CBD Living Salve – Concentrated Topical CBD Cream

500 mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Salve Cream

Patented Transdermal Nano CBD Skin Delivery

2 oz. Container

Vegan – No THC

Soy Free – GMO Free

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$39.95 each

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12-Pack Discount 30% @ $349.95

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One of the newest product introductions from CBD Living’s focus on topical CBD formulations utilizing their patented nanotechnology continues to impress our Members at Cannabis Animus.  This CBD Salve contains 500 mg of nano CBD in a highly concentrated 2 ounce balm formulation.

CBD Living Salve provides far stronger dosage for longer relief.  Chronic pain sufferers with neuropathic pain at the skin level WILL notice the difference. 

The peripheral nerves within the 3 layers of your skin will quickly respond to all these nano CBD molecules via the CB1 and 2 Receptors  as it is nano-absorbed into the tiniest of blood capillaries in your skin… to the larger veins and arteries to be pumped again for another quick cycle by your heart muscle (main pump).

Cannabidiol’s (CBD) biochemistry is linked to your Endocannabinoid Systems’s natural pain & inflammation relief.  Nano-sized particles make CBD100% bioavailable- therefore fully bioactive as opposed to traditional CBD hemp oil and CBD isolate-based products.

It is specifically designed for more localized areas of pain like CBD Living Freeze is designed.  However, CBD Living Freeze has only half as much CBD (in 3 oz. roll-on emulsion), yet still proves to be one of the highest selling, topical, nano CBD products since 2016.  I use both – one after another for increasing the effectiveness of the (combined) dose.

Much like CBD Living Lotion, this new product provides a different form of  relief for painful skin areas, especially irritated or cracked skin.  Please consider comparing this to your favorite Face Cream!  You may be surprised in many ways.

The unique formulation includes important, essential Fatty Acids that facilitates, and even improves, moisturization and protection on the surface of your skin at the same time.  It’s a naturally effective, protected, antiseptic barrier as well with 1000’s of years of botanical evidence.

Compared to CBD Living Lotion, this more concentrated salve is intended for smaller body locations and face .  This CBD Living Salve can also be applied over larger areas of the skin, even though this balm (cream) is primarily intended for more localized areas where higher doses of CBD from problem skin areas and skin conditions persist.



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