Water Soluble Nano CBD

Water-Soluble Nano CBD – Product Review


Water-Soluble Nano CBD

600 mg Full-Spectrum Nano CBD

30ml (1 fl. oz.) bottle

Measured Dropper Cap

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water-soluble nano cbd scientist

When comparing a true, nano CBD aqua liquid like CBD Principles Water-Soluble Nano CBD with other, traditional CBD hemp products, don’t be deceived by the fact that the bottle contains only 600 mg of nano CBD.  Most patients who prefer a 100% water-soluble nano CBD claim 2X to 5X better results for pain relief, anxiety, and improved sleep compared to traditional CBD or hemp oil products.

Following is my review of this new product from CBD Principles.  I highly recommend it, and here's why and how...

Nano Delivers Increased CBD Bioavailability

Unlike most full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products, this is a truly water-soluble solution wherein ALL of the CBD including all the other ingredients are “nano-sized” using the latest nanotechnology in an FDA-licensed and certified laboratory.

This aqueous nano CBD formulation from CBD Principles offers the highest level of bioavailability currently available per milligram of CBD (over 90%).

Other forms of traditional CBD hemp oil products frequently purchased from most manufacturers typically deliver only about 10-15 percent CBD bioavailability.   And if you are familiar with orally administered, nutrional supplements, you likely understand why the result looks so vivid in the 'reflective pool'.

The reason for this increase in effectiveness is that true, water-soluble, nano CBD products are much more bioavailable… the CBD molecule is reduced to over one-millionth of its original size!

Nano CBD technology

This dramatically increases the bioavailability of the CBD and is a clear advantage for our customers.  You are effectively getting more CBD per dose than traditional CBD hemp oils with less actual CBD per dose in nano form. “Less is more" when you consider the fact that your body's cells are receiving virtually 100% of the CBD ingested as opposed to most of it being "undigested" and passing most of it without being absorbed.

Superior Relief from Nano CBD Technology

CBD Principles Water Soluble Nano solution comes in a traditional 1 oz. (30 ml) tincture bottle with a squeeze dropper top.  But that is where the similarity with traditional CBD hemp oils ends.

First of all, this special product is not an “oil”.  It is an aqueous (water-based) solution naturally flavored with mint in order to mask the bitter taste of nano CBD.

As previously described, “nanotechnology” provides a way to reduce the molecular size of CBD in order to make it more bioavailable.  And at one-millionth of its original size, these CBD molecules are so small that it has been proven to “break the blood-brain barrier” and even penetrate the wall of individual cells.  Remarkable!

Common Uses for Nano CBD

  • Arthritis pain

  • Anxiety relief

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Improved sleep

  • Blood sugar & cholesterol balance

  • Athletic recovery

  • Joint pain or soreness

  • Sprains and strains

  • Skin irritations

  • Gut health

Why Use Nano CBD with Your Pain & Health Management Plan?

Numerous medical studies have shown that high-quality nano CBD formulations like this product can be a more effective treatment option for relieving pain, anxiety, and providing a wide range of other health benefits without concern for toxicity, side effects, or psycho-activity.

World-renown organizations like the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' National Institutes of Health are great resources for you to search using specific CBD search terms and subjects of interest.  Much of our work and research at Cannabis Animus is sourced from there.

Approved by U.S. National Institutes of Health

Ingestible and Topical CBD - Use Both!

Ingestible CBD products in the form of oral tincture oil, gel caps, capsules, gummies, confectionaries, water, beverages, etc.) are commonly used to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and other unwanted health symptoms like poor sleep.  Millions of consumers, health professionals, and researchers attest to it in hundreds of related clinical studies.

Cannabis authorities, health, and nutrition experts widely view CBD as an extremely effective and safe option for pain relief and a variety of other health benefits.  In fact, one of the fastest-growing CBD product categories is CBD for Pets.

Pet CD products address their pain and anxiety conditions as well.  CBD homeostasis (natural CBD balance) within the Endocannabinoid System found in all mammals is virtually the same for pets and their owners – just different dosages based on physical weight.

What is Nano CBD Diagram

The fact is that products made from CBD are increasingly preferred over traditional pharmaceutical or prescription medicines which come with long lists of unwanted side effects.  That is what makes hemp-extracted CBD products in general such a safe and popular alternative.

CBD “Oils” vs. Water-Soluble Nano CBD

If you're looking for maximum relief, you want to consider a more bioavailable, nanoformulation like CBD Principles Water Soluble Nano drops.  This product is offered at 600 mg of nano CBD per bottle which provides 30 days of single dosages at 20 mg per day.

At that rate, each dose of 20 mg nano CBD actually provides the same effect as 40 - 100 mg of traditional hemp oil products.  Based on my 5 years of experience with nano CBD products and work with biochemists focusing on nanotechnology, I happen to be a true believer.  I use this product almost daily both internally and on my skin due to extreme dryness and skin cancer mediation therapies.

Watch this quick video that shows how a true, 100%, nano CBD dissolves in water.

Again, it all depends on what you're looking for.  At CBD Principles, they have all the important forms of these CBD products in their online CBD shop, and we also tecommend and offer them here at Cannabis Animus, so you'll find the perfect solution for your needs while also using any of them for your pets.  They too can use these products – just in smaller doses based on weight ratios to your own.

The Hemp Plant (Cannabis)

CBD Principles uses only the highest quality, U.S. grown, non-GMO, CBD hemp extract for its Water Soluble Nano CBD.  Unlike other CBD products, this nano CBD liquid dissolves in your favorite beverages or foods.  Just make sure it goes good with mint flavor from this product.  Change a chocolate chip cookie into a delicious "mint chocolate chip cookie... you get the idea.  One cookie a day keeps your pain and anxiety away!  Your favorite beverages and foods make options endless!

CBD Principles Water-Soluble Nano CBD is made from 100% organic, non-GMO hemp extract, and sourced only from state-licensed farms, manufactured in a FDA-licensed and certified laboratory resulting in a safe, bioavailable, nano CBD product.

CBD Principles offers proprietary, nanotechnology formulations made exclusively available by our most respected manufacturers.

nano enhanced hemp oil

This innovative and effective nanoscience delivers 3 to 5 times better results per milligram of CBD according to wide-spread, anecdotal documentation evidenced throughout the world.  This is also general claim by nano CBD users in the United States and correlates with over 5 years of experience and patient data here at Cannabis Animus.

Nano CBD Benefits Infograph

Nano CBD Benefits

Due to the CBD molecule’s reduction to one-millionth of its original size, nano-formed CBD molecules are so small that they are more quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream, quickly sending its neuro signals throughout the body’s main systems - all connected to our endocannabinoid systems.  This anatomical dynamic is critical to understanding how and why CBD works so well within all us mammals.

Cannabidiol is produced by our bodies, but not in enough quantities unless we somehow ingest it.  This increased bioavailability via nanotechnology results in higher levels of CBD bioactivity providing much faster and effective relief per milligram compared to traditional CBD hemp oils.

This increased effectiveness translates to more efficient economics when it comes to getting the best value per dollar spent on CBD products and therapies.  Reality meets the wallet, and nanoscience delivers better value overall.

Water Soluble Nano CBD

CBD Principles Water Soluble Nano Ingredients:

Distilled Water, MCT Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavor, and Stevia

*These ingredients are all nano-sized in order to dissolve into water or beverages.

Please consider leaving your Comments at the bottom.  We all want to hear your questions and learn from your experiences!

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6 thoughts on “Water-Soluble Nano CBD – Product Review”

  1. Hello Ted,

    Thanks for the recommendation on Water-Soluble Nano CBD. This is a great product and the rapid absorption of the CBD is a huge benefit. I strongly recommend this product as another means of delivery of CBD, and your CBD Principles product is excellent. Thanks for your investment in building your brand. I am a grateful beneficiary of it.

    Kind regards,
    Jim Drake

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jim. It’s been a very valuable for me too to better understand your experience with CBD products as well as the various forms of products. You made my day! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reply, however I can only see a 600mg water soluble Nano product on your site. I have 6 bottles of 900 mg water soluble Nano CBD and does little for my back pain compared to the 3000mg from infiniteCBD.com. I have had 2 back surgeries and have arthritis in my lower back at 77 years old and still working and standing most of the time. I don’t believe that 600mg will work for me when 3000 mg was a one month supply

    1. Hi Rod,

      Yes, I do understand. Because of your experience with infiniteCBD you are looking for an equivalent including the marketing approach to the product and perhaps dosage recommendations as well. I am not familiar at all with that brand.

      Perhaps the disconnect is that I tend to focus my recommendations based on my last 6 years as an author, publisher, and marketer of CBD products. It’s only natural if you think about it. For example, I work with patients and many medical professionals personally on a weekly basis – sometimes daily. And over the last 5 years, I have participated in informal clinical studies to evaluate different forms of CBD, daily dosages, frequency, and many other variables.

      In all my years, I’ve never read any study that recommends 1,000 mg per day. Clinical Studies typically involve 65 -80 mg doses every 8 hours on an empty stomach. Assuming a high-quality form of CBD within this range and frequency translates 3X per day.

      So, you see the disconnect?

      As you now know, I do not recommend nor have any knowledge of infiniteCBD. And the doses you are taking make no sense to me from a medical or biochemical standpoint. I have years of data on certain CBD brands that point in other directions. For example, one full dropper of CBD Living Tincture Oil 1,500 mg is about a 50 mg dose, and some folks that are CBD averse or otherwise in tremendous pain typically find relief with 3 of these doses per day as described above. These folks also find better economics with the 4,500 mg version because since they need to take more CBD than most patients, the 4,500 mg works out to be a lower cost per dose.

      Like I said, I can only go on what my data and experience show. For example, my own CBD Principles brand of water-soluble nano is 600 mg for a reason. First, is the fact that it is very expensive, and believe me, not all water-soluble or nano CBD is created the same or in any way equal other than comparing the actual size of the molecule. As you are likely aware, the smaller the CBD molecule on the nanoscale, the more expensive it is to produce and become bioavailable/work as intended in a final CBD product form. The 600 mg decision was mine alone. It actually fits into my customer and member demographics. And a full dropper of this nanoemulsion is providing excellent results for quite a number of our regular members and customers.

      Hope that helps clarify things from our end anyway!

      Best regards,

  3. I have been using the InfiniteCBD Nano enhancer in 3000mg and have had great results with my back pain, however they have deleted this from their products.

    1. Hi Rod, Ted here… Thanks for the info, but I’m not familiar with InfiniteCBD. They don’t appear to have a website so not considered a candidate for our review at Cannabis Animus. If you are looking for a true, water-soluble CBD product that you can add to any beverage or food, we have been recommending the following product from CBD Principles https://cbdprinciples.com/water-soluble-nano-cbd/ due to its product authenticity, manufacturing, and customer re-orders. You can also find it within our Shop at https://www.cannabisanimus.com/product/cbd-principles-water-soluble-nano-drops/ . Please let me know if you try this product. We’d love to hear about your experience and evaluation!

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