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In an effort to provide our Members and Visitors new and diverse views across professions and industries, Cannabis Animus supports the creation and promotion of synergies wherever possible.  If you’d consider sharing your expertise and story, perhaps we can offer assistance toward achieving some of your goals in return.

Our Contributor Program is in its infancy, and therefore needs nurturing from competent and legitimate writers on the subject of CBD and Cannabis-related subjects that ultimately contribute to our collective understanding.  We’d love to hear your thoughts about improving our Members and Visitors experiences as well.

So consider submitting your information below so that we can arrange a more personal meeting.  There are a number of reasons to become a Contributor.


Grow your exposure as the Cannabis Animus website and its social media platforms broadcasts your article and/or video.  The Author (or business) will be provided a brief bio at the end of the article or summarized on our YouTube Channel.  You are also encouraged to include your website link and social media links.


Legitimizing yourself as an expert involves becoming published. Whether you are a blogger, a health professional, someone active within the CBD community, or a professional journalist…our Visitors and Members would like to hear about it.


Our Readers and Members may reach out to you for more information related to your article and/or video.  As mentioned above, every avenue for communication and sharing is available in your bio (including Photo if desired).

Contributor Guidelines

Prior to publishing, all submissions will be reviewed and edited if necessary to meet our standards. In the case where edits are required, contributions will not be published unless mutually agreed upon.


  • Direct Advertorials or Self-Promotions

  • Inflammatory or Offensive Language

  • Plagiarism

  • Adults Over 21

For consideration, please Contact Us.  Questions require only brief answers, but the more specific you are – the better for consideration.

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