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What Is CBD Water?

CBD infused water is the newest and most healthy drinking water available.  The main reason is that this water is infused with nano-sized cannabidiol (CBD) molecules.  Encapsulated or ‘encased’ in a micro-water cluster, this technology uses applications in quantum physics to reduce normal sized CBD molecules to one millionth – yes you read that right – one millionth of their normal size.

Using this continually evolving nanotechnology, scientists have created a new transport system that gets CBD and other key nutrient molecules to where they are needed in the body in order to provide the optimum effect on cellular health, longevity, and/or treatment of many serious diseases.

For a deeper dive into CBD and Nanotechnology please consider taking a look.  It’s the current direction in CBD science, and is quite rewarding once you understand a bit more about it.

Nanomaterials are extremely small particles that are measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter).  Due to their incredibly small size, nano-particulates infused in the water can move throughout the body and its cell structures in more efficient and effective ways than traditional Hemp Oil or CBD Oil via the digestive system.

Taking medications and health supplements orally require a healthy digestive system to meet minimum expectations whereas nano CBD infused water bypasses the digestive system almost entirely by absorbing into the body almost immediately.

This means virtually 100% bioavailability of CBD and fully bioactive as a result.  This translates to 5 to 10X pain and anxiety relief compared to regular hemp-based or CBD products.

CBD and Skincare

Experts on nanotechnology are virtually unanimous on the subject of nano-scaled substances holding higher potential for disease and health risk mitigation than its normal-sized progenitors.  I work personally with a number of physicians and health professionals and their patients.  They also are in agreement and find relief from chronic pain and anxiety symptoms without concern for toxicity, psychoactivity, or concern about addiction and all the unhealthy side effects from prescription drugs.

History of Nanotechnology

Current nanoscience relates to many technologies today, but our focus here is on the more narrow specialty of ‘drug’ delivery.  The current revolution in medical and bio-nutritional nanotechnology is easily classified into 3 categories: Past (Pre-Nano), Present (Transition Phase), and Future (Mature Phase) as shown in Table 1 below the video.

Examples prior to nanotechnology are liposome clustering, polymeric micelles, dendrimers, and micro-crystals.

Current examples are demonstrated in hi-tech microchips, nano drug systems, micro-needle-based transdermal therapeutic systems, and nano/micro manufacturing.

History of Nano Technology

Imagine all the healthy, plant-based nutrients, natural medications (even synthetic drugs) being reduced in their particle size to 1 Millionth of their original size.  

All these re-manufactured to the microscopic and beyond to “nano” scale.  This is how we are going to reduce the cost of healthcare in America.  More effective and efficient delivery of essential nutrients and even medicines is what you will witness over the next few years.

CBD And The Endocannabinoid System

Although cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN were discovered as far back as the 1940’s, isn’t it ironic that the identification of the THC cannabinoid that makes you high wasn’t discovered until 1964.

It was my hero, Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, who in 1992 identified the first endocannabinoid called Anandamide (commonly referred to as “The Bliss Molecule”) while performing his groundbreaking research on the Cannabis plant’s 100+ “cannabinoids” and ultimately identifying the Endocannabinoid System of the body.

Since then, it has been determined that our endocannabinoid system communicates with our brain and many other vital systems of the body (neural, immune, hormone, cardiovascular, digestive, etc.).

Our bodies produce an internal CBD-type molecule that links up with designated neurotransmitter receptors synergize with other systems of the body that need it.

CBD helps regulate all our bodies' systems in the process.  This is why it is used to treat such diverse disease symptoms.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Current research indicates that the overall function of the endocannabinoid system is actually to regulate what is referred to as “homeostasis”. Anyone concerned about optimizing their health and wellbeing needs to understand this term and concept.

Disease is a “state” or condition where the body is out of natural, healthy balance, and the function of homeostasis is to return your body to a truly balance state – which is that of homeostasis. And since there is no known, natural, plant-based substance that has been proven to patients that achieves this – it is of extremely high value and importance.

Nano CBD Water Means Smaller Is Better!

The reason this scientific breakthrough is so important is that the process allows the CBD that is infused in the water to pass through the “blood-brain barrier” which is defined as a filtering mechanism of the body’s capillaries that carry blood to the brain and spinal cord tissue thus blocking the passage of certain substances.

This means that the powerful healing effects of CBD are brought to a whole new level!  The blood-brain barrier is arguably the single most limiting factor that science faces when seeking to increase the effectiveness of known substances that treat and often cure disease.

By combining science with nature, nanotechnology and nan0-sizing of CBD molecules down to almost the size of DNA itself, virtually 100% bio-availability of the CBD allows it to be delivered directly to the all cells of our bodies.

Check out this really informative video about nano CBD water and my friends at CBD Living Water.  They are leading the industry in the development of innovative, nano CBD products as well as various kinds of edibles ranging from a dry, crystalline form of pure CBD that dissolves into a solution to nano CBD Gummies for the kids… and seriously delicious, nano Chocolate CBD bars to calm the nerves of your loving mother-in-law and her dog.

They really are an impressive bunch of folks with a passion for helping heal by proving out leading medical technologies like this.

CBD Water Benefits

Much ado from scientists and physicians recently on the subject of CBD and cannabinoid system dynamics of our bodies (all mammals) are certainly encouraging.  This system in all our bodies is called the endocannabinoid system and regulates the central and peripheral nervous system, cardio-pulmonary system, immune system, and even helps regulate such things as sleep and appetite.

Nano CBD water provides for immediate bio-availability to help all of the body’s cells including your heart, red blood cells, and nerve cells.  It’s highly magnified antioxidant quality is supported by a 9.0 (and above) alkaline pH.

This means that a high-alkaline water like CBD Living Water greatly reduces the acidity in the body caused by foods, beverages, and airborne pollutants.  Be aware that most bottled 'designer' waters are actually acidic and will only lead to increased pain and poor recovery.   Never drink acidic beverages if you are serious about optimal recovery and health.

CBD also strengthens the immune system (immuno-stimulant), improves athletic performance, and reduces muscle pain and recovery time.

CBD Living Water for athletes

Nano CBD Water is being fully embraced by more and more professional athletes and other professionals that either face high stress and anxiety or the aches and pains of high level physical training and competition.

Some of the first to embrace this nano CBD delivery system while more effectively hydrating at the same time was MMI fighters and Triathletes.  Today, you will find it evangelized everywhere from professional tennis to motorsports.

Athletes and CBD Water

CBD Nano Water, Medicine, and Nano-Technology

Although it is true that the complete science of CBD (and all Cannabis plant species in general) at the molecular level remains unrealized, CBD nano water has the clear lead and the highest potential for delivering its benefits.

This new formulation process and technology offers us the potential of delivering any number of healing cannabinoids and synergistic nutrients in a healthy, encapsulated water environment that have proven to be effective requiring comparatively smaller amounts of the actual nano-nutrient/medication to be put into solution due to it’s highly efficient delivery to the cell.

Ask any athlete who is using CBD water to hydrate why it is better than any other product on the market.  They will tell you that while dosing they achieve higher levels of performance and recover noticeably faster.  Is this not the essential edge they seek from their bodies?

According to them, CBD reduces inflammation, improves stamina, and regeneration of stressed and torn muscle and connective tissue while improving sleep which is critical to top mental performance as well as skeletal and bone mass density (also take your chelated minerals with evening meal).


CBD Nano Water, Medicine, and Nano-Technology

This whole subject of how nanotechnology is now touching the lives of virtually every person on Earth is just fascinating to me.  The benefits of nano-medicines seem endless due largely to the increase in the uptake potential of nutrients at the cell level of our bodies – so tiny that they can’t even be seen by standard scientific microscopes.

Nano-medicine is bringing tremendously valuable advancements to our world, and CBD Living Water is one of my personal favorites that features this technology to the nourishment of our bodies.

Added benefits for patients and athletes alike are in the form of added B-12, CoEnzyme Q10, and d-Ribose for a truly superior CBD water product.

Please consider checking out my CBD water Product Review describing my personal choice of  “CBD Living Water” is linked here for your convenience.

Nerve Cell Anatomy

And speaking of convenience, isn’t it obvious and common knowledge that we all need to stay hydrated at all times, especially if we are truly expecting to be performing at a high level.

That’s why I’m so impressed with the fact that CBD Living creates the nano CBD water  at 9.0+pH which is, in fact, among the highest, documented, high alkaline waters on the market.


Well, consider this daily regimen also because it delivers our other essential nutrients and vitamins like D-Ribose, Methyl B-12, and CoQ10.

Sure seems logical to me that the people who adopt these breakthroughs early, and incorporate the benefits from all of CBD Living products into their daily lives can expect to be rewarded… as quickly and easily as drinking the right kind of water!

CBD Living Water is not about getting high or intoxicated. It is purely about healing, so it is 100% safe to give to children. THC is the intoxicating substance in cannabis, and CBD Living Water has 0% THC. That is why you can drink it, and not get high or feel any intoxicating effects.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions about nano CBD water.  Now you can speak knowledgeably next time you hear someone ask the question – What is CBD water?

We look forward to hearing from you about this incredibly valuable product, and company.  

Don’t leave without leaving a comment below!

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  2. Have you taken a stab at utilizing CBD oil? I heard its a thing now and I’ve heard alot of individuals are utilizing this CBD oil thing..I had a go at seeking what this CBD oil is able to do and im exceptionally entranced to know its therapeutic properties and how it can enable many individuals from certain sort of malady to like joint inflammation, traded off resistant frameworks, seizures, epilepsy, nervousness, and balding..

    1. Yes, I have personally tested over 20 different brands of CBD Oil. You will find many posts and product reviews here at Cannabis Animus. It’s very good for many conditions and diseases, however, nano CBD water utilizes the most effective delivery of CBD as explained here (and my other articles covering nano CBD products). Point is, any high-quality source of CBD in any legitimate form is recommended for daily supplementation, pain relief, and anxiety/stress relief.

    1. Thanks Nina, I’m glad you found the article/post useful. Please consider joining our Membership for more useful info from my Weekly Member Report. Membership at Cannabis Animus is free, and you will be ensured discounts and special coupons on the products we recommend for high quality and superior bio-availability. I look forward to getting to know you better, and please consider sharing more of your personal experiences and questions. Be well!

  3. I have MS and chronic migraine headaches. in 2014 I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease. I spent a week in the hospital paralyzed from my waist down. It was through the MRI and lumbar puncture that the Multiple Sclerosis was discovered. That meant that I was dealing with the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. Now in 2017 I still have little or no feeling in my pelvic area, my legs, and my feet. With both GBS and MS comes considerable pain. I was given Neurontin (Gabapentin) for the pain. My doctor also ordered Keto/Gabp/Lid 5/10/6 gel to rub on the most painful areas on my feet. We have had the most awful thunderstorms and rain beginning this past spring and they are still with us every day. Every time the barometric pressure drops or rises in a short period of time the migraines kick in. I did not need that when dealing with the other. A good friend with liver cancer was taking CBD Living Water for his pain and sleep and he gave me some. I had some relief for the very first time in three years. I went to the computer and Googled up CBD Living Water and there it was. I ordered my first six bottles and started taking it. It is so wonderful to be able to sleep again. And finally some relief from the throbbing of a migraine. I am so grateful to my friend and to Ted for helping me to obtain something that has really been a wonderful help for me.

    1. Thank you Tatum for sharing your story with our members and visitors. Although I have my need for daily CBD, I just can’t imagine having the internal strength and will to get through all you’ve had to. My heart goes out to you my friend, and I sure am thrilled that you get some relief from your migraine and MS neuropathy with CBD water. I truly hope someone who knows your situation personally will benefit because you took the time to be open about your challenges and pain. I promise you I will post an article soon on both “CBD and MS” as well as another “CBD and Migraine”. Thanks for the inspiration Tatum!

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