CBD Living Pet Capsules

CBD Capsules For Dogs

750 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD

25 mg Per Capsule

30 Gel Capsules per Bottle


Free Shipping

$49.95 per Bottle


Designed for the most discerning pet owners and veterinarians who seek the finest nano CBD pet product for pain and anxiety relief that also provides 100% bioavailability.

Why give your pet dog a low-grade hemp oil when you can provide your pet with higher quality and more potent nano CBD?  To date, this is the only nano CBD pet product available and is far more effective than any other you’ve ever given your pet.

CBD Living Pet gel capsules are much more convenient and less messy for your lovely pets and yourself as well.  Just put a CBD gel cap in their food and watch your pet’s behavior change over the next few days!  You’ll see the difference right away, and so will your pets.

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