Seed To Sale

SEED TO SALE – Fallacy or Future?

What Does Seed to Sale Mean?

What’s The Intention?

If you haven’t heard the term before, believe me, you will soon enough. It’s part logic, part marketing, part bs… and a whole lot about technology.  “Seed To Sale” is essentially a concept that addresses a few logical questions that Cannabis and Hemp Product consumers, political racketeers, and marketers alike have staring them in the face EVERY morning now.

  • Consumers:  How, who, what, and where did this product come from?

  • Politicians:  How do we tax it? How do we regulate it?  How do scrape the cream off all the markets?

  • Marketers:  How do we differentiate our Brand?  Where do we invest our resources and strategies?

As you can already surmise, there’s something in the seed-to-sale phenomena for everyone.  And, as you would expect, seed to sale laws will affect some of us more than others.  And it is no longer voluntary.

Seed-to-sale laws are designed to require manufacturers, retailers, and medical dispensaries to maintain detailed documents and records of their inventories.

And these records are so detailed and specific as to literally track the product from its seed’s details and genetics to the harvesting, to the final product’s manufacturing process, ingredients, and which retailer sells it.

Seed to Sale Tracking Software

Seems logical?  As I suggested in my first sentence, it’s “part logic”.  But, the logic part begins to take on other ‘shapes’ that you may or may not find as attractive.  And the future of Cannabis and it’s myriad products will only continue to multiply until it’s in your breakfast cereal and favorite beverages.  Then there’s medical…

Seed To Sale Tracking Software

By the way, have you asked yourself why your privacy, identity and credit cards were never a problem before ‘computers’?  Ironically, the answer is the same to the questions surrounding this emerging software (and companies) that track it all.

The Federal and State government’s addiction to regulation and our tax dollars is insatiable and all consuming.

They even want to regulate and tax “a weed” that grows naturally, and almost everywhere in the world.  So this will take some technology!

Seed to Sale Software

Many of us have become so offended and irritated  by being tracked every second of our lives.  And so many still don’t fully realize what this means to our society.  But many DO understand what “tracking” means to the rest of us.  It is both good and bad, as expected.

We all know some of the bad… but what are the benefits, and who is leading the way?

The Next “PayPal of Pot”?

“Harrumphf, harrumphff…” say the illustrious Members of The Board.  And rightly so, for the next generation of software tracking has already emerged.

Whether it’s a closed-loop system like PayQuick which finally allows Cannabis-related businesses pay their bills and collect their payments like the legal entities that they are.  Apps like PayQuick are limited in geography and features, but it’s better than nothing.  Or, a mutually agreed upon crypto currency like Bitcoin-type, blockchain exchange systems, the purpose is the same – including undesirable limitations at this time.

Either way, legitimate and legal businesses are also allowed to transfer funds from their PayQuick account to their bank’s accounts… or, in the case of crypto currencies, are bound by their own reality and whatever risk comes next.  Imagine that!

Money laundering regulations produce solutions to the low entropy regulations themselves.  Sounds more like a circle-jerk racket to me.

PayPal of Pot

Other technologies use cellphone technology to simply scan the seed and plant to barcodes attached.  As the plant moves from one geolocation to another, it’s easily tracked and recorded while web-based interface dashboards toggle thru endless data permutations and analytics in real time.

And then there’s the Big Boys…

Cannabis and Banking

And CBD Online Banking

According to the Brookings Institute, “… most arguments to resolve this mess have focused on regulation impacting marijuana-related businesses.”  They go on to clearly explain that the major problem is actually the anti-money laundering regulations to which U.S. Banks must adhere.

Alert our feckless House Representatives on Capitol Hill?  There is no need for anti-money laundering laws to layer upon State Licensed Cannabis businesses.

And oh yeah, there’s a damn good reason why a very intricate series of banking regulations that absolutely deter banks from doing any business whatsoever with legal businesses in America that go far beyond Cannabis products or CBD online banking.

CBD Online Banking

Banks are currently required to file “suspicious activity reports” for federal investigators to analyze.  But, that’s ridiculous, because everyone knows that all legal businesses file Federal tax returns and can be located instantly on Google Maps.

Oh wait, I hear the distant drum beat of Microsoft…

KIND Financial and Microsoft

As one would expect, Microsoft Corporation is all about this opportunity too.  Kind Financial and Microsoft in partnership has been working together to meet the future expectations of regulators, consumers, businesses and patients alike in Canada.

Kind Financial and Microsoft

KIND Financial has a mission statement that states “KIND’s mission is to help the rapidly growing cannabis industry reach the level of maturity and business recognition it deserves.  KIND develops and provides the critical technology solutions that businesses, government agencies and financial institutions need to operate within the cannabis industry — from seed to sale — at the highest level of security and in compliance with the state guidelines and regulations as they continue to evolve.”

KIND’s Agrisoft Seed to Sale for Government product is purportedly the essence of Kind’s platform catering to governments and the onslaught of regulatory agency actions in order to “monitor all aspects of Cannabis Compliance…

No one can predict the future of Cannabis legalization?  Well, I can.  And, I'm not the only one by a longshot.  It's the regulators that want it their way, and we all know what that means.

Microsoft and Kind

It is clear that legalized Cannabis will always be subject to strict oversight and regulations similar to alcohol and tobacco; and KIND is proud to offer governments and regulatory agencies the tools and technology to monitor cannabis compliance,” says KIND Financial.

Cannabis And The Blockchain Paradigm

A blockchain is defined as a decentralized and digitized ledger of cryptocurrency transactions. As new blocks are added, their corresponding transactions are recorded automatically in chronological order.  This organic, self-developing, and uneditable system allows participants to keep track of these transactions in the form of a digital currency without the need for central recordkeeping and administration authority like a bank or Federal Reserve system.

The paradigm shift is an evolution from the crypto-currency component to recognizing a more broad perspective and understanding that blockchains are essentially supply chains.  It’s not only efficient for privatizing your own banking, it is the backbone for an entire industry, and the Cannabis industry will likely be the first to perfect it.

Companies like OBITX (link) is leading the way toward a blockchain from hemp and Cannabis agriculture , to processing, manufacturing and distribution… tax and regulations.  Guerilla marketing and tech innovator, Alex Mardikian, is the current CMO of MCIG(link), and also one of the principals of OBITX.

Alex shares his perspective with Brandon A. Dorfman and, “Okay, the first thing we’re going to blockchain is, we’re going to make a blockchain on the hemp… That way, we can come back and sit there and say, from a technical sense, you know where it came from.  Where did the seed come from?  The ground that it’s in, how did it grow, what was used?… and then, basically, all the way through testing results to a finished product.  It’s a simple blockchain.  Now, from the complete flip side of it, we do a lot of advertising.”

Cannabis and Blockchain Technology

So, whether its craft growers and local dispensaries or Big Agra and Big Pharma, blockchains competing for consumer dollars will do more for all parties in this emerging industry that perhaps any other single thing… technology and innovation delivers again.

Seed To Sale Summary

Anyone taking the time and energy to evaluate seed to sale tracking systems will likely have their own reasons for analyzing it in the first place.  Politicians work for the people that put them in office, and Cannabis business owners like myself work for ourselves and our customers, not the Federal Government.

Cannabis and it’s miraculously beneficial properties from Cannabidiol (CBD)will be fully embraced by everyone in time – with or without Government approval.  It is becoming more evident every month that American citizens are fed up with taxation, regulations, and government rackets.  The Black Market for Cannabis flower (marijuana) is bigger than ever.

All “costs” get passed on to patients, consumers and taxpayers.  Politician racketeers get the money off the top.

The businesses fight for leftovers, and meanwhile the Black Market for Cannabis products is literally over 10 times the size it was in 2015 regardless of the fact that all 50 States have legalized Cannabis and it’s extracts in one form or another since the beginning of George Washington’s plantation when all of his fellow farmers & rebels growing and utilizing it on their properties.

War on Drugs

Yet the DEA and the U.S. Justice Department has the audacity to insist that Cannabis (and Hemp) is a dangerous drug?  They are literally the only ones of any consequence left on the planet that takes this position.I argue that the most dangerous aliens don’t come across the Mexican border, they are your “Representatives” in government with pension plans that would make a normal person cry.  And keep in mind that Washington DC residents were the first to legalize ALL Cannabis Products for any adult to use.  Hmmm… wonder why.

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