CBD Principles Water-Soluble Nano Drops

600 mg Water-Soluble Nano CBD  

Full-Spectrum Aqua Solution

Measured Dropper and Cap

Non-GMO and Vegan

30 ml (1 fl. oz.) bottle

Less <0.3% THC



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CBD Principles Water Soluble Nano CBD aqua solution is a true 100% nano CBD product.  That’s important to state right off the top because most advertised “nano CBD” products are not 100% nano products, to begin with.  For those of you either at the beginning of your CBD therapies or otherwise interested in catching up on CBD technology in 2021, please review the following.  It’s important.

Although the bioscience (nanoscience/nanotechnology) shows that nano-sized nutrients are more bioavailable than organic molecules that are one million times larger thus improving bioactivity.  However, most products that claim to be “Nano CBD” products may indeed contain a nano-sized CBD element, but what happens when they put it in MCT oil?  Is it still a nano CBD product after a relatively small amount of nano CBD is added to a whole lot of MCT oil, or hemp seed oil, or other base oil?  No, it is not.

True nano CBD particles measure less than 120 nanometers in size which is how they can be dissolved in water-based liquid like water, flavored beverages, fruit juices, or the like… whatever drink you choose.  One nanometer (nm) = 0.000001 millimeter (mm).  We’re talking one-millionth of its original molecule size folks!

At that molecular size, there’s no need to use it like a traditional, sublingual, CBD tincture oil unless you choose to.  A true, water-soluble, nano CBD liquid from CBD Principles will enter your bloodstream throughout any or all of the body’s digestive organs.  That’s why it works better according to many patients suffering from serious medical conditions where they want CBD throughout their body with optimal absorption and bioavailability whether consumed in a liquid or eaten with foods.

The main challenge from a true, nano-CBD-product-creation standpoint is that a true full-spectrum, water-soluble, aqueous nano liquid-like CBD Principles has a troublesome characteristic.  It tastes terrible in its natural form.  And we require it to be all-natural.

After testing hundreds of natural flavorings, it became clear to us that a tiny mix of spearmint and peppermint essential oils is a clear choice.  It is not only effective due to the power of an extremely small amount of the extract required to mask the pungent and bitter flavor of full-spectrum nano CBD, whereas a broad-spectrum or isolated CBD oil product is virtually flavorless because it does not contain the other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids (the good stuff) that is required for the entourage effect.  Make no mistake about it.  A full-spectrum product can claim to deliver a more reasonable entourage effect by the definition.

Mint family essential oils offer even more benefits and is recommended by nutritionists:

  • Improves brain function
  • Digestive symptom relief
  • Skin conditions including breastfeeding pain
  • Immune system and common cold symptoms
  • Bad breath, and more

During consumer testing, we also discovered that the highest level of satisfaction came from adding CBD Principles to their favorite cookie, ice cream, beverage, or absolutely anything else that goes well with mint flavor – and your personal tastes.  Another key take-away from consumer tests was that when it comes to mouth and breath hygiene, almost everyone agreed that beginning with post-toothbrushing in the AM as a sublingual application along with a few drops taken throughout the day keeps your breath fresher than any gum, “mint”, or breath product – period!

One of the main reasons for this is that the enzymes in essential mint oils contain terpenes that can improve gut health relatively quickly.  Anyone who’s up-to-date on nutrition subjects already knows that “gut health” is key to all our bodies’ vital systems… and it is clearly the most overlooked.

Refrigerate after opening for optimal freshness and effectiveness.

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