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Please let us know below if we can add your un-answered questions to our CBD Website FAQ regarding any of my articles, recommendations, and CBD product reviews.

When was the Cannabis Animus Membership site first created? Expand

Our Membership site was developed in 2015 from our office in Newport Beach in 2015.  The concept evolved from my sincere aminus for government regulation and racketeering that will continue to effectively tax us for something that is factually free for us to grow, create, and consume with great vigor to the betterment of our bodies and health.

Where are your Hemp plants grown for your products? Expand

Cannabis Animus’ recommends only products that are organically grown and GMA certified in state-licensed extraction facilities.

Do any of your Products contain THC? Expand

No, at least not in any amount exceeding .3% which is legally allowed under the 2019 Farm Bill.  Actually, all the CBD Living products contain 0% THC.

And, all CBD Living products are nano CBD products and contain 0% (zero) THC.

We recommend nano CBD products containing 0% THC for our visitors and members at Cannabis Animus.  These products will not negatively affect drug tests.

High-quality, 3rd Party Tested CBD and hemp oil is 100% non-toxic and safe for children and pets .

Why are your Prices lower than anywhere else on the Internet? Expand

The simple answer is that I conceived this site only for our Members at prices that I would be willing to pay myself.

My understanding of the CBD product marketplace reflects that which we are learning about the economics behind modern information theory.

How secure is your website? Expand

Yes.  And our website and member information security is Protected by WP Engine, Rackspace, Coudflare, Sucuri, and a number of other protections that include our PCI Compliant email communications provided by Hubspot.

Do you accept any funds from any manufacturers or affiliates? Expand

No.  That will never be part of our business model, nor do we receive any advertising or affiliate revenues from any of our brand representations and support.

Do you collect any Credit Card information? Expand

No.  By design and intentions, we do not have access to your complete credit card transaction data through our Merchant gateway and Service providers.


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