CBD Living Chocolate is available in Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Versions

200mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD

13.3 mg per piece (square)

8 Square pieces per Bar

CBD Living MILK & DARK Chocolate 

No THC – Non-GMO


Free Shipping

$18.95 per bar


3-Pack Discount 10% @ $49.95

6-Pack Discount 20% @ $89.95

12-Pack Discount 30% @ $159.95


*Bulk Orders payable by check – Credit card orders add 5%*


Well, there’s Cannabis-infused chocolate everrrr-y-where these days.  But!  If you haven’t tried CBD Living Chocolate, then let me try to describe it.  Both the Milk Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate Bar is premium level, connoisseur grade product.


For almost a decade, CBD Living brings documented experience creating this particular nano CBD chocolate bar.  Nanotechnology delivers 5 – 10X the potency.  100% bioavailability via nano-sized CBD… you can taste the difference.  Done deal while it delivers more than just the anandamide response that triggers your hormone system and pleasure center of the brain.


You’ll immediately notice there’s no typical after-taste characteristic of  cannabis oil and/or hemp oil infused chocolate products in general.  Conversely, both varieties offer creamy smooth texture and comparable to your favorites… and as flavorful as your favorite Swiss chocolate, but with no THC… only nano CBD!  

Both the Milk Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate is a premium level, connoisseur grade product.

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