CBD Living Lotion – Pain Relief & Skin Health

300 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD

16 fl. oz. Pump Bottle

Vegan – No THC

Available in:

Lavender -and- Unscented

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$36.95 each

3-Pack Discount 10% @ $99.95

6-pack Discount 20% @ $179.95

12-pack Discount 30% @ 310.95

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One of the newest product introductions from CBD Living follows on the incredible success of their first topical CBD product.  250mg of Full-Spectrum Nano CBD in every bottle with each single pump dispensing approx 1 mg each time.  CBD Living Lotion is available unscented or in a mild lavender fragrance.


CBD Living Lotion provides lasting relief for those with overactive peripheral nerves in your skin as well as helping your body’s natural processes for relieving pain & inflammation.  It is specifically designed for larger areas of the skin… for the entire body if desired, as opposed to more localized areas of pain like CBD Living Freeze is designed.   


For those of you who have problems with menthol, camphor, and isopropyl alcohol, CBD Living Lotion provides a more hypo-allergenic solution that doesn’t have any of the characteristic smells and vapors from products containing the aforementioned ingredients in CBD Living Freeze topical emulsion.

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