CBD Living E-Juice – Strawberry Cream

CBD Vape e-Liquid: 250 mg

Strawberry Cream

7 Different Extracts

Blend of Fresh Strawberries and Cream


No Nicotine

1 fluid ounce/30 ml bottle


Free Shipping

$29.95 each


3 Pack 10% discount @$79.95

6 Pack 20% discount @ $145.95 

12 Pack 30% discount @ $249.95

* Bulk Orders payable by check – Bulk Credit card orders add 5% *


Choose the healthy way to vape while delivering CBD throughout the day!  CBD Living has created a delicious new line of e-Liquids with your choice of flavors, and we carry their most popular flavor choices of E Juice.

For people who enjoy vaping, can you think of a more convenient and effective way to get the calming and healing effects of CBD your body wants and needs?

CBD Living eJuice top sellers are Tropical Blend and Strawberry Cream, and available in 250 mg ‘Gorilla’ Squeeze bottles: 250 mg CBD/30 ml bottle.

Vape connoisseurs will be very please with this e Juice product’s purity and high-quality manufacturing from CBD Living!

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