CBD Vape e-Liquid – 300 mg – Watermelon Kush

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Choose the healthy way to vape!  Hemp Bombs has created a delicious line of e-Liquids with your choice of CBD potency!

Contains less than .3% THC – Passes All Drug Tests

For people who enjoy vaping, can you think of a more convenient and effective way to get the calming and healing effects of CBD your body wants and needs?

300 mg CBD – Exotic Watermelon Kush

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Hemps Bombs CBD Vape comes in 2 Flavors: Sugar Cookie Kryptonite and Exotic Watermelon Kush

Available in 2 Sizes & Potencies: (plastic ‘Goriila’ Squeeze bottles): 75 mg CBD/16.5 ml btl.; 300 mg CBD/60 ml btl.



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