CBD Living Dog Breath Spray

CBD Spray For Dogs

250 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD

Enhanced Bioavailability and Increased Absorption
Supports Oral Health
Combats Tartar & Plaque
2 Oz Bottle

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$34.95 each


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6-Pack Discount 20% @ $169.95
12-Pack Discount 30% @ $294.95


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Nano-enhanced, broad-spectrum CBD Spray For Dogs is the best product available for pets that are not eating properly.  This will not only improve their breath, but it will also deliver 100% bioavailable nano CBD to ill pets that are not eating properly.

One of the many benefits of CBD for pets is that it can increase appetite in ailing and aging dogs.

This nano CBD spray also contains natural ingredients that enhance the possibility of significantly reducing unwanted smells from your dog’s breath.  Even if you don’t appreciate it, others certainly will!

And your dog will be receiving CBD quickly and easily.

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