying as well.

The main purpose of developing this new product is to provide your skin a much higher concentration of CBD per application(s) along with natural moisturizers with surface barrier protection.

For chronic pain sufferers who have arthritis, neuropathic, or painful skin conditions there’s no longer a need to add CBD isolate or other methods of boosting the dose of CBD per application to their skin.

CBD Salve For Pain

Although there are many classifications of pain, there are 2 Main Types that are important to understand when it comes to your skin:

1) Neuropathic – Caused by damaged nerves from neurological disorders and peripheral neuropathy affecting the somatosensory nervous system. Examples: Multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, diabetes, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, shingles, and hundreds of others.

2) Inflammatory Nociceptive – Typically associated with post-surgery, or damage due to accident or injury.  Other examples include inflammation from arthritis, obstructions, poisonous bites, myofascial pain, joint and vertebrae damage.

Other forms of disease like fibromyalgia and Parkinsons disease span this range and is less easily classified. In general, throbbing, or pain related to body movement or body position is typically referred to as inflammatory pain while sharp, burning, or shooting pain is typically neuropathic pain.

How CBD Works

This CBD salve actually hydrates and moisturizes dry, damaged, and painful skin conditions while providing more relevant and effective nano-sized CBD pain cream from a blend of natural oils that are rich in essential fatty acids and organic antioxidants.  Due to its reduced molecular size, absorption is increased and the CBD actually penetrates enough to find the tiny capillaries of the skin and onward.

Along with being the largest organ of the body, our skin also contains the largest amount of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Collectively, all these receptor cells located throughout or bodies (and all mammals) have been determined to make up our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Your ECS is fundamentally important to understand before considering the proper CBD and/or Cannabis products to purchase for you and yours.

What is Nano CBD Diagram

Since its groundbreaking nano CBD Living Water in 2014, CBD Living remains the leader in nano CBD products in the U.S.  This is largely due to the increased effectiveness of their products from proprietary manufacturing processes.  They have more experience with nano-sizing CBD molecules for high-quality, 3rd-party tested product development.

Why It Works – What is Nano CBD?

Traditional hemp oils and other products made from CBD isolate are different from nano CBD.  Some of them work well, but they can’t work as well at the cellular level compared to CBD molecules that are reduced to over one-millionth of its original size. "it's not rocket science"... just nanoscience.

At this nano-size level, CBD (cannabidiol) can actually penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the cell wall.  This is HUGE when it comes to natural science.  This discovery is affecting major changes in modern medicine and biochemistry as we know it.  Diligent work seeking advancements will continue to come before you in the form of more health and food products utilizing nanotechnology as opposed to our smart phones and computers.  $23.8B is the current, conservative estimate for CBD product sales by 2024.

CBD Oil Cream Mozaic

Benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Powerful Anti-inflammatory

Promotes Healthy Cell Production

Relieves Neuropathic Pain

Heal Irritated Skin

Immune System Support

Can CBD Pain Cream Help You?

Following is a short list of common, skin-related conditions where a CBD pain cream or salve has been shown to provide superior relief and even heal is many cases.  This list is evidenced by my own experience, thousands of patients’ personal experiences, as well as clinical laboratory tests on animals and humans around the world. Certainly worthy of your consideration.











Trigeminal Neuralgia

Ultra-sensitive Skin

Independent Third Party Testing

As with all CBD Living products, each batch of this new CBD Living Salve is tested by an independent 3rd Party, fully-licensed national laboratory.  You will find a QR code on every label that you can scan with your smartphone and instantly be able to review the test results of the product you purchased or are intending to purchase.

My recommendation is that you never consider products – even a CBD pain cream for your skin – that cannot provide you a professional, independent analysis of what’s in it.

And just as important, find out what is not in your CBD products!

It is always possible to confirm the quality and purity of your CBD products when manufacturers WANT you to know.

CBD Living Salve QR Code Image

How To Use and Apply

This is IMPORTANT!  The organic candelila wax is specifically chosen for it's centuries of use as a natural skin moisturiser and antiseptic barrier for your skin... especially your face.

When/or if you choose to rt this particular product, it's important to remind people that true "salves" like this one use botanical mediums to not only concentrate, but preserve the effectiveness and potency of the ingredients in the salve.

The obvious characteristic is that it more dense or "harder" at room temperature.

That's why it will be necessary to "push hard" into the salve before you apply it to your skin.

You must break the surface barrier (all over the surface area) before you attempt to apply it.

And next.... you take a small amount after 'pushing into it a bit"...  and then, rub it between the palms of your hands.  It will "melt" quickly due to your thermogenic heat from chunky to liquid quickly.

This is when you apply it.  Got it?  You should try it because it is remarkable.  Women will see the "overnight" effects compared to any high-profile night facial cream.

Cannabidiol and Skincare Products


CBD oil and skin care is already one of the fastest growing topics on the Internet, and segments of the cosmetic and skin care industries are expanding their product’s ingredients to include it.

So regardless of the naysayers, I have one question… If it doesn’t work, then why do people buy it from me, every month, for almost 4 years now?  And this particular CBD Living pain cream in a more concentrated salve may prove to be the best yet.

Consider leaving your comments below... our members and visitors want to hear from you!

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