Nano CBD Products

Nano CBD Products

The integration of nanoscience and nanotechnology with CBD (cannabidiol) product design and development has had a powerful effect on patient experiences and satisfaction levels.  Currently, in 2020, sales of nano CBD products are dramatically increasing among all demographics, and in all 50 States as more people become aware of its existence.

Over the last few years, the U.S. National Institute of Health has published numerous clinical studies on both traditional and nano-forms of CBD. One published in 2018 called “New Formulation Based on Pro-Nano Dispersion Technology, Improves Oral Cannabinoids Bioavailability in Healthy Volunteers” showed a 131% increase in oral bioavailability over traditional CBD isolate and/or hemp oil.

As an addition to my series on nano CBD, it’s only appropriate to answer the following customer and patient questions that pertain to nano CBD, the creation of nanoemulsions, and share examples of recommended nano CBD products.

This information will reference clinical studies as well as my own data gleaned from over 4 years of personal experience with hundreds of our visitors, members, physicians, medical professionals, and patients with whom I've been able to counsel as author and publisher of Cannabis Animus.

  • What does Nano CBD Do?
  • What is Nano Amplified CBD?
  • What does Nano Infused CBD Mean?
  • How is Nano CBD Made?
  • What is Full Spectrum Nano CBD?
  • What is Broad Spectrum CBD?
  • Benefits of Nano CBD Products
  • Recommended Nano CBD Products
nano CBD water

What does Nano CBD Do?

Nano CBD refers to CBD molecules that have been reduced to over one-millionth of their original size in order to increase bioavailability and subsequent bioactivity within the body’s systems and anatomy.  Nano-sized CBD is so small that it has the ability to penetrate the “blood-brain barrier” of our cells.

The effect of this application of nanoscience and nanotechnology on CBD products has been documented by the National Institute of Health’s clinical studies on new formulations based on nanodispersion technology, improving the bioactivity of orally administered cannabinoids in healthy patients.

What is Nano Amplified CBD?

Nano-Amplified CBD refers to a product being formulated using forms of nano-sized CBD particles in its production.  The term was first used by CBD Living Water on its packaging to describe the “amplified” or otherwise improved pain and anxiety relief from nano-emulsified CBD suspended in water.

Athletes were among the first to use the term when they described significant improvements in their performance as well as their recovery after drinking CBD water.

What does Nano (Nanotechnology) Infused CBD Mean?

The infusion of nano CBD refers to its inclusion in the product’s formulation. It’s another marketing term that is intended to communicate that the products contain nano CBD (nano-sized in the laboratory) as opposed to traditional CBD isolate formulations or hemp oil.

These claims may or may not prove to be true, so consumer due diligence on the product’s manufacturer is always recommended.  It’s important that you learn much about the company and the products ‘actual’ ingredients.  Only use products that contain a QR code on the label that you can scan with your phone’s camera and reveal independent 3rd party test batch results for the exact product you are considering.

CBD 3rd Party Testing

How is Nano CBD Made?

A true nanoemulsion particle (as opposed to the macro emulsion, microemulsion, colloid, or liposome particles) is typically made with a combination of high amplitude ultrasonic processors, nano stabilizing gear, and more ultrasonic equipment. According to Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky, it’s no more complicated than following a cookbook recipe when using his company's equipment… and it’s easy to tell when it’s done.

This kind of equipment yields translucent CBD nanoemulsions below 20 nanometers in size rendering them crystal clear in water. Larger particle sizes can be used in colored beverages and edibles which also brings down the cost according to particle size requirements.

The color of the nanoemulsion becomes more milky and opaque as the CBD droplet size increases.  Other examples would be 250 nm-sized CBD particle for infusion into chocolate or a gel capsule… over 100 times larger than required for water or a clear white beverage.

What is Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil?

The term “full-spectrum” technically refers to the inclusion of all cannabinoids, terpenes (terpenoids), and phytonutrients naturally existing in the resins generated by any species or hybrid form of the Cannabis plant flowers.  The quintessential example of full spectrum Cannabis oil would be Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or full cannabinoid extracts produced from the entirety of the flower material.  Anything less than a full extract is, therefore "something less" than the full spectrum.

By definition, this always includes THC and other potentially psychoactive cannabinoids.  Legal CBD products cannot contain any more than 0.3% THC rendering the term "full-spectrum" largely inaccurate when referencing legal CBD products of any kind.

Nevertheless, it has become common practice for marketers to use words and terms in any way they choose regardless of the accuracy or the confusion it creates.  In fact, a convenient form of confusion is exactly what most of them are trying to create.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

The term “Broad Spectrum” CBD generally refers to CBD nanotechnology product formulations that include specifically chosen cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients for inclusion in the formulation as opposed to “the full spectrum” of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients present in the flower.

The intention of the term is clearly to differentiate from “full spectrum” references and is, therefore, a more appropriate term for characterizing legal CBD products whether they are nano emulsified CBD products or otherwise.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Benefits of Nano CBD Products

  • Superior bioavailability
  • Increased bioactivity
  • Quicker absorption
  • Water-Beverage-Compatible


  • Long-lasting product stability
  • Full translucence potential
  • Better flavor
  • Non-toxic, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive

Recommended Nano CBD Products

Until the last few years, only a few of CBD Living’s Nano products incorporated nano-enhanced CBD in them.  It all started with their CBD water for which the company is famous.

By choice, it was the first CBD Living nano product that I used in 2014 as my only source of pain relief following my 2nd hip replacement surgery (left side this time). Soon after, CBD Living incorporated nano CBD technology into their Gel Caps and their lower dose nanotechnology Gummies for children.

What is CBD Living Water

Today in 2020, all CBD LIVING products (except their CBD crystalline isolate) are nano emulsified CBD products featuring even higher doses of CBD nano in their current formulations.  Wisely, they offer a High-Concentrate, nano CBD oil tincture for chronic and advanced medical conditions as well as lower concentrations and a full line of CBD pet products.

Following is a list of CBD Living’s Nano CBD Products with a brief description of each below:

CBD Living Water

The best nano CBD water by CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water is infused with nanotechnology CBD products by their proprietary, patent-pending, nano emulsification process.  Synergistic, nutritional additives to the water include d-Ribose, Vitamin B Complex, and Coenzyme Q10 infused in a high-alkaline 9.0+ pH water for optimal hydration.  It's unsurpassed in the water industry.

CBD Living is the original CBD water (2014) and the flagship of their extensive line of nano CBD (and non-nano) products.

This form of nanotechnology CBD water is unique in its myriad qualities and benefits.  Available in 6-Packs and 12-Packs in 16.9 fl. oz. bottles each containing 10,000,000 ng of CBD (10mg)  and also in wholesale.

CBD Living Sparkling Beverage

CBD Living combines their proprietary nano CBD water with all-natural fruits and flavors in a more enjoyable, carbonated form beverage.  This exciting new CBD drink comes in 4 versions:  Apple Ginger, Orange Grapefruit, Peach Honey, and Strawberry Lavender.

CBD Beverage - Carbonated

And like all CBD Living Products, these delicious new carbonated CBD drinks are guaranteed to be Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free,  Kosher Certified, and completely THC free.

The utmost care and consideration go into every step of new product development to final formulation, and this naturally flavored Sparkling Beverage version is a perfect example of their truly amazing products.

It’s reeally hard not to like the taste of any of these four flavor choices.  These do NOT taste like most yucky energy drinks, and with 25 mg of nano CBD, it’s effective for everyone.


CBD Living Daily Tincture

CBD Living Daily Tincture is a broad-spectrum CBD oil in an MCT base oil (medium-chain triglyceride) made from fractionated coconut oil.  Works much faster and more effectively than other traditional hemp oil I’ve used due to the nano-sized molecules particles.

Nano CBD Tincture Oil

Compare 100% bioavailability from nano-sized CBD molecules as compared to only 10% to 30% absorption from the soft tissue of mouth, cheeks, under tongue, and remainder to the digestive tract from standard CBD hemp oil.

And no nasty taste either… It’s even clear and void of color.  A measured 1 ml glass dropper is included in the cap’s design.  Various concentrations are available in Hi-Potency 4500 mg and 1500 mg bottles and also in wholesale.

CBD Living Gel Caps

nano CBD capsules

CBD Living Gel Caps contain PCR hemp oil (Phyto-cannabinoid-rich) with a patented colloidal droplet delivery system called VESlsorb®.

Their oil process transforms a full-spectrum, organic hemp oil extract into a nano-enhanced hemp oil containing nano-sized CBD molecules instead of very large and indigestible hemp oil particulates.

Each capsule tested to exceed 25 mg nanotechnology CBD and is considered to take one adult maintenance dose.  Available in 30 count bottles as well as 5 count sample bottles and also in wholesale.

CBD Living Gummies

CBD Living Gummies are now available in two distinct types: Regular Flavor and Sour/Tangy Flavor. These nano CBD gummies have no ‘hempy’ flavor that is a giveaway for kids. They are delicious snacks and used by more parents than children… unfortunately.

CBD Gummies

For most effective use I recommend chewing lightly and forming them to fit under your tongue or in your cheeks. Let dissolve slowly while avoiding chewing – if you can. CBD nano is absorbed faster and more efficiently under the tongue and cheeks.

Take each Gummie contains 10 mg of CBD nano which is the recommended starting dose for children. A minimum of 2 to 3 Gummies are recommended for adults. 30 Gummies per bottle and also in wholesale.

CBD Living Freeze (topical roll-on)

High Potency CBD Freeze

CBD Living Freeze is so effective that we have international members at Cannabis Animus who are effectively treating Trigeminal Neuralgia which affects the 5th cranial nerve (aka The Suicide Disease) all with this topical, roll-on nanoemulsion.  It’s amazing.  According to these patients, there is no prescription medication that will work anywhere near as effectively as this CBD nano product does.

Formed into a slick emulsion, the 3 fl. oz. roll-on applicator is the perfect fit for a topical CBD product.  At 300 mg per bottle, it is designed to be applied liberally and successively until relief is achieved.  For even faster relief, a new Hi-potency CBD Freeze roll-on is available in 750mg version ... more economical per mg of broad-spectrum CBD nano products.

A perfect complement to CBD Living’s internally ingested or inhaled products, we find that CBD nano absorbs more quickly into the body skin and more effectively than other topical CBD products.

CBD Living Skin Lotion

CBD Lotion

As opposed to localized pain points, CBD Living Daily Lotion is designed for use over the entire body skin surface if necessary.

Many patients are finding that by using this in place of their regular skin care lotion, their skin becomes more healthy in appearance while relieving pain and calming their nerves at the same time.

This quick-acting lotion is available in both lavender scent and an unscented version.  Both contain CBD which has molecules small enough to penetrate your body's skin layers and into the bloodstream through the tiniest of capillaries in the skin.

Each 16 oz. bottle contains 300 mg of CBD and includes vitamins A, C, and E, and therapeutic botanicals like algae oil extracts, jojoba, aloe, and grape seed oil.

CBD Living Salve

There are a number of reasons for administering a higher concentration of CBD in the form of a topical salve or ointment. In addition to CBD’s pain-relieving properties, CBD Living Salve provides a higher concentration for use on the face, hands, and extremely dry areas of the skin that are damaged by sun, uncomfortable skin conditions, and prescription medication side-effects.

Nano CBD Cream

The effects are almost immediately appreciated, and many are now using it as an overnight treatment where improved sleep is reported.

This particular formulation incorporates broad-spectrum terpenes and other healthful botanicals, phytonutrients, and essential oils like sunflower oil, organic shea butter, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, chamomile, and rose oil.

Nutrients in Candelilla wax are readily absorbed into the skin and also provide an antiseptic and protective barrier to the skin for protection against oxidation and collagen loss.

CBD Living Suppository

CBD Living Suppositories are another physician favorite. Why? Because sometimes a rectal or vaginal suppository is better for the patient.  CBD ingested by mouth can sometimes conflict with certain prescription medications that are metabolized in the liver.

CBD Suppositories

This can have the effect of reducing the potency of the prescription drugs. With CBD suppositories, you get the benefits of CBD in the targeted area, without disrupting the balance of other medications that you may be taking orally.

Another reason why physicians recommend CBD suppositories is that they deliver the CBD directly to the localized source of pain. So when the CBD is administered rectally or vaginally, it better ‘locates’ the pain relief for issues such as rectal pain, menstrual cramps, and vaginal pain symptoms.

CBD Living Topical Patches

As a drug delivery mechanism, transdermal patches are often recommended by physicians in order to avoid undesired conflicts with other medications being metabolized in the liver.

CBD Topical Patch outside Box

CBD Living Topical Patches are an excellent example of nano CBD’s superiority in penetrating the skin’s distinct layers and subsequently entering the blood stream and lymphatic system.

Vegan, Non-GMO, and Latex Free, these transdermal CBD patches are 100% Hypoallergenic and uses a Medical Grade Adhesive from 3M Corp.

CBD Living’s delivery method also incorporates a new “reservoir technology” which is claimed to be an advancement that allows the patch to deliver CBD steadily for up to 96 hours.

Nano CBD Living Sleep Aid

The calming effect of CBD is widely appreciated as well as its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD. Try going to sleep with your nerves firing off. That’s why you see more and more sleep aids with CBD included in the ingredients.

CBD Sleep Aid - Cherry

CBD Living Sleep Aid syrup is blended with Melatonin, and has become a popular, all-natural sleep aid providing a synergistic effect for the user.

Sweetened by natural cane sugar, this CBD sleep aid syrup comes in a 4 oz. bottle and is available in Cherry or Grape flavors.

Each bottle contains 200 mg of CBD and take 16 mg of Melatonin added for a naturally restful sleep and without any hint of grogginess in the morning as expected from prescription medications.

CBD Living Tea

CBD Living Teas are designed with true tea connoisseurs in mind.  Made with only the finest, premium tea varieties, each blend includes all-natural and organic ingredients that create unique and deliciously memorable blends .


Excellent served hot or cold!

These broad-spectrum, CBD teas are as welcome to take in the morning as in the evening or before bedtime... and with no THC whatsoever.

All-natural ingredients found in the teas include Organics like honeybush, black currants, calendula petals, turmeric, ginger, peaches, orange peel, safflower, peppercorn, marigold petals, and natural Extracts from passion fruit, mango, and blackberry.

CBD Living Energy Shots

Each 2 ounce CBD Living Energy Shot contains a full 30 mg adult dose of CBD (cannabidiol) and 100 mg of caffeine.  This product has no sugar content, however, it has a delicious mixed berry flavor.  And remember, CBD acts to calm the body’s nervous system, so there’s a totally different biochemical dynamic going on here compared to all the other energy drink forms and brands.

CBD Energy Shots

Utilizing CBD Living’s proprietary, water-soluble nanotechnology, these CBD molecules are reduced to over one-millionth of their original size allowing it to pass through the blood membrane.

This incredibly small molecular size becomes virtually 100% bioavailable at the cellular level which translates to faster, and better results.

Same reason why all CBD Living products are recommended at Cannabis Animus.  None of them including this energy shot will cause any kind of "crash" after the caffeine wears off!

CBD Living E Juice (High Quality)

CBD Living E Juice a CBD oil that comes in 2 flavors: Tropical Blend, and Strawberry Cream.  This CBD oil is initially extracted using the cleanest CO2 process prior to nano-sizing and includes natural terpenes and natural flavors.

CBD E Juice - Strawberry Banana

High-quality vape CBD oils are certified by 3rd-party laboratories to be free of metals, toxins, and pesticides. No VG, PG, or vitamin E acetate is ever added to these products.

Available in 1 fl oz/30ml squeeze bottles containing 250 mg of Organic, Broad-spectrum CBD oil.  Designed for use in all forms of electronic vaporizers and vape devices of your choice and preference.


CBD Living Disposable Vape Pens

The newest addition to the CBD vape products line is their fully disposable, one-piece vape pen.  CBD Living Disposable Vape Pens are available in Mango, Pina, and Strawberry Banana.

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

The new trend since late 2019 and 2020 is away from two-part vape pens (oil cartridge + re-chargeable pen battery) for a number of important reasons.

No re-charging is required, no button to hold down while inhaling, no leaky cartridges to deal with... they're lighter, smaller, thinner, and therefore more discreet, yet still have full draw power and effectiveness.

Included cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, and CBDC.  Contains no vitamin E acetate, VG, PG, or THC.

CBD Living Dabz (aka: CBD Shatter)

Designed with the CBD vape connoisseur in mind, CBD Living Dabz is arguably the best CBD shatter available and consistent in quality and characteristics.  Available in 3 natural terpene varieties: Durban Poison, Gelato, and Zkittles.

Nano CBD Shatter

At a 97% purity level, it is also the quickest and most potent form of CBD delivery due to the control that the user has over the amount and frequency of inhaled vapor.

3% is reserved for enough natural terpenes to provide the desired flavor. Comes in .5 gram quantity within a re-sealable, clear plastic jewel case.

No THC is present.  This is the KING of anti-anxiety CBD delivery.

CBD Living Isolate

CBD crystalline isolate is perfect for patients who want 99.5% CBD purity for either adding to their existing products to increase potency, preparing edible CBD nano products, or adding to their foods, condiments, and dressings.

CBD Isolate Crystals

Use at home with food prep in combination with fruits, vegetables, salads, salad dressings, sandwich toppings, and other foods served at room temperature or cold… even frozen goodies!

CBD Living Isolate crystals store well in dry places and are excellent for adding to other CBD oil to increase potency to more desired levels.  This is often the most economical way for high pain and high stress/anxiety patients to get the amount of CBD they need without breaking the bank.

It can be added to virtually any food, but if cooked, it is best to add to the food, sauces, dressings, etc. after cooking is done.

CBD Living Bath Bombs

Hey guys, no laughing… these CBD Living Bath Bombs and Hand/Body Bars are the real deal. A whopping 60 mg of CBD is infused within each 8 oz Bath Bomb.  Of course, the ladies are more familiar with the soothing and calming effects of aromatherapy… and that’s a shame.  You guys don’t know what your missing.

CBD Bath Bombs

And now, we all can include a big dose of CBD nano products to our bath and BAMM!  The nano-sizing of the cannabidiol allows 5 – 10X increase in absorption through the skin.  Relaxation like you’ve ever felt – or smelt!

Current fragrances from which to choose are Amber Bergamot, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Coconut Lime.  Makes for great gifts and stocking stuffers. Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, shea butter, natural essential CBD oil fragrances, natural dyes… and just a pinch of isopropyl alcohol that helps unbind the shea butter binders.


It’s not like science we aren’t completely inundated with literally thousands of new words describing every nuance of medical marijuana (MMJ), cannabidiol (CBD), and everything Cannabis.  However, this latest guide or reference to how nanoscience and nanotechnology have combined and brought more attention to CBD nano products and Cannabis in general.

Due to the relative non-psychoactive and legal advantage that CBD nanoproducts have had over other Cannabis products containing THC, more time and energy has been invested in CBD nano products and hemp product development at the nano level.  Who knows how quickly this preferred form will become dominant among consumers.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve personally witnessed patients literally transformed by using high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD nano products from our shop.

It’s one thing to science experience the benefits personally – which I have and still evangelizes.  But it’s quite another to watch this transformation occur for thousands of our visitors and customers at Cannabis Animus.

Nano Enhanced CBD Oil Patients

I hope you found this information helpful.

Please visit our shop consider leaving your comments or questions in the space below.  We all want to hear from you!

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    1. Well, I trust you’ve already read the article here, so I recommend CBD Living nano CBD oil in either 1500 mg bottle or 4500 mg bottle. If you’d like to speak with me personally about your recommended therapy, dosages, and frequency, etc… please give me a call at 888-302-3600. I look forward to meeting you!

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    I have a less-common form of fibromyalgia that causes extreme itching, rather than the usual sharp, intense pains. The itching is worst at night so interferes with falling asleep, usually not until 1:30 a.m. or later. I’ve been taking CBD Gel caps that provide 15mg ,but they don’t seem to do much. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi James, Glad you reached out because 15 mg of the very finest CBD is not enough for an ailing pet much less a human. Although some people are extremely sensitive to CBD, most fibromyalgia patients that I consult need far greater amounts AND 2 to 3 doses per day in 8 hour intervals. I recommend CBD Living Tincture 1500 mg or 4500 mg value bottle. We also have discounts for 3 packs, 6 packs and 12 packs. I recommend at least 50 mg per dose and 2 to 3 times per day. Try that for a week or two and let me (Ted Mortenson) know at 888-302-3600.

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