CBD Living Sleep Aid – Grape

200mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD

Includes 16 mg Melatonin

 Grape & Cherry Flavors

Vegan – No THC

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$22.95 each

3-Pack Discount 10% @ $59.95

6-Pack Discount 20% @ $110.95

12-Pack Discount 30% @ $189.95

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Have you tried CBD with your Melatonin lately?  It makes sense that the well-documented calming effects of both these natural and safe ingredients should be combined together  CBD Living Sleep Aid.

Lack of quality NREM sleep has been identified by many physicians and health organizations to be a leading cause of premature aging and stress on our immune systems.  This CBD formula has recently been increased from 120 mg per bottle to 200 mg.  Ten servings per bottle contains a full 20 mg of nano CBD per serving in Grape flavor.

Do you want to achieve better quality sleep without drugs?  Is CBD missing from your medicine cabinet?

*Add sparkling water for a refreshing (small) evening tonic, or add to some hot tea before bed.  Some folks just take it from a tablespoon!


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