Sinus Congestion and CBD

Sinus Congestion Relief and CBD

As I researched the subject of sinusitis more thoroughly for our Members here at Cannabis Animus, it became clear that the medical community at large appears as confused and conflicted as usual. For example, the recent patient data shows that not only has traditional treatment been unsuccessful, it further supports the evidence that sinus congestion relief and CBD (cannabidiol) is clearly showing lasting results from CBD therapy for our sinuses.

The traditional explanation from the medical community is that sinusitis is caused by bacteria that infects the nasal passages as we breathe in air all day long that contains trillions bacteria. So physicians prescribe antibiotics when they determine that the patient’s symptoms have become rather uncharacteristically acute or chronic (“continuing or occurring again and again for a long time”).

Yet physicians continue to prescribe antibiotics when it’s clear that they all know (or should know) that the renowned Mayo Clinic and other research refutes the bacterial infection hypothesis. These opinions are based on the fact that antibiotics target bacteria “which are not usually the cause of sinusitis.”

What Causes Sinusitis?

Lots of organic stuff!  Mold & fungus spores are the most common, serious allergens.  So are viruses.

Inflammation of the sinus tissue is triggered when they become blocked, and then bacteria and germs collect in large numbers causing infection response called inflammation.

This inflammation of the tissue triggers all the undesirable symptoms that develop.

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Causes range from the common cold to allergen sensitivity (compromised immune system) to our diet.  Temporary or acute sinusitis is handled with time, rest, proper diet and hydration.  But when it persists and is not corrected by the various systems of the body, chronic conditions (meaning persistent and lasting longer than 12 weeks and/ or recurrent) obviously require more serious attention.

The aforementioned studies at the Mayo Clinic reveals a 93% of all chronic sinusitis patients where having reactions to these nasty organics that we all have to deal with – even our domesticated pets.  Additionally, headaches and migraine are common symptoms that are neurological responses to sinus inflammation and subsequent infection.

2 Types of Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis is typically lasts only 2 weeks or so, but is still considered “acute” up to 30 days.  Sub-acute sinusitis is described as lasting 30 – 90 days.  It is typically caused by viral infection.  Other causes of sinusitis range from smoking tobacco, chronic gastrointestinal acid reflux, air pollution, to even dental disorders.

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Chronic Sinusitis is described as either persistent or recurrent.  It is typically caused by infection from bacteria, fungus, or other allergic stimuli.  Still originating from inflammation, other common causes from a deviated septum in the nose which does not allow for proper drainage of mucus from the sinus cavities can be the cause.  Nasal polyps also cause sinusitis.

Natural Remedies for Sinus Congestion

The good news is that folks like Dr. Donald Dennis have shown that even acute sinusitis and rhinosinusitis (stuffy nose) is better treated with natural remedies including CBD. These solutions are far more practical, economical, and non-evasive.

Cannabinoids from the various Cannabis plant species and strains are even shown to be effective in killing bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics, not to mention that there are no side effects that are typical with antibiotic treatments.

But, before I summarize the various natural remedies for sinus congestion, check out this short, but informative, video from Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. He’s a Board Certified, Otolaryngology specialist (ear, nose and throat)… often referred to as an “ENT”. Dr. Teitelbaum is also a leading authority on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Relieve Sinus Congestion Naturally

Use All 6 Methods


1) CBD Therapy (cannabidiol) is the first and foremost on the list because it reduces the initial inflammation while it has been shown to reduce the amount of bacteria and virus that rapidly reproduces within inflamed tissue. The reason? It is the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatory that is known to exist… even better results than most prescription meds. Most effective non-toxic & non-addictive pain relief that exists!

Another reason is that it is also the most effective, non-toxic and non-psychoactive pain killer known to man. Ask anybody who uses a quality nano CBD product like those from CBD Living.  Physicians that I treat personally for their own pre and post-surgical CBD therapies will attest to these results.

2) Nasal rinse is critical so that any chance of “clearing the field” can offer optimal absorption of corrective nutrients or medications. Dr. Teitelbaum is quite helpful with his recommendations video above.

3) Hydration is most vital to any relief from inflammation symptoms whether in our sinuses or anywhere else in our bodies. And drinking tap water and most bottled water will not hydrate you properly because it is acidic. Acidic pH water is the equivalent of causing your body to rust (due to oxidation) while hydrating, whereas a neutrally balanced or preferably 7.4pH water (or higher) will actually help reduce inflammation caused by oxidative stress.

4) Drinking natural decongestants is another clear winner. Try drinking a little unfiltered vinegar once in the morning and again before bed will likely have a noticeable effect on your quality of life. Include ginger, turmeric, lots of olive and coconut oil, garlic. Read up on simple, centuries old home-made and super economical tonics with real healing power.

5) Eat anti-inflammatory foods and avoid food & drink that cause inflammation. See below for more detail on both… and avoid inflammatory foods. Minerals like Zinc with natural Vitamin C from Berries, Kiwi, Bell Peppers, and Guavas (highest) should be consumed. You will see that they will deliver dividends beyond your sinus conditions.

6) Take probiotics and balance your gut flora. I think most of you know by now that taking a probiotic “pearl” at least 3 times a week will deliver quality of life benefits that go far beyond the subject of treating sinus maladies and pain… but it will. And, you’d be surprised how much the gases that can reflux from your stomach causes sinus problems as well as many other unwanted symptoms.

7) Anti-vital herbs and supplements also help restore gut flora that is destroyed by antibiotics which are over-prescribed and most often unnecessary as more informed physicians will admit. Additionally, viruses and bacteria become immune to antibiotics which further compromises and weakens your immune system and promotes bacterial infection.

8) Sleep. But, what if you have occasional sleep or chronic sleep disorder? Well, you know that can, and will, seriously impede any progress gained. The best solution I’ve found and documented with thousands of others is a combination of melatonin and CBD .

List of Anti-inflammatory Foods

Ant-Oxidant Rich = Good

  • Berries, Cherries, Grapes

  • Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

  • Olive and Coconut Oil

  • Fatty Fish (actually all meats)

  • Broccoli, Avocados and Mushrooms

High Simple Carbohydrates = BAD

  • Any sugar (raw, brown, of any color)

  • Corn Syrup (or any high-fructose syrup)

  • Wheat (the source of gluten too much of which is in all processed foods)

  • That includes pasta and cereals!

  • Fried Foods and Margarine (butter is good… just not with tons of carbs!)

  • Juice Concentrates

  • Sweetened Yogurts

  • Soft Drinks

Inflammatory Causing Foods To Avoid

If you’ve already read up a little on this subject, you’ll agree that understanding your endocannabinoid system and how it interacts with most all other major systems of the body is central to your CBD therapy dosing and frequency.

Rather than spend too much time in this article, please consider my more thorough article that focuses specifically on Cannabis and The Endocannabinoid System.

For our purposes on the subject of our sinuses and chronic symptoms that plague many of us, you’ll learn that CB 1 and CB2 receptors are located throughout our bodies.

These receptor cells are designed to seek natural CBD-like molecules that are produced by our bodies when healthy.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Symptoms like those from sinusitis are believed by increasing numbers of research biochemists to be related to what is known as Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is the only known natural substance (molecule) to be instantly welcomed by these receptor cells and used to heal many systems of the body that is not in homeostasis (balance).

Summary: The Chicken, Egg, and the CBD

Now, I’m not a gambler, but I’ll bet that some of this I’ve shared is intuitive… but much is not.  Much of the above discovery definitely runs counter to what the FDA tells you like “eat your grains and pasta… use raw sugar, don’t eat this or that” and “avoid too much meat and dairy” which is proven over time to be not only ridiculous, but just plain ignorant advice.

That’s why I’ve spent the time to challenge your current understanding of your own sinus condition.

There’s plenty of sound evidence showing us all that sinus congestion relief and CBD go together like peas & carrots.

After you’ve tried a nano CBD product, you’ll have your own testimonial.

Remedies For Sinus Congestion

Our own endocannabinoid system is key to synergizing the nutrients from the foods we ingest (and don’t).  CBD is the key to supplementing our endocannabinoid system which interacts with most all other “systems” in significant and confirmed ways.  So feed it with non-inflammatory foods, anti-oxidant-rich foods, 7.4 pH+ water, and CBD oil, water, gel caps or vape oils.

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  1. Thanks so much for this mega-informative article. I am on my way to clear sinuses and homeostasis! Your research and talent will guide us into a much healthier tomorrow!

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