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Why Join Cannabis Animus?

Our members are representative of a fast growing number of Americans who are no longer willing to accept the status quo from the medical industrial complex.  We believe in true health care reform in America, and we take our queues from both modern science, nature, and common sense.

Or,  maybe it's because I know, live, and understand that we will ultimately succeed,...because we continue to find better alternatives to prescription medication and the unhealthy and otherwise undesirable side effects that come with them.  The "surprise" is in fact the solution - as always.

CBD nanotechnology products are featured and recommended here at Cannabis Animus.  Our work with CBD Living for the last 5 years has been an amazing experience as we lead the industry in nano CBD products.

100% Natural   –   100% Safe   –   100% Non-Addictive

Cannabis Animus is committed to providing current, high-quality information on various important subjects surrounding Cannabis in general with an emphasis on the non-psychoactive and healing cannabinoid commonly called CBD (or cannabidiol).

It is also my hope that you will find my articles and posts to be at least a bit more thoughtful and thorough compared to others searched.  Our recommended products are tested and our reviews written by myself as author and publisher.

Full-disclosure, it is important that you understand I have no hesitancy in our members knowing that I do seek to earn a small amount from the sale of products in our shopping cart.  This small amount of revenue helps fund the cost of this platform.  All proceeds are currently returned to Cannabis Animus to fund growth.  No income is retained by me from operations… a true labor of love.

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