CBD Living Energy Shot

CBD Energy Shot

30 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

Mixed Berry Flavor

200 mg Caffeine

2 Fl. Ounce Bottle

No Sugar – No THC

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To put things in perspective, a study in 2017 showed that an 8 fl oz cup of brewed coffee from Starbucks contains about 180 mg of caffeine while a single espresso, or espresso-based drink, contains about 75 – 100 mg of caffeine.  So, this new energy drink from CBD Living is certainly not all about a big caffeine and sugar buzz that ends up in a big energy CRASH!

But let’s face it, CBD is changing people’s lives and we all need a little pick-me-up from time to time.  From stressed-out college students to overworked employees, demand for “energy drinks” rose to over $500 million in 2018 and currently, the “energy shots” market segment is the fastest growing segment.  So, doesn’t it make sense to combine one hot market with another (CBD) and create an even more effective and healthful energy drink or concentrated “shot”. that combines two of the highest demanded products in the world today!

Each 2 ounce CBD Living Energy Shot contains a full 30 mg adult dose of CBD (cannabidiol) and 100 mg of caffeine.  This product has no sugar content, however it has a delicious mixed berry flavor.  And remember, CBD acts to calm the body’s nervous system, so there’s a totally different biochemical dynamic going on here compared to all the other energy drink forms and brands.

Utilizing CBD Living’s proprietary, water soluble nanotechnology, these CBD molecules are reduced to over one-millionth of their original size allowing it to pass through the blood membrane.  This incredibly small molecular size becomes virtually 100% bioavailable at the cellular level which translates to faster, and better results.  Same reason why all CBD Living products are recommended at Cannabis Animus.

Enjoy the difference!

CBD: 30 mg of Nano CBD
Caffeine: 200 mg of Caffeine
Sugar:  None

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