what are the health benefits of hemp protein powder

Hemp Protein Powder Benefits – A Superior Protein Source

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Industrial hemp is grown throughout the world and has been cultivated for hundreds of uses for longer than recorded time.

Among its prodigious bounty, the Cannabis plant (aka: hemp) produces prodigious amounts of hemp seeds which in turn is the source of hemp based protein powder.


Widely acknowledged among nutritionists, hemp seeds are an excellent source of plant protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids that our bodies require for proper physical health and psychological well-being.

Approximately 60% of the protein within hemp protein powder is edestin which is a particularly rare globulin legumin protein that is very similar in structure to the globulin in human blood plasma. It also contains more amounts of higher quality, essential fatty acids than most other plant-sourced protein powders.

Hemp protein powder’s taste is commonly characterized as having a subtle, nutty flavor as is the same for hemp seed oil.  Hmmm… this is sounding pretty good.

How To Use Hemp Based Protein Powder

In general, I think it’s fair to say that between those of us who drink protein shakes after workouts or rigorous activity, and the rest who use it as a protein supplement for their diet, probably makes up the majority of protein shake drinkers.

But high fiber hemp protein powder is also used in bulk food preparation, as a partial flour substitute in baked items, and it integrates very well with deliciously healthy recipes ripe for the attention of you more creative types who are involved in the culinary arts.

My method is the fruit and veggie smoothie method which changes based on the items in my refrigerator.

Let’s just say that hemp protein powder shakes fit perfectly with my goal of increasing my ratio of vegetables to meat & dairy.

The fact is that if we all ate enough fiber and organically grown, unhybridized vegetables, we likely wouldn’t have any reason to be talking about this subject.


Obviously, it is a strong contender for vegetarians who are understandably keen on high-quality proteins, as well as athletes who require the same consideration.

Top 5 Hemp Protein Benefits

Following are the Benefits of Organic Protein Powder:

High Quality Protein

High in Essential Amino Acids

High in Essential Fatty Acids

High in Quality Fiber

Improved Athletic Performance

High Quality Protein

An important characteristic of a high-quality protein is its digestibility.  Hemp protein is easily digested compared to other forms typically marketed to the health and fitness customer.  The better a protein is digested, the more effectively it can be used by your body.

Hemp protein also contains all of the essential fatty acids required for optimum health and requires less processing by the liver, pancreas, and kidneys compared to other sources of protein.  Many plant proteins are referred to as incomplete proteins because they do not contain enough of the essential fatty acids to meet all of our bodies’ requirements.

According to its protein-digestibility-corrected-amino-acid-score (PDAAS), the proteins from hemp seeds are generally greater in quality than found in most grains, legumes, and nuts.

High in Essential Amino Acids

It’s important to know that our bodies cannot make 9 of these essential amino acids, so it’s vital that we make smart choices about how we source and incorporate them into our daily diets.

After all, these are the building blocks from which proteins are constructed, and the protein in hemp seeds’ essential-amino-acids is a “complete” protein”, meaning that they contain all essential amino acids.


Essential Fatty Acids

Like essential aminos, essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured by your body.  That’s why they are called “essential”.  EFA’s are helpful for the improvement of neurological function/disorders, reducing inflammation and helping to prevent heart disease.

Organic Hemp ProteinFor this reason, the resulting nutrient composition of hemp protein fiber can be expected to aid blood sugar regulation more effectively than any other quality dietary fiber will.  I can’t emphasize how important this is and how much research is available for you to evaluate and confirm.

High in Fiber

We all know that eating high fiber, high protein foods is essential in achieving optimum health.  Rich in fiber, hemp protein powder provides 4 times the amount of fiber compared to the average wheat or soy protein powder.

High fiber diets have shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and constipation problems.  Daily fiber recommendations generally range from 30 – 40 grams per day for men and about 20 – 30 for women.

Just one hemp protein shake will supply 15 – 20% of your daily requirement of fiber, and your body will thank you in kind – regularly.  Another example of the health benefits of hemp protein – it actually makes you feel better.

Athletes Improve Recovery Time

Trainers and nutritionists understand that globulin proteins like the aforementioned edestin and albumin (as in egg whites) are hardly ever found in plants yet large amounts in quality hemp protein powders.

And who’s not interested in promoting lean body mass inducing nutrients into our bodies?

Hemp Protein powder is also high in branch-chain amino acids that are vital for muscle recovery, decreasing inflammation, and optimizing cell tissue repair.


Nutritional Profile

*One Serving: 4 tbsp. (30 grams)



  • 120 calories

  • 11 grams carbohydrates

  • 12 grams protein

  • 3 grams fat

  • 5 grams fiber

Cautions with Hemp Fiber

  • Gastrointestinal – Hemp fiber users may experience abdominal cramps, bloating, loose stools or mild diarrhea. Typically mild in nature, these potential side effects are typically not persistent unless you have a related intestinal problem. Consult a physician if it persists.

  • Bleeding – The University of Michigan Health System warns that the use of hemp-related products can inhibit blood platelet alignment.  Due to its high EFA (essential fatty acid) content, patients prescribed anticoagulants are cautioned to be aware that increased bleeding can be a side-effect.

  • Herpes – Those of us that get herpes outbreaks, including cold sores, need to use with caution, or even refrain from the use of hemp protein due to the high levels of the amino acid arginine which can potentially encourage outbreaks.

  • HIV AIDS – Folks with auto-immune disorders are also encouraged to use caution because 65% of hemp seed protein contains edistin which may prove to be too analeptic or stimulative.  Great for most of us, but it is suggested that patients taking immunosuppressive prescription medication should use hemp seed products with caution, and always consult your physician first.


My interest in all things Cannabis led me to this important supplement a few years ago, and I am pleased to discover its advantages.  Most all of us who have learned and embraced the fundamentals of a proper diet understand the vital role that fiber plays in our daily diet and healthy digestion and absorption of our food.

We also acknowledge that a high protein, high fiber diet is a powerful ally when it comes to optimizing one’s athletic condition.  Consumption of high protein, high fiber foods is good common sense for all of us including our kids and hemp protein fiber is among the very best choices.

Did you know that hemp was such a high-quality, gluten-free source of protein?

So, now that you’ve been informed of hemp protein powder’s benefits, please let us know how you think it compares to your current source!  Do you think hemp protein powder qualifies as a superfood?

Please let us know what you think.  Don’t go without leaving a comment!

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