CBD Living Sleep Aid – Cherry

200mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

Includes 16 mg Melatonin

Cherry and Grape Flavors

Vegan – No THC

Free Shipping

$19.95 each

3-Pack: 10% Discount @ $54.95

6-Pack: 20% Discount @ $99.95

12-Pack: 30% Discount @ $169.95

*Bulk Orders payable by Check  |  Credit Card orders add 5%*


Have you tried a CBD sleep aid together with Melatonin lately?  It makes sense that all of the well-documented, calming effects of both these natural and safe ingredients should be combined.  And recently, our price is reduced while increasing the CBD content from 120 mg to 200mg!

Realize that lack of quality NREM sleep has been identified by most all physicians and health organizations to be a leading cause of premature aging and stress on our immune, hormone, and neural systems.  Ten servings contains 20 mg of nano CBD per serving in Cherry or Grape flavors.

*Add sparkling water for a refreshing evening tonic, or add to any of your favorite beverage for the best over counter sleep aid ever offered!  You will wake up with less pain and stress.  There really is no substitute for a deeper  sleep.  It’s essential because the quality of your the sleep has everything to do with the proper, nocturnal re-building and recovery phase for our bodies.


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