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The Power Of The Mind – 3 Patient Approaches to CBD Oil Questions

Get in Front of the Marketing Hype about CBD

NO ENTROPY:  Prescription Meds & Drugs (No CBD Therapy)

LOW ENTROPY:  CBD & Hemp Marketing Hype (Low-quality CBD Products)

HIGH ENTROPY:  Nano CBD Science (High-quality Nano CBD Products)

I believe that any self-respecting and legitimate CBD authority should try to share their observations with you first and foremost.  You certainly deserve to hear it – and most likely may want to.  Let the power of the mind follow you!

The urgency I feel personally as an author and publisher on the subject of CBD (cannabidiol) has to do with a few things that happened to me this last few months with fellow patients, members, and folks who are generally commenting about how glad they are that they found me.  Daily, I thank them for the opportunity and I’m pleased to oblige.  We talk together about their condition(s) and health that needs attention.

I try my hardest to focus and listen to their unique situation and needs regardless of how many times I’ve heard it before from other patients.

The “Scientific Method” that my father taught me as a lad (as he taught his college students for 37 years) is foremost in my mind – always. His scientist legacy for me of sorts.

CBD Questions

But since I’m not a preacher, teacher, or salesman anymore, I’ve added a ‘Detective Columbo-type’ question to my due diligence repertoire for patient consultations like this famous one of his… “Uh, just one more thing, can I ask you just one more question?”

I now try to remember to ask these patients who call, how did you find me?

I consistently ask this now because, for the last few years I’ve been highly ranked in Google searches, so more people would find me on the 1st Page of their Google, Yahoo or Bing searches for CBD-related articles and product reviews.  So, it wasn’t necessarily relevant that I ask before.  But, things always change at Google as many of you are aware.

CBD Oil Questions


So, for those who’ve found me, here’s my hierarchy of what I’ve been able to resolve in the form of paraphrased questions and opinions I hear every day.

No Entropy :

“I’m taking whatever drugs my doctors prescribe, is that so wrong?”  I ask them how that’s working for them.

“These CBD products are crap… overpriced, and rarely of any consequence.”  You are correct sir, most are!

“There’s no clinical studies that prove CBD relieves pain and anxiety.”  Then you aren’t looking outside of the United States.  Over 10 years of studies are available from Israel which leads the world in technology (well beyond the U.S.).

Low Entropy :

“I’ve bought CBD oil before, “but it really didn’t do much - if anything.”  I then ask if they are open to learning more about CBD, and specifically nano CBD products and technology at Cannabis Animus for a free therapy consultation.

"My Doctor says he can’t prescribe it because there’s no clinical trials and no support from Insurance Companies… unless you have epilepsy.”  I tell them (humbly) that I can teach them more in 30 minutes than most physicians know about CBD… or, just visit and read my articles and product reviews.

"All I see when I Google search “CBD… these websites just push their products and most don’t even offer up much new information other than all the politics swirling around Medical Marijuana.”  I recommend products that I’ve personally tested and about which I’ve written extensively in the form of product reviews on each.  I receive no compensation from any company or manufacturer.

High Entropy :

“I bought some CBD oil and it didn’t do anything. My daughter uses your recommended products and suggested I talk to you.”  I offer them a free consultation if they have the time.

“So can you share more about nano CBD ?”  I recommend many more CBD subjects covered at

“I don’t really know, I’m not good at computers and the InterWeb… I can barely use my iPhone... Can I just place an order over the phone with you?"  Yes Ma’am/Sir.  Whichever you prefer, we’re here to help 6 days a week.

“Is the U.S. government going to take control of all Cannabis including Hemp?”  They already have.  The U.S. government’s position is that they claim patents on ALL cannabinoids.  This means that, in their legal opinion, the U.S. government currently “owns” all the plants and everything derived from them, now and in the future.  The Feds, Big Pharma, and even their banks are are very clear about that.

CBD Power... Really??

According to my own data collected at Cannabis Animus since 2015, I can show that the majority of our Membership are folks that are age 45 and up. The largest classification within that set is ages 55+  And the people who need it most are most often age 65+.  And that makes sense to me and you too I'm sure.

Is the power of the mind relegated to the elderly?  What I’m just as concerned about is the "younger minds" who have contacted me ask about CBD therapy, because many of them suffer from psychological conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

They tell me that they’ve been diagnosed by health professionals to have “attention deficit disorder(s)”.

And this is a valid reason where CBD therapy can help immensely, but it’s just one of many good reasons.

I'd also like to see more, young parents of children suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) contacting me regarding recent discoveries from studies in Israel.  It’s time to reverse the world-wide trend that shows a 300% increase in ASD.

... So, there are many reasons why young people really need to consider CBD therapy.

For example, I’d like to see more amateur and professional athletes embracing the value of CBD now and learning more about how CBD can really improve their training and performance.  CBD has been proven to be an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory that has no ill side effects and completely non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addicting.  Perfect for younger folks who are really serious about their gains in athletic performance.

CBD Power

I also want to see more, young parents of children suffering from ASD (autism spectrum disorder) who contact me regarding recent discoveries from studies in Israel.  You are supposed to be so WORLD-conscious.... Well, it’s time for you parents of children suffering from "Autism" symptomologies to reverse the world-wide trend that shows a 300% increase in ASD.

CBD and Autism Spectrum Disorder

These are important subjects that I hope our younger members of influence at Cannabis Animus will embrace and share with their friends and family.

Regardless of your age, where are you on the Entropy Scale for CBD?

Do you believe in the power of your mind?

Please consider leaving your comments below.  Your thoughts do matter! 

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2 thoughts on “The Power Of The Mind – 3 Patient Approaches to CBD Oil Questions”

  1. Where can I buy CBD oil? Since researchers in Israel have studied CBD, have they come up with standards? How close is CBD coming to being 3rd party tested for purity and strength?

    1. I recommend for the highest quality nano CBD products. The Free Membership provides deep discounts and free shipping. All these products contain a “QR Code” on the label which when captured by your cell phone camera will provide you the actual image of a 3rd Party Tested analysis sheet of that product’s batch testing results. GREAT QUESTION! Thanks!

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