CBD Principles Full-Spectrum Tincture 1,000 MG

1,000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Entourage Effective

Vegan and Non-GMO

Avocado and Sunflower Oils

Measured Dropper Cap

30 ml (1 fl. oz.) bottle

Less <0.3% THC


Free Shipping

$64.95 each


3-Pack Discount 10% @ 169.95

6-Pack Discount 20% @ $299.95

12-Pack Discount 30% @ $549.95

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CBD Principles full-spectrum CBD oil is designed for people (and cats, dogs, horses…) who may be specifically looking for this type of non-GMO, organically-sourced oil for a number of reasons – good reasons.  For some of you that are new to CBD, it’s very important to know what these reasons are.

From our customers and members experience, the primary purpose behind choosing a full-spectrum CBD oil is to gain the added benefit of the “entourage effect” which is characterized by a more significant count and presence of the Cannabis plant’s natural cannabinoid precursors like CBG, CBN, CBC, CBNA, CBGA, CBDV, and many more including legal amounts of THC less than 0.3% by volume per 2016 Farm Bill guidelines.  All of these are required to optimize the entourage effect in people, pets, and livestock.


Full-Spectrum CBD vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD


By maintaining a natural balance of all these naturally included cannabinoids (and terpenes) in the extraction process, a synergistic effect is believed to be the result we experience as the entourage effect.  Full-spectrum CBD products are described by many patients as more effective for pain and anxiety relief than “broad-spectrum” CBD oils that have little of these natural cannabinoid precursors left (if at all) after extraction… and no THC cannabinoid at all by broad-spectrum definition.

Having personally tested and reviewed over 100 products at Cannabis Animus over the last 5 years, we understand why some people may have not liked the taste of a full-spectrum oil.  We never did either until we realized that a combination of the typical, healthy, flavorless MCT oil along with Sunflower Seed and  Avocado oils re-created in a proprietary, full-spectrum CBD extraction process delivers a very mild and naturally pleasant taste – all without weird flavors designed to mask the “hempy” flavor innate to most all, full-spectrum extracts.  The point is that we feel you’ve likely never tried any high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil quite like it!

Be sure to check the QR Code results from your smartphone camera too.  Take a picture of it from the label and instantly see the 3rd Party lab Test Results for the batch you are using (or have already seen on the CBD Principles.com website.  Never purchase any ingestible product that doesn’t have a current QR code on the label for your use.

At Cannabis Animus, THM Brands, and CBD Principles, we have created a true, full-spectrum CBD oil that doesn’t taste like a weed.  We want you to try it for yourself and please leave your own comments under (all) my Product Review(s).


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