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Marijuana Doctors – They’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Over 75% of Physicians Now Approve

Surprised by the New England Journal of Medicine’s 2016 survey that included 1,446 medical doctors practicing in 56 States, U.S. Provinces, and 72 countries, we now find in 2021 that an overwhelming majority (76%) of them approve the use of marijuana, liquid marijuana shots, extracts, and other derivatives.  Doctors for Cannabis Regulations are apparently beginning to mature with confidence.

Couple that with the fact that according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s results published in October 2015 that shows about 30- 35 million Americans vote with their wallets partaking in Cannabis use of many kinds.  According to the same study, that number has doubled since their last survey in 2002.

There’s no doubt that the proliferation of medical marijuana use in participating States has helped in this doubling effect.  But again, the doctors’ comments are quite revealing considering the bunk you hear on television and news channels.

Even physicians argued whether Cannabis should even be under the purview and prescription by doctors in the first place.

Legalize CBD

The majority in the group felt that there was no medical reason to criminalize the use of such a medically healthful plant.  Most of the others want to see marijuana decriminalized, but are less enthusiastic about recreational use.

Doctors For Cannabis Regulation (DFCR)

The Group includes the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Jocelyn Elders; Dr. Chris Beyrer, founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health and Human Rights; Dr. H. Wesley Clark, Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment;  Dr. David Lewis, founder of Brown University’s Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and professor emeritus of community health and medicine, Brown University Alpert Medical School; and Dr. David Nathan, founder and president of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation.

The DFCR is highly-qualified and medically diverse group that possesses legitimate scientific authority and counters claims from the Prison Industrial Complex and other policing authorities that “Cannabis legalization… is a threat to public health”.

Almost every form of media and cable news channels have reported how police and politicians are attempting to “pervert the FDA-caused opioid overdose crisis into the basis for opposing Cannabis regulations.”  And now that the “Opioid Crisis in America” has been documented to be reducing the life expectancy of whites, the politicians on Capitol Hill and the establishment media is all a-twitter.

A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana by David Casarett, MD

Beyond medical uses and values, those who have conducted medical studies generally agree that the use of Cannabis products is far less harmful than alcohol or other recreational drugs.  Its criminalization has not only unforeseen consequences but demonstrable ill effects on the public.  Even more illogical to these physicians is the fact that marijuana remains a Schedule 5 Drug and controlled substance under DEA authority.

In response, over 50 physicians and faculty at top-ranked medical schools have formed the DFCR to formally organize and endorse legalization for adult use of marijuana and all Cannabis-related products.

Their argument cites thousands of examples where the prohibition of marijuana has led to international cartels, decades of unnecessary violent crimes, burdensome policing (including the "Defund Police" movement), and costly incarceration.  The lost opportunity from the myriad medical savings and benefits from the use of Cannabis-based medicines, over-the-counter health & nutrition products is incalculable and immense.

And the list adds up to trillions in hard, tax-dollar costs to American citizens every year.

More Kudos – California Medical Association

Another example of the traction that is free medical marijuanabeing achieved within the medical community began to take form in 2011 when the CMA was the first statewide group of physicians to support legalization of the recreational and medical use of Cannabis products.  Thanks to the foundation they built, 7 new recreational use states including California, and 2 more States legalizing the use of medical marijuana have been added to the cause in 2020.

These physicians are in agreement that a strategy where a regulated market for Cannabis products including its medical use needs to be embraced and developed for the benefit of their patients and society in general.  Dr. Nathan explained that physicians often find their own commitment to their patients at odds with the American Medical Association’s licensing authority and the Federal Government’s paranoid position on weed… the solution being legalization for adult use along with moderate and intelligently crafted regulation.


Fate Meets Opportunity

The timing of all this appears to point toward soon reaching a critical mass where The Feds will be forced by popular demand and a scientific majority to “re-schedule” Cannabis to a level that reflects the inconsequential level of risk that it deserves.  This means complete removal of the plant and any/or all of its anatomy from DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) publications and authority.

Numerous studies confirm that at least 65% of Americans support legalization while support for medical marijuana under the supervision of a physician averages out to around 85%.  Can we now look forward to the near future where 85 percent of all physicians in America are “Marijuana Doctors”?

What do you think of these new medical marijuana doctor statistics?  

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