What is CBD Living Water?

CBD Living Water, aka CBD Living, LLC, is the name of a most vital and unique, US-based company that is absolutely rocking both medical and athletic communities among others.  It is also the name of their flagship product – a very special and unique drinking water that delivers a myriad of physiological (body) and psychological (mind) health benefits from CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high.  However, a common and sought after effect from CBD has been described as delivering a subtle “warm blanket feeling” while significantly reducing acute and chronic and pain, anxiousness, and general stress symptoms.

The company’s premise is supported by widely understood human body construction which acknowledges that the quality of water we consume has a dramatic impact on our health.  But it’s their unique application of nanotechnology that delivers even more of what our bodies search – a source of fuel and proper balance for the human endocannabinoid system.

CBD Living Water Preview:

The COMPANY  –  What Makes Them Different?

The PRODUCTS  –  Includes New Additions to CBD Living Water’s Product Line

  • CBD Living Water

  • CBD Living Gel Caps

  • CBD Living Gummies

  • CBD Living Vape Pen & Oil Cartridges

  • CBD Living Crystalline Isolate

  • CBD Living Sleep Aid Syrup

  • CBD Living Shatter

  • CBD Living Crumble

  • CDB Living Freeze

  • CBD Living Chocolate

The Company

CBD Living Water is becoming one of the most innovative and vital companies on planet Earth.  It develops and produces a number of hi-tech, CBD-related consumer products on the cutting edge of innovation, specially designed to deliver CBD to virtually all the cells in our bodies.

By engineering their nano water technology into the majority of their products, nano CBD water offers arguably the best natural solution for much of what ails us including once considered “incurable” diseases.

What Makes Them Different?

CBD NanotechnologyCBD Living Water’s products achieve their amazing results by reducing the CBD molecules to one-millionth of their normal size before integrating them into their selection of patented products.  It is this nano-sizing technology that ultimately enables the CBD to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and thereby providing 100% bioavailability and absorption of CBD to all the cells in our bodies.

Arguably, these CBDLW products represent the most important break-thru in the delivery of CBD in naturopathic history – or modern medical history for that matter.  Nano nutrient delivery is proven to be the most effective method of introducing these nutrients to the cells of our bodies.

The Products

Nano CBD Water

CBD Living Water is the Company’s flagship product and logically it’s most popular to this point.  This is largely due to the fact that this nano CBD water delivers 25 mg. of 99.9% pure CBD per bottle with a perfect 7.4 alkaline level without having to be processed by the digestive system first.

CBD WaterThese nano-sized CBD molecules infused in water are so tiny that they are quickly absorbed through the mouth, stomach and upper intestines.  This is opposed to the full digestive process which doesn’t begin to deliver much nutrient value to the blood stream until over an hour or more after ingestion.  Even so, upward of 80 – 90% of the nutrient value we ingest is lost to the digestive process itself.  Not to mention the condition of the patient’s digestive organs and digestive health in general which is often in jeopardy given genetic dispositions and/or the ravages of their disease.

In addition to CBD infused water, synergistic nano nutrients are included as well:

d-Ribose to assist in fatigue recovery like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and coronary heart disease, and fibromyalgia.
Vitamin B-12-Methylcobalamin (methyl B12) supports metabolism, nerve, and brain cell health.
Co-enzyme Q10, found in every cell of the body, promotes activation of energy production cycles, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant helping the body’s natural coenzymes to digest food efficiently while protecting the heart and skeletal musculature.

Nano CBD Gummies

CBD Living Gummies are one of CBD Living Water’s most popular products for all the right reasons.  Designed for children and adults alike, each Gummy contains 10 mg of Full Spectrum Nano CBD and there are 30 Gummies per bottle.

Naturally flavored Gummies come in assorted flavors of Cherry, Lime, Pineapple, Orange, and Lemon.

Nano CBD Gummies

CBD Gel Caps

CBD Living Gel Caps contain a full 25 mg of dose of Full Spectrum Nano CBD oil per gel cap.  Notably, each of these gel caps includes all the myriad, organic nutrients unique to the Cannabis plant.

Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules.

CBD Gel Caps

CBD Topical Freeze - Roll-on

CBD Living Freeze is a topical application for applying to areas of the skin where pain is located due to sore muscles, back pain and/or joints.  Each Roll-on applicator contains 100 mg of non-nano CBD.

CBD Living Freeze is so effective that it is used by a few of our Members with Trigeminal neuralgia where no other medication of any kind is as effective.  CBD Freeze also contains organic Ilex, Aloe Vera powder, and Tee Tree oil as synergistic skin nutrients.

CBD Topical Cream

CBD Pen Vape

CBD Living Vape Kit comes in two parts which can be purchased together or individually.  The rechargeable Pen Battery and USB Charger combines with the disposable CBD Oil Cartridge.

CBD Oil Cartridges contain 500 mg of CBD with Full Spectrum Terpenes are characteristic of this product displaying its full range of fragrances and flavors (No Propylene Glycol added).

CBD Vape Starter Kit

CBD Crumble

CBD Living Crumble is a concentrate with a 50% CBD concentration used mainly by those who enjoy vaping, dabbing and often added to a hot beverages or a soothing, cool tonic.

Each package contains 500 mg of CBD (No THC).  Full Spectrum Terpenes are characteristic of this product displaying its full range of fragrances and flavors.

CBD Wax Crumble

CBD Chocolate Bar

CBD Living Chocolate contains 120mg of non-nano CBD per bar with 8 equally divided and deliciously creamy squares delivering 15 mg per square.

Each CBD infused chocolate bar is cleverly packaged with cleanliness, re-usability, and accurate dosing in mind.

CBD Chocolate Bar

CBD Shatter

CBD Living Shatter is a concentrate originally developed by those who enjoy vaping and dabbing.  High concentration of CBD.

Each package contains 500 mg of CBD at 90% purity with 10% Terpenes (No THC).  A must experience for those who are experienced with CBD and are looking for a concentrated, full-effect delivery.

CBD Shatter

Crystalline CBD Isolate

CBD Living Isolate not water soluble, but comes without any characteristic taste.  This makes it quite the compliment for edibles and liquid formation of vaporizer oils for vaping.

Isolate (not water soluable) is typically mixed with an oil prior to mixing with food, vape oil production, or delivered via a dropper to be taken orally under the tongue.

CBD Crystaline Isolate

CBD Sleep Aid

CBD Living Sleep Aid is designed for those occasional sleepless nights.  For those with more chronic sleep disorders CBD Living Water and their customers encourage the combination of this sleep aid with other CBD Living Water products.

Available in two flavors: Cherry and Grape.  Each 4 oz. bottle contains 60 mg of non-nano CBD and 15 mg of Melatonin.  Recommended dose is one tablespoon and is Kosher certified, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

CBD Sleep Aid


The human body and all living organisms have wondrously natural healing and protective capabilities that require water for hydration, nourishment delivery, healthy blood and proper bodily function.  In fact, about 75% of the human body is composed of water, approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is water… etc, etc.

CBD Living Water takes human body hydration to the highest level ever accomplished by infusing nano CBD particles into perfectly balanced and purified 7.4ph water molecule clusters that also includes synergistic vitamins and nutrients.

So, what is CBD Living Water?  The company’s simple explanation is that it’s drinking water that helps your body feel better by nourishing and healing your body’s peripheral nervous system and related systems such as endocrine (hormone) and cardiovascular systems at the cellular level.

You can visit CBD Living Water’s website at CBDlivingwater.com for further information and testimonials on their products.

Please don’t leave without leaving a comment below.  And consider Joining Cannabis Animus and enjoy Membership Discounts for ordering any of CBD Living Water’s products.

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