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What is CBD Tea? CBD Living Tea Product Review

150 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD Tea

7.5 mg/serving (multiple infusions)

Vegan - No THC - Non GMO

1.6 oz Loose Tea in 6 fl oz Container

4 Natural Flavor Choices:

Berry Black Tea -  Mango Herbal Tea 

Passion Green Tea - Elderberry Lemon

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$29.95 each

3-Pack Discount 10% @ $79.95
6-pack Discount 20% @ $145.95
12-pack Discount 30% @ $249.95

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My Rating: 10 out of 10


Did you know that all tea is comes from the same plant?  Well, it does.  It’s scientific name is Camellia sinensis.

White teas are carefully processed from the youngest, new growth leaves.  After harvesting by hand, these newest of leaves are steamed quickly in order to oxidize and then dried.

Green tea is processed in a similar fashion, but more mature leaves are chosen and subsequently steamed (or scalded) for a longer period of time before being rolled and dried.

Black teas are prepared differently.  The leaves are not steamed, but instead go through a fermentation process to oxidize before drying.

And the final member of the general tea families is Oolong.  This variety goes through the same processes as black teas, but is oxidized for only half the time of regular black teas.

What is CBD Living Tea?

CBD Living Teas are loose leaf teas that are infused with very high quality, hemp-based CBD.  It is certified to be sourced from 100% natural ingredients and is 3rd Party Lab tested with each batch results available via the QR Code on the label which you can scan with your smartphone camera to reveal the actual test results from that particular jar of tea.

CBD Living teas are manufactured in partnership with One Love Tea who has been wisely determined to be their best, local partner with vast experience in tea sourcing, blending, and manufacturing.

100% Non-Toxic, 100% Non-Addictive, and 100% Non-Addictive, these teas contain no THC which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in Cannabis.

infused with CBD

Each jar of CBD Living Tea contains 2 ounces of hand picked, premium, whole leaf tea.  It is available in 3 flavors and types: a black tea, a green tea, and an herbal tea (shown above) and contains 7.5 mg of CBD per typical serving.  See below for the exact ingredients in each variety.

What Makes Nano CBD Infused Tea Different?

The nanotechnology.  CBD Living’s nano CBD technology reduces the molecular size of the CBD to one-millionth the size of its regular size.  The reason for this is extremely important because it increases the bioavailability of the CBD (cannabidiol) and subsequently its bioactivity.

This translates into 5 to 10X the effectiveness of the CBD ingested due to virtually 100% uptake to the cell level. It’s more than just delicious.

Characteristics of High Quality Teas

CBD Infused Teas
  • SIGHT -  Only choose "whole" leaf teas where the whole leaf is rolled and maintains its integrity and form.  Avoid crumbles and powdery teas.  Added herbs and organics do not need to be "whole", but the bigger the pieces included - the better.  (tea bags = bad).

  • TOUCH -  Examine your leaves after brewing, they should be 'whole' and slippery to the touch.  Even when dry, it should have some weight when held in your palm.  Too light weight indicates that it is way too dry and old.

  • SMELL -  Quality teas always exhibit more aroma - even when dry.  And  that same aroma(s) should be present and therefor effectively more aromatic after brewing.  Green teas and their herbal blends should be light and fresh, while black teas are earthy yet subtly sweet.

  • TASTE -  High-quality teas should have a very full amount of flavor that is complex as it rolls across your tongue.  Any hint of bitter or otherwise astringent sensation indicates a lower quality tea, and may remind you to never steep tea longer than  a few minutes for optimum presentation.

  • MULLTIPLE INFUSIONS -  Another characteristic of fine teas, and well-utilized by tea connoisseurs, is the fact that multiple infusions of the same tea (steeps) are expected.  This also means that you use less to get more!

Benefits of CBD Tea

  • Convenient way to add CBD to your daily health regimen

  • Relaxation and calming effects from daily stress and anxiety

  • Chronic pain and anxiety relief

  • Quick and effective headache relief

  • A perfect, all-natural sleep aid providing relief from insomnia

  • Superior quality blends deliver the most delicious and healthiest types of tea


Ingredient Lists

Berry Black Tea - Organic Assam Black Tea, Organic Black Currants, Organic Blackberry Extract, 150 mg Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract.

Passion Green Tea – Organic Sencha Green Tea, Organic Marigold Petals, Organic Pasion Fruit Extract, 150 mg Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract

Mango Herbal Tea - Organic Honeybush, Organic Calendula Petals, Organic Peaches, Organic Mango Extract, Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract.

Nutritional Support

Vitamin A - Supports Immune System and aids in good vision, reproduction, and also has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) - Helps the body convert carbohydrates into sustainable energy.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Promotes proper production of new red blood cells and neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B-12 -(Cobalamin) - Plays an essential role in red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function, and DNA production.

For Hot or Cold Beverages

CBD Living Teas are blended to impress both cold and hot tea lovers!

And rest assured that all their teas are full spectrum and nano CBD.  To understand the many choices in nano CBD delivery from CBD Living please consider a quick look at them all in my article about all the company's products.


After enjoying all three of these myself almost every day now, I’ve shared it too with my friends and members at Cannabis Animus and I’ve received nothing but praise with smiling faces.  The only complaint I have is that it’s kinda pricey.  But after being in this business for over 3 years now, I do understand the price.

Nano CBD is more cost intensive to infuse in products compared to typical CBD isolate or Hemp oil forms.

However the economic trade-off is not “more expensive” because with nano CBD, your body is actually utilizing all of the CBD instead of losing much of it through the digestive process.

What is CBD Tea

As with all forms of nano CBD products, the economics of choosing products that utilize nanotechnology will always be a verifiable benefit.  Beyond the miracle of CBD, it’s simple math.

Please don't go without leaving your comments below!   Our members and visitors want to hear from you. 

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  1. I love hemp tea. I am currently using hemp leaves to make hemp tea. Thanks for sharing the different flavors. Hemp tea is effective in chronic pain and anxiety relief. I have a question, what is the best method to utilize hemp tea? I mean, which is the most effective usage of hemp tea. Cold beverage or hot beverage.

    1. Hi Philipe, It’s completely up to you… unless you are fighting a cold or flu. Hot beverages are best under those conditions.

  2. I love tea! I’m trying this tea for my first time tonight. Tastes amazing. I hope it helps with my pain from psoriatic arthritis and anxiety.. I’m so happy I found this product.

    1. Glad to hear you like it Kelly. And you’ll find that it is such high quality that you will get 3 full steeps compared to other teas. A little goes along way. As you probably know, high-quality teas have that characteristic and now you get the added CBD medication too.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful information. I have used CBD for myself. Few Months ago I have bought CBD tea to remove the anxiety. I must say it has helped me and I have found it useful.

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